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It wasn’t long before class let out, but it always seemed an eternity to New Jersey and Mel. Thankfully, he had a “new” succubus to talk to, hear her likes, her dislikes, her preferences. Like, a lot of likes, dislikes, and preferences. Good Lord, so many likes, dislikes, and preferences! He forgot just how much he had to tune out before, but having to hear how she liked long baths, disliked firm beds, and preferred, in no small amount of reasoning, handsome men “like him”.

“I always get summoned by fat, sweaty, pig-nosed losers,” she had said, on multiple occasion throughout their conversation. “They learn a bit of magic and instantly go for a succubus. Are these pathetic wastes of flesh serious? We have standards, as well; we just don’t fall to our knees and suck every cock we see. Isn’t that right, Brin?”

Brin, for the most part, tried to stay out of it. She introduced herself, gave a humming approval or a groaning mimicry of disapproval, as if matching her “master’s” own canned responses. But that wouldn’t keep her quiet. No, any sound was just permission to continue –as well as NO sound whatsoever. However, at least making a noise allowed her to continue with her current train of thought and its heavy burden instead of switching tracks and continuing with one much, much further from its destination.

Harlequin romance novels. Soft, classical music. Long, flowing dresses. Coral combs. Flat-heeled shoes. Fantasy. Short people. Fat people. Unhygienic people. Lawyers. Babies. Cats. Dogs. Being in charge in the bed. Being dominated in bed; after a while, they all seemed to blend into each other. What she liked, what she didn’t, what she preferred; none of it mattered. Not a single bit of it, for she always had an exception or a contradiction or caveat for every single damn one of them.

At last, Professor Negei returned to the front of the room. Energy formed on her hand, rising to the ceiling, and the desks and chairs followed, freed from their stony prison at last.

“You all have done well today,” she said. “The next time we rendezvous, we are going to start with an hour of conversing with your spirit animals before we delve into anything else-”

“As long as another student doesn’t come along, right?” Destiny piped up.

“Welp, now you done it,” Mel said. “You fucked up; now that it was mentioned, it’s going to happen.”

“He’s right, sadly,” Penelope grumbled, still so bitter. “Don’t you remember when you said it last, Des? Look who it brought two long years ago?”

“Yeah. Yeah... So we good? Are we permitted to leave?”

“Class is dismissed,′ Professor Negei stated, and Mel was already one foot out of the door- stopped as she appeared before him. His face was smothered in her chest again, his heart dropping out of his, falling, plummeting to the depths of his stomach as she played with his hair again. “I would like a word with you after everyone leaves, though.”

“Surely it can be discussed right now, right? With everyone else here?”

As he spoke, though, she pulled him out and to the side of the entrance to the room. They were in the southern tower, several flights down, a dungeon in its own right, yet a dungeon sounded far more welcoming right now to Mel. She at least let his head out of her titty cage and turned him around, rubbing his shoulders. Brin and Saliim waited inside, against the wall, unsure of what to do.

Mel hoped that one student, just one, would stick around, would possibly save him. Penelope was not it, though; she darted passed, the first out and gone. She didn’t even give a single glance... and neither did New Jersey. Mel couldn’t blame him; he would do the same in his shoes, but that left Destiny, at least... hopefully... beggingly- no. She was gone, too.

Professor Negei tittered, and goaded him back into the room. She waved her hand towards the succubus as she passed them, and they were swept out by an ominous wind, slamming the door shut in its wake. Any frame simply disappeared, any crease or imperfection between the door and the outside gone, the dark wood replaced by glistening stone, thudding the smallest bit. The Infernis gave him a push towards the desks; he slapped into one, clawing at it as he skittered further away, keeping at least three rows between him and that monster.

Meanwhile, though, she simply took her place behind her podium.

She sniffed at the air, and gave him a puzzled look.

“What seems to be the matter?” She said. “Why are you afraid?”

“I’m not.”

She tapped her nose, shaking her head. “I simply wanted to talk, to discuss your... problem.”

“Which one?”

“It’s not uncommon for younger men to ejaculate prematurely. In fact, it just shows you are excited to be with that person-”

“That... is not my problem. Not even close.”

“No? Then why did you break up with Penelope?”

“Why does everyone assume we were a couple? We were just friends.”

She snorted, blinking, and sighed.

“Be that as it may, you two engaged in a sexual act, which added sheer pressure onto your relationship which ultimately lead to this issue-”

“Rape usually does that.”

“Wait. You tried to rape her?”

“Women can rape.”

