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As Mel sat there and tried to find anything to focus on, he decided to finally take in the room –as a whole! Not what he could possibly do with it, but the overall architecture. After all, this was his first time in another student’s room. First off, he was a bit jealous of the fact that she did have a platform. The amount of things he could “test” by throwing off it –ooh! Or maybe a swimming pool at the bottom. With the water’s surface always disturbed, of course. At this height? Splat city- poor choice of words.

Brin giggled every time he had a “wrong” thought, pressed firm against, feeling him twitch with every single one. Freakin’ succubus; he had to summon succubus, didn’t he? The only creature that truly fed off tawdry thoughts and behaviors. He couldn’t even fully enjoy a wank without one of them taking over, which is why he hasn’t. For several months... Normally, it’s not an issue, but... there was something about Nobody. That special... oomph that made his heart prance and his robes that much tighter.

Which is why ending up in her room, of all places, must have been a cruel joke. Then again, this could have all been a coincidence; harpies tended to pop in and out of this dimension every so often. They’d swoop down, into the dining hall, grab, say, Bad Luck Brian and try to carry him away before the magic crystal shocked them and slammed Bad Luck Brian into its majesty.

Mel didn’t know why he decided to use Bad Luck Brian for that; after all, he had the best luck ever. The point, though, was that them showing up was not uncommon. Entering through his window, of all places, this high up and away from the rest of the Institute; that’s where he starts to question. Then there’s the fact that all three worked in tandem to try to carry him... somewhere... There was nothing else out this way save for open SPACE. If he was dropped in that, though, he would simply be teleported back to his room.

So, again, the question becomes was it premeditated that he would be dropped here, pop the largest boner ever, and have to endure succubus butt bouncing all the while he savored the sweetest, finest eye candy he would never be able to truly taste? If that really was the case, then sign him the hell up! This is the kind of torture all (straight) men crave. But, even as sweet as it was, it was still torture. His body ached so much, wracking him with pain, so he focused on the room once more. The carpet was already touched on and heavy petted when he rolled right in, through the drapes that did not match it at all. He munched a good bit of along the way, but Nobody didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed enthused that he dove right into her deep red carpet. The walls were a creamy white, almost opalescent in the star light, giving them a pearly texture. They seemed to bead and change into long streaks or even a necklace, fading to soft pink around the entryways. There were two openings, aside the one in the rear, which were for the main entrance, and the one inside, reminiscent of the one in Mel’s where he had to use his hand just right to get it to open. There was a chest of drawers by the right entry’s wall, packed with... with...

“Um... why are your robes getting damp?” Brin said, rubbing into his leg.

“Sweat,” Mel blurted.

“It’s awfully t-”

“Tons of sweat.” He held up his hand, and blue energy flickered inside his palm, as if digitizing the spray can of deodorant inside its storm into being. He sprayed himself down, putting on the strong, yet gentle, scent heavily before tossing the can at one of the harpies, conking them right on the head. “There we go!”

“It didn’t smell like sweat t-”

Nobody finally returned!

Her robes seemed looser than ever, barely covering up her thick, curvy thighs, showing the smallest bit of jiggle as she sauntered to the table, matching the bounce in her chest, barely contained. If it wasn’t for the tray she was holding, pressed right underneath the fabric, it would have most certainly dropped. She started to bend over to put it down, giving Mel an even better look, but Brin moved just enough as well as Penelope stood to help, blocking, “saving” him.

Brin readjusted, still bouncing in his lap, as Nobody took her seat, handing out the cups. Brin’s and Mel’s were last, which she gave them a warm smile, giggling as she put three cubes of sugar into her dainty pink cup. Its spoon was made of a rich red wood, while the teacups had a ring of gold around their rim and through their handle, complementing the solid gold plates and their tiny ring of pink in their centers.

“You two are close,” she mentioned, which made her furrow her brow. “Which reminds me: weren’t there two succubus?”

“Yes,” Saliim exclaimed, lost between a squawk and a pant, and lumbered through the curtains. Her body was covered in cuts and bruises, her face suffering the worst of them; her nose was practically crushed in, slowly pushing back out to its cute, pert point. Sadly, the rest of her visage was still ugly, grim, glowering at Mel. “Thanks for helping me up, jackass!”

