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Childhood is the time to explore and be knowing that one is the centrepiece of the world because what one says is the real thing one can't pretend one I am this child inside this other family who have this embarrassing dad who has been done and wants the world to be done for. He hates this little girl he hates her so much he does not even hate his wife as much as she is dead. This little girl is alive and he hates her more and more as he thinks about the whole thing he made up his mind to do something silly. He had to let her go to a foreign county without money with two adults who disliked work and did not have a clue. He with this act did his bit and then what happened was to his total cost eliminatory. We are going to work and as we are not trained in anything we will do what we can. Sacked again and again.

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter 1

This is not a parallel universe it is a total recall without anyone having a conscience. We steal we take and we bed. Life these days is we are indebted to everybody we live lives as debt collectors as everyone owes us.

“We must have.”

We must have ever.

It is not pettiness which dodges me in this dodged city with the artful dodgers.

Where did the story of this child go? I was that child that child was asking for it they all said so that child was asking for the things which had happened for the life of her that child was a disease. She had to be made an example of when she did not obey when she did not like authority when she was a sham pretence child.

The child is under the table crying that she is bleeding.

“Really she should not be bleeding not at that age.”

“When does it tell what does it speak when did it happen, I am abnormal with a large head.”

“Why are you in the bath one moment then bleeding.”

“I am so cold mummy tell me to take on some clothes to make me warm.”

“Your father must see to it he must take you to a doctor you might be dying.”

“Oh my God. I swear I will be good I am not ready to go to hell.”

“I will be back in a minute.” said mother as I am still bleeding under the table naked as the day, I was born getting chilly.

Dad came from the cafe he had been sitting on and was as surprised as mother they took me to a doctor who was amused by this display of lack of fortitude. I did not like him anymore how dare he think I had no fortitude? I had the parents did not I?

“I would say.” said the doctor importantly,

“Yes doctor?”

“That your daughter is now a woman.”

“Ready for marriage?”


“But not quite.”


So, they both went home looking very subdued what were they to do?

“I am not marrying.”

“I am never going to marry.”

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