“In my line of experience, it’s usually impossible to rape a man. Cannot rape the willing, all that... There are exceptions, but I highly doubt you and her are one of them.”

“Well, it is. And how it shot out was a sign that we shouldn’t ever be together.”

“You mean your ejaculate. When you and her were about to engage in sexual activities. Consensual sexual activities.”

“No. It wasn’t. I told her no, but it was Opposite Day so I had to say yes to mean no.”

“Opposite Day isn’t r... That holiday doesn’t exist. Interpretation is all that matters; she believed you gave consent, you gave consent, so it was consent.”

“But what if it wasn’t?”

“Then you wouldn’t be more scarred than how you are now?”

“I am plenty scarred. However, again, the cumehameha spared me the worst of it by trying to crush us to death before it ever happened.”

She sighed again, and leaned on the podium pinching her brow.

“To this day, after these last two years, you are still an enigma to me,” she mumbled.

“Me, too...”

She snorted again, and tittered. “You’re actually telling the truth on that.”

“I do that a lot, yet people never believe me.”

Professor Negei slapped her hands down on the podium- and appeared right in front of Mel, though this time he was not ensnared by her fleshy prison. Instead, she had a hold of him by the chin, holding it up, having him look into her eyes.

“You hurt her. A lot,” she said, those yellows shimmering and sparking. “The entire time she was in this class, when she was talking to her spirit animal, the topic was on you. It never diverged, no matter how much the spiritual beast tried, and no answer was ever good enough... You sent her down a spiral of which the only salvation she can reach is if you apologize.”

“Then she’s going to keep on spinning down the drain. I did nothing wrong.”

“You’re right. I’m not here to chastise you on it, but to congratulate. I know many an Infernis that dreams to be as mentally destructive as you, yet you get it second-hand... I will not lie, I’m a touch envious with the power you wield.”

“Well, quiddit... I mean, it’s not like I mean to do it. It just comes... naturally. Yeah, like you said.”

She giggled, rubbing her thumb along his chin, drawing up to his cheek, his ear, all the while those yellows still flickered and burned.

“Out of all the mortals I have met, I wish nothing more than to become your shadow and watch as you ascend so that I may be the one to bring you down... but... I feel that you are strong enough without the Fall. If anything, I’d fear for all of humanity if you were given It.” She sighed, her other hand tousling his hair, still staring into his. “The second item on the agenda is about your spirit animal-”

“Animals. Plural.”

“One was a mere summons; the first, the true spirit animal, was your conjuring. I find it... curious that you bound yourself to a real living being.”

“A real human bean.”

“Why him, though? Out of the billions on this planet-”

“I think it’s nearing trillion.”

“Why him?”

“Because he’s funneh.”

“Really? Is that the only reason? It doesn’t have to do with your own deep-seated anxiety and dread, nor your low self-esteem and wariness to grow close to anybody while hiding it behind cynicism and wit?”

“... Nope! Just that he funny!”

She rolled her eyes, and plucked a hair from his scalp. She broke her gaze at last, looking upon those strands instead, twirling them in between her fingers.

“Next class, you will not need to summon your spirit animal.”

“But what if I want to?”

“Then you will need to wipe his memory again. Besides, it is quite apparent you are more than ready for the next step: conjuring spirits.”

“So... the next step is to drop an entire word? Spirit animal to spirits? Kind of regressive, isn’t it?”

“To elaborate: you shall be creating nonbeings, things that never existed and will never exist outside of your power.”

“So masturbation? I mean, if you need me to make plenty of spooky spirits, I’ll keep myself pent up again for a fortnite and show you I am a true master.”

She sighed for the millionth time, and wrapped his finger around her middle finger before twirling her hand. In its center, a ball that was the same color of something he just mentioned started to form, and appeared to be just as thick and gloopy. After it grew to the size of a snowball it lazed out from her circling hand, floating towards Mel. It stopped right by his eyeball, and... chirruped?

Just as quick as it came, though, it disappeared when she clenched her hand, falling apart into a hundred small strands of light, fizzling as they tried to ascend.

“I want you to think on how that was created.” She stated, and let him go- simply back at her podium. Now she was just showing off... She waved towards the “door”, and it was allowed to be one again. Saliim and Brin both rushed in, staring daggers into the Infernis, smirking as she waved them... and Mel away. “Until we meet again, Mister Llorwyn.”

He rushed out of the room, Brin straining to keep up while Saliim yelped and grunted dragged behind, coming to a sudden stop at the dining room table. The long bit of polished wood shuddered as she hit it ass-first, and Mel could swore the chair she slammed into would have been ingrained into it. She managed to pull herself off of it, sadly, but decided to stand while he and Brin sat and enjoyed the meal.