“Don’t mention it,” Mel said, and picked up his cup. He tasted the brew first; Earl Gray. Brewed a minute too long, given a stronger body. Perfection. He sighed as he put it back down, and patted Brin’s shoulder. “Yeah, we’re pretty close. She’s my favorite body pillow.”

“Yup yup! I’m master’s squeeze as he sleeps,” Brin said, bouncing a bit more, making the soft birch chair they sat upon creak and grumble.

Nobody giggled, making Mel ache so from her throaty bubbling, and smirked.

“I could use a personal living body pillow myself. It gets awfully lonely up here most nights.”

“Lonely enough that, hypothetically, you send harpies to fetch somebody?” Penelope muttered, sipping on her “tea”. After you add a quart of milk and fifteen sugar, that is no longer tea; that’s an abomination. “Somebody already taken, maybe? Of the wrong gender that happened to be holding the true target?”

Nobody simply giggled more, waving dismissively.

“Don’t be absurd. This was simply a happy little accident.” She sighed, and took another sip of her tea, looking longingly into the dark drink. “To be honest, I’m sort of glad it happened... Nobody really wants to hang out with me. I know my grandpa is a scary person most of the time, but he’d understand if I wanted-”

“Friends?” Penelope cut in.

“Well, yeah, as well as-”

“Super friends?”

“In a manner of speaking... In truth, you guys are the first ones to be in my room. I haven’t even been to another student’s room.”

“What a coincidence! Up until a moment ago, neither have I,” Mel said.

“You’ve never been to Penelope’s?”


“Not. Once,” Penelope added, and downed her cup. She was always a fast drinker; always seemed to gulp everything down without really tasting it, which made Mel always wonder why she bothered to put so much in it in the first place. But... to each their own. She put it on its dish and back on the golden tray, starting to stand. “Well, this has been a nice visit, Daisy, but I think we should-”

“But you just got here,” Nobody said.

“And I’m not done with my tea,” Mel said, taking another sip.

“Neither am I,” Brin whined, slurping on hers loudly, greedily, almost tawdry, still bouncing away. “It’s so good!”

“I’m not done, either,” Saliim said. “You can go if you want, though. I don’t think anybody here would mind.”

“It would be understandable,” Nobody said. “I hadn’t realized how late it was. If you wish to go, I would not mind at all. I’ll simply keep entertaining Mel and company until they a-”

Penelope sat back down, just before Saliim could take her seat, and slid her cup on the tray over to Nobody.

“On second thought,” she said, “I would like a second cup. If you wouldn’t mind, of course.”

“I don’t. One moment.”

Nobody stood, and once more both Brin and Penelope... and Saliim blocked his vision, the standing succubus moving almost in perfect rhythm, matching and being a perfect shield for Nobody to walk behind until she went into the kitchen. Saliim sat in Nobody’s seat, glowering not at Mel but at Penelope.

“Jealousy is an ugly trait, you know,” Saliim said, taking a long drink from her cup. She ended it with a soft sucking on her lip, her glower turned into a sneer. “As well as insecurity.”

“Talking about yourself still?” Penelope said.

Saliim scoffed. “I am not insecure, and me? Jealous?”

“You have been trying to mimic me,” Brin mumbled.

“And they say mimicry is the basest form of flattery, and that’s only if I was mimicking you. Which I wasn’t. At all.”

“Right,” Penelope said, flat, letting it fall in the silent room. Not even the harpies crowed, starting to stir again, feeling the thicc tension in the room. Penelope broke it by sighing, her skin rubbing insultingly on the polished glass-top table. “I’m not jealous and I am most certainly not insecure-”

“It’s not Opposite Day?” Mel piped in.

“Opposite Day isn’t real,” Saliim stated.

“So that means... Opposite Day IS real. Gotcha.”

“The point is,” Penelope continued, “I didn’t leave because we still don’t know who is targeting Mel. I don’t want to leave him knowing he’s in danger.”

Saliim huffed. “Because your presence did so much good with the harpies.”

“What about you two? You dangled like a set of horse balls while we were flown through the sky –wow, I don’t think you should play that game anymore, Mel. That was the first thing that popped into my head.”

“Me, neither,” he said.

“We had it under control,” Saliim said.

“Yeah!” Brin said, bouncing hard. “I was about to blow those harpies out of the sky when we crash-landed.”

