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A 17-year-old billionaire and assassin wants to give high school a try. Well, let's see how well she fares by the end of her senior year. My life hasn't always been this hectic; I was a carefree rich girl without a care in the world. That all changed on my fifteenth birthday, the day my dad faked his death. It was that day that I was no longer only a secret agent for the CIA but also a young genius, who took over her dad's company. I have always been homeschooled, but the experience of high school is always what I craved for, as I never got the chance. Read as I navigate through high school, well this year is going to different, let's hope I survive.

Humor / Romance
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Well her goes nothing...


Just after I shoot him blood splatters over my new dress, “OH FUCKING CRAP!“, I groan, “My new dress is ruined.“

Delano chuckles next to me, “There is a bleeding body in front of you, and you care about a dress.” He picks up the guys gun and stashes it in his pocket. He passes me a piece of cloth he ripped from the body. I start dabbing the fabric on the dress to get rid of any excess blood

.“Hey L, what should we to with the body.?“, I take out the bullets from his pocket and the drugs from his bag.

“Burn it in the warehouse. This guy deserves to go to hell, dealing drugs to underage kids.“

I walk out with Delano behind me, as I remove my wig and contacts dumping them in my car, I change into a grey dress. Delano hands me my iPad. I go over the day’s schedule; I have meetings with two companies both wanting to collaborate with me on my next project.

“How is the building coming up, plus fix up a meeting with Daniel about the interior. I mean nothing; nothing can go wrong with the opening of the winery.” Nodding he gets into the car.

“By the way Layla, you start school tomorrow, don’t groan you are the one you want to experience high school not me. Don’t give that look I already enrolled you. I still don’t understand why you want to go to school as a nerd.“, rolling my eyes, I go through the files sent to me.

“I am not going as a complete nerd; on the other hand, can’t I just continue home-schooling with James. I am just going to be changing my hair colour to a brown and add on some fake pimples and wear odd clothes. It will be fine; I technically already passed high school.”

As we continue the rest of the ride to the office in silence, I see a file tucked onto one of the compartments in the car, labelled urgent. Opening it I see another mission, oh fuck, it is from Dad. You see according to the world Aaron Lacoss is dead but my Dad, but my dad is alive. In fact, he heads the CIA, I lead one of the primary teams, Assassination, it is my teams’ job to assassinate criminals as smoothly as possible. School is going to be such a bitch; I don’t know why I thought I wanted the experience. It is too late to back out now. Groaning I recline in the limo, Delano chuckles. Fuckity fuck.

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