“Enjoyed”, though was a bit of a stretch. Mel’s stomach never really agreed with him after having to deal with that professor, that class, but he still managed to get down and keep down a plate or so of chicken tenders and shells with cheese.

However, that didn’t mean he enjoyed it quietly.

“What the hell?” Saliim exclaimed, still wincing, whimpering as she rubbed her b-ack. Back. Not the other word we were all thinking of. “How much did you limit us? How far are we allowed to roam?”

“About two or three people away,” he guestimated.

“And you are okay with this, Brin?”

“I don’t mind,” she said, giggling as she leaned against Mel. “I like being around him, anyways, and... this place is sort of... strange. I wouldn’t want to roam that far because of that. One wrong turn and you could be lost forever.”

“When you put it like that... How long are we bound to him, anyways?”

“No idea.”

“Really? None?”


She shook Mel’s shoulder. “Well?”

“I have no clue.”

“You made no conditions? Not a single one?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

“That means it defaults to when you die.” She huffed, and leaned her rump against his head, her tail lazing down into his view, its cute, little spade just lulling above his plate. “As I’ve said, I don’t think I will mind. You are strong, handsome, personable, and interesting.”

“Great to hear how awesome I am.”

She giggled, and her tail flicked up, tickling his chin.

“I would have added modest, but you ruined that.”

“But I am! The most modest person alive. There has never been a more humble person than me.”

“Is it Opposite Day again?” Penelope said, approaching from behind. “Or are you just talking?” Saliim moved a second, and the table thundered as Penelope dropped a thick, brown tome onto his (thankfully emptied) plate, crushing and sending porcelain shards flying. “All the notes for Alchemy class. You’ll have to start filling it in from here-on.”

“A little harsh, don’t you think? What did that plate ever do to you?”

“It was tainted the moment you touched it.”

“Is there a problem?” Saliim said, her tail flicking up, just as outraged. That tome also slammed it down, too.

“Saliim? Really? Are you trying to act nice and caring again?”

“‘Act’? This is no act! I can’t stand spiteful bitches like you. Now, if you have a problem with my master, then you have a problem with me.”

“Oh, there’s no problem. Not anymore... I missed you how you once were, Saliim. At least you had some integrity.”

“Have we met? I would have remembered a desperate, needy little girl such as yourself.”

“So both of your lapdogs turned on me? They both sided with you, Mel?”

“I was always on his side,” Brin mumbled, hugging Mel tighter.

“Oh, of course. His ‘body pillow’. More like his slutty, vapid cum sock-”

She went dead silent as Mel thundered to his feet. The crystal in the center of the hall, the stars outside; all light was simply... gone. Thunder rumbled off in the distance, quaking the ground around, but it quickly turned into shattering as lava spewed from below, rising into seven torrid towers of molten rock around them. Mel’s eyes were black as pitch, his hands wreathed in umbra, slowly being filled with red runes as a thin strand of lava broke free and passed through his clutches. He gripped it, and snapped it tight, making a fiery whip, burning pale purple.

“Now you fucked up,” Mel said, his voice cold, even, and brought the whip back. It lazed through the air, easily twenty feet long, its end split into nine, almost white points. “You can insult me. You can banter with Saliim. However, YOU DO NOT. INSULT. BRIN!”

He roared as he brought the whip down, muffling her screams... only for everything to return to normal. There was no whip, no magma; just Mel pointing at Penelope, crumpled to the ground, slowly being surrounded by her own urine. Her face was hidden behind her hands, all of her curled up into a tight ball. Mel picked up the tome, and hummed as he strode over her, heading to his room with a grand yawn. He climbed the steps to the tower, gave his door the password, and dropped the book to the right of the door, his left arm currently still being held hostage by Brin.

Mel eased her onto the bed then crawled after, yawning again as he held her from behind, nuzzling into her n-

“So do I just crawl in behind or...” Saliim said.

Mel looked over his shoulder, giving her a crooked look, and pointed down at the newspaper.

“Get some bed,” he said, about to turn back to his pillow when she scoffed.

“You must be joking... There’s no way in Hell I am sleeping on ratty old newspaper, so you better make room.”


He groaned as he pushed harder against Brin, but couldn’t help but feel a bit more relaxed having Saliim behind. Her hands wrapped about his middle, squeezing him, holding him tight as he held Brin tight, finally alleviating the unease that seemed to string along the entire day.

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