Hush Mummy Is Sleeping

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This is a story about the situations we find ourselves in if we mutant much faster than we might think. It might happen that there might be this thing We exchange partners but what if our families give us a brand new mummy all to ourselves? We might find them more amusing at first then we thought but find that they might out live us after all and it is not fair to anybody is it? What if it is a revenge what if it a tale that cannot be told where is the story where is the plot. When did I not write it ? It is too embarrassing so here it is In a nutshell the story then I can write about the comic stuff who cares about where the identity theft took over our lives and nagged at us and made us unwell? We are beating about the bush for thirty odd years we might eventually send smoke signals as we burn to death so who cares?

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter I

Life is about taking the chips and adding to them. When the authorities speak, they speak and it is not their fault. We disagree about what we are speaking but underneath we agree totally with each other and the brighter the world the brighter the smile and we have snogged and we have done ourselves out of the charities which must have been ours. God did give us this bread to eat and we have asked more than at any other generation because we deserved it. We must have multitudes and all that saying we made this and that and we can’t make up our minds because we are too drunk.

“We are the generation which will destroy the planet.”

“We are not we will not we shall die if we do and if we see death, we avoid it like the plague.”

“There are more things in there the Muslim world is a foreign body the bodies come and go and then we are still here saying here.”

“But we do not know what to say but what we do and do not do is right we live and love in this world as the bodies who do the beasts. We are the beasts on the camel’s back. We are so sober come.”

“We must solve all our problems because if we do not, we might end up poor.”

“We are foreign bodies who do not have only go to the foreign office but that we are not here and there doing the right things. We are the foreigners who do the work.”

“We did not say that.”

“In some nightmare a woman did.”

“Life is about saying words which we do not mean,”

“But they mean it.”

“Robbed I have been robbed because I am from a Muslim background and do not do the group shagging.”

“Your name?”

“I prefer not to say.”

“Your age?”

“Over the middle age.”

“What occupation?”



“Because did a lot for charities and now have illness more than back then.”


“Of course.”

“No not confused.”

“I know what I am speaking about.”

“Good we can begin now.”

“To the dry rot?”

“To this lead story it is important to us to see ourselves mirrored in the writings of some insane world.”

“I have diabetes.”

“What does that have to do?”

“Nothing just thought I mention it.”

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