The Adventures of Billy the Poato

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What do you people want from me? Read the stroy of my life and see how it all went downhill. Also, that is how it was meant to be spelled.....DEAL!!!! My name is Billy. I'm a poato. I'm female. Why are you still looking at this blurb, READ THE FRICKIN STORY!!!

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I am a poato. And, no, I did not spell it wrong. That is how it is meant to be, that is its fate. I am also female. You think I'm not watching?! I'm always watching and waiting to see you call me male.... I just realized how creepy that sounds. Well, my name is Billy. You probably just burst out laughing saying, "Is this a joke?! This has got to be a joke!" NOPE! I AM FEMALE AND MY NAME IS BILL!
Oof, I spelled my own name wrong.

Unless you have mental problems like me you don't have a right to say that. *Depressed person coughs* Oh, sorry sir, didn't see you there. If you do have mental problems or believe that you have mental problems because you are depressed, then you do have a right to say something. Oh and BTW, I think I'm depressed.

Parents are probably staring and wondering if this is a book for children. I completely and absolutely promise you that it probably isn't. There will be cuss words, some weird poato, and potato stuff. I promise you that is for ages 12+. Thank you very much.

*Let le story begin*

I got up from the bed as my alarm clock ran. BEEP,BEEP, BEEP! I took my alarm clock and threw it with as much force as I could muster to the far end of the room. Sadly, it still kept beeping. "SHUT UP YOU FUCKING ALARM CLOCK! YOU WANNA GO?!" I jumped off my bed and started fighting my alarm clock.

I beat my own alarm clock up. Sadly, it's still alive.
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