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Story Prompt - Pretend you are in your 70's or 80's complain about kids today! We use technology so much but have we ever stopped and wondered what our older generation (like our grandparents) are thinking about the millennial things like social media and living through technology? Views She Writes has a new friend who wishes to share his thoughts about the millennial way of living.

Views She Writes
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Short Story

Oh the kids these days… They are always engrossed in their mobile phones. Somethings like Facepage or Birdie or instantgerm… Oh, is it Twitter and Instagram? Thank you, Alex (grumbles angrily for being corrected)

Who cares about all that? In our days we had friends who we would knock or their door or call them when we wanted to talk to them. We never needed these …. These…. Unspeakable things on mobile phones.

Wait… What? What do you mean my friends are these on these things? Oh wait, that is Joseph. Look how bald he has become! Hahaha!! And see, Richard is in a wheelchair. Maybe I should put my photo. I have a full head of hair, although it is white, and can walk on two feet, sometimes better than my grandson, Alex. Hoho! These old geezers don’t know what is good for them. Who puts up such photos on these websites? Uncle Sam is watching everything.

Wait, is that Sandra? She was my first crush. I never had the courage to talk to her in school. She is so pretty now, even prettier than what she was all those years ago. I wonder how she is these days.

How do you find all these people? What do you mean you have made an account in my name? These people are in my friends list? Even Sandra? How did you get her to accept my request? Oh, she sent one to me? Wow! Maybe I should say Hi to her. Maybe she is widowed and …. Hey, don’t do that without my consent. I was just thinking out loud.

She replied? Really? Wow, she is widowed for 10 years? Imagine that! Maybe I have a chance after all.

Okay folks, I am off on a date with Sandra. It is long overdue. I shall come back and complain about these rotten young kids later.

And he goes hopping and skipping in a suspender suit with a pink rose in hand and singing - ♫♫He’s a jolly good fellow, he’s a jolly good fellow, he’s a jolly good fellow.... ♫♫

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