“Mel is safe with us,” Saliim added. “He doesn’t need you for protection.”

“That’s because I’m not a big boy,” Mel chided in.

“Don’t you mean you are?”

“Opposite Day!”

“And, I can assure you, he’s a very big MAN,” Brin said, giggling. Which Penelope finally put two and fish together.

“Will you get off him?” She shrieked, wrenching at her arm. “That is beyond inappropriate.”

“Move her!” Mel whined, forced more torment as the succubus wriggled her hips, squeezing hard, clenching against to solidify her position. His left eye started to twitch, fighting so hard to keep his eyes from rolling back and his tongue to lull, but it was only brief as the height quickly faded. Again. He was on the razor’s edge, and there’s only so much times it can touch skin before it finally releases! He hugged her from behind, constricting, keeping her from any other movement, all the while staring at Penelope. “She is sitting here so as to make the situation awkward.”

“She is definitely doing that-” Penelope started, then shook her head, growling. “Oh. Right. Opposite Day. Too bad she is making the situation awkward!”

“Considering what I am feeling, I would fear for the table’s top,” Brin said.

“This is not serious,” Mel stated, quivering. “We do not need to leave, and later. Every moment is unbelievable joy to be around Daisy.”

Speaking of.

Nobody cooed as she came sauntering out of the kitchen. Saliim stood again, acting as a block until the mage sat again, her face considerably more red than when she went into the kitchen. She handed Penelope her cup, then cupped those warm cheeks, all smiles.

“You are so sweet to say that,” Nobody said. “Though that’s bold to say in front of your girlfriend. Unless you two have that kind of relationship. I think we touched on this before with the succubus.” Saliim spluttered, snorting as she laughed. Nobody gave her a quizzical glance, while Penelope’s was pure rage. “What? What’s so funny?”

“Oh, you thinking him and that girl are together,” Saliim said.

“They’re not? But they are always together.”

“Yeah, that’s because she has the utter hots for him but he’s sort of brain-dead to realize that.”

“Yes I am,” Mel said.

“So you’re saying he’s single?” Nobody pressed.

“Technically,” Penelope grumbled, her poor tea cup crinkling and cracking under her shaking hand.

“That’s a right shame. You’re cute, Mel.”

“Doubtful,” Mel said.

“But you are!” She touched his hand, her cheeks warming more. “In fact, I would love to take you out-”

“If only you weren’t gay,” Brin blurted.

Nobody retracted her hand, looking absolutely wounded by the remark.

“Beg pardon?” She exclaimed. “Where did you hear I was gay?”

Penelope shot to her feet, yawning as she stretched.

“Well, I think it’s time we hit the ole dusty trail,” she said, and yanked on Mel’s shoulder. Hard. “Let’s go!”

Thankfully, Brin had stood with him, latched on something fierce, and he was given another boon as he didn’t need to move at all. Penelope dragged him out of the room, forced to look back at Saliim chasing after, panting as she tried to keep up with Penelope... but also to see Nobody’s face one last time, her sorrow, her pain and confusion burned into his mind... Brin fell behind as what she had a grip on faded with that face, but he at least got a little chuckle from Saliim tripping over her, and the two became a ball of dust, through the courtyard and back into Mel’s chamber.

She stopped, but kept him moving, sweeping him around and onto the futon. His force made it fall out into a bed, making him lay flat, looking up at her needing his special red lizard from a certain game that caused so many issues when it was first released –and not because it was a buggy mess. His hands instinctively split, one going for his face, the other the groin, locking there, watching through one eye, waiting for her to do something.

She folded her arms before her, and sniffled.

“Mel,” she began, her voice all aquiver. “I...I want you to be my boyfriend... I love you. I’ve loved you since we first met... Do you love me?”

“Yes!” He boomed.

She gasped, and cupped her hands. “You do?”

“Most definitely.”

“I’m so happy.” She laid down on his front, the screech of the red lizard heard far off, and she kissed him. A tear fell on his cheek, wiped in as she sat up, undoing her robes. She paused a little as two thumps hit the door, the succubus finally caught up, but she put a finger to his lips. “Don’t let them in yet. Let it just be you and me. Like the old times... Let us seal the deal. Make love to me, Mel. Make me yours.”

“Okay,” he said, and regretted that it was Opposite Day.

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