Diary Of A Dork

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A 14-year old boy, Edward James is going to travel the world with his family.He is going to have wimpy adventures in his dorky life. A 14-year old boy from Bristol is about to travel the world with his family.Not been out of the country before, this should be a exciting experience, should'nt it? Well for the most part it is.

Humor / Adventure
Abdul Rafay
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Chapter 1

Well,Hi everyone my name is Barry Allen,wait why am I introducing myself?Oh yeah because you don't know me.Anyways,you know my name now let me tell you more about me and my life.I live in Bristol,England and I am British.I am 14 years old and I have a reasonably happy life and it just got boosted because when I woke up today,well today was Saturday,just to let you know,my mom Emma Allen,told me and my older brother Chris James Allen,that we are going to travel around the world with my dad James Allen.Wow, I told you the main plot and my family members name in one sentence.Impressive, don't you think.I told my family's names so you should know my best friends' names too and then I will tell you something more.Ok,my BFF's name is Haider.He's also 14 and my classmate.I have some more friends named Morgan,Harry and Edward.Well, now allow me to tell you that this is kind of a journal and not a Diary at all.It's just written on the cover that's it.I am writing this, because like I told you,we are going to travel the world so why not just write down my experience?Well for traveling around the world we don't have the funds until the next week so we are going to somewhere else before that and I will make sure to write it down and tell it to you guys.So until then guys or girls,I don't know who you,the reader,are,if anyone is going to read this,but I would really like to know you as well.Peace.Well now you literally know I am a dork because that is what dorks do, I think,well now for real,Bye.See you later.



So,Hello,once again on the second entry on this Dream Dork Diary.Today,we are going to go to Bristol Cathedral.It's a big Church so it's gonna take me some time to get this over with.My friend Edward is coming with me on this trip.

At the Cathedral,

We entered through the west front and there was a info board about all this stuff in there and it's History, Architecture and all the other sh...things, Sorry,ah what, nothing.It said that it was founded in 1140 but recon... what was the word again,consecrated in 1148.Why am I telling you this, it's not like we are in a History class or something.I have got to tell you some stuff,a little more personal about my friends,we maybe 14 year olds,but we still got crushes on girls.I know,it's embarrassing,but don't sue me,Kay,good.I had a crush on a girl who moved to London,so good bye to her.My friends though still have crushes on girls that are here,and guess what, Edwards' crush Eliza Taylor,was there at the Cathedral.Well he saw her and was,"Hey,Barry there is Eliza,my crush,what should I do now?"I was like,"I don't know,just go up to her and talk."

Well he did take me up on my advice and things turned out pretty well for him.Well that's pretty much it for today boys and girls.I should really come up with a cool punny title for you guys.I will work on it,later obviously.Until then,Bye.


Well come to the 3rd entry of this , I don't even know what to call it now.See what I did there,in the first part of the first sentence?Well, I made a pun of'Welcome'.That's it.But seriously though, Welcome,to this entry,the first one in 2 days, I think? Well for the reason for a break from writing for past 2 days is that we didn't do anything good these days so I decided to not write anything.Don't worry, it's not like a travel journal,I would really like to tell you guys more about me.The thing that actually happened was that Edward, remember him, subdued his crush.That's it.I hope when traveling I actually have a crush on someone and I get to subdue it.Other that that the thing is that I am not the most creative person so I can't come up with a name and that I am going to make these entries shorter and stop telling you the numbers of entries.I just get in so much detail on everything.I should stop.Anyways,See you later.

Oh hey guys,last time I forgot to put dashes at the end of my entry, which I have to say is pretty lame, isn't it,mate.Ok,I am not going to put anymore dashes or whatever they are.And also the last time I forgot to write down the day name.Aaand...I wrote on a Sunday and then on a Thursday,which was the day yesterday,well the last entry was actually after 3 days.Sorry,my bad.Ok,I told you that we are going to travel around the world but I need to go to school,well turns out I am not going to school this whole month, but I am going to be back but the end of the summer break.Tommorow, hopefully the funds will be available for us to go.I will tell you what I find about it later.Bye.

Ok,guys we were going to go to Jersey, Channel Islands, tommorow but a school message came that said we were going to have tests from this Monday to the next one,which to be honest I am really pissed about.Now we are going to go on next Wednesday rather than this one.Oh,forgot to tell you,we managed the locations we were going to go in the next 2 weeks and here is how it looks:

Wednesday-Friday, Jersey, Channel Islands Saturday-Monday, Guernsey, Channel Islands Tuesday-Friday,Paris,France

Saturday-Sunday, Madrid, Spain

Monday, Barcelona

Tuesday, Lisbon

Wednesday, Gibraltar

Yeah,the pattern might seem strange but we all agreed to it.By the way the starting day is next Wednesday not this one.You know I was going to tell you something else,this chapter is going to contain the first two weeks of traveling and rest will be my obsessions/interests.You good with that,ok, good,but until later,Bye.

Hey,no travels until next Wednesday,huh,(uh, that sucks). Anyway,like I said,no travels,no interesting stuff.What happened today,well my friend passed out in school today in the Conference Room.Yeah,that happened,the thing is this month they fast apparently for 16 hours.They are not allowed to eat or drink anything,yes,not even water!He just didn't have the proper stuff to eat so he could not take it.Now, let me tell you the more embarrassing thing that almost happened to me:The teacher asked to get Mrs.Jones from the wing.(Well I didn't know where she was),so what would I say when I need to tell her where is she?I just said,"I couldn't find her, I don't know where she is."She said,"Alright,go back to your seat and it worked out fine.Overview for next time,

I am going to talk about my obsessions/interests.

That's it for this one,Bye.

Okay, I told you previously that I was going to talk about my obsessions so let's get this over with:(I will tell more details later)

1.TV Shows(The Flash,Arrow,The 100)





2.Keeping A Journal

3.Creative Writing

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Today, I didn't go to school,for pretty much no reason.So, I don't know what happened today.But I did watch 3 episodes of The Flash and Arrow today.Then me and my brother went to Jitters and got some coffee.After this we went to watch a football game.That's what happened today. I don't even know why I am writing this,not like this is interesting or anything.This is what is going to happen till next week.Bye.

Hey,guys, well today nothing much happened.I was on my phone, internet surfing,when I found a football page.It was called Sunday League Football.I opened it up and apparently there is this football league which has made a bunch of teams that play on Sundays.Well I always liked to play football and also it was available in Bristol so I signed up for it.Well mainly the matches are in Jersey but whatever.

Ok, when I told you about my obsessions I also missed some stuff such as:




These are the things that I missed.After that I got a call from my newly made friend,(which happened yesterday and I forgot to tell you about it) Amelia.She is nice and all but she just gets off topic pretty quickly.

Also, next 2 days are going to be without an entry because I got tests.Wish me luck and I will see you guys later.Bye.

Wednesday (The Day of Going to Jersey)

Woohoo! Today is finally the day I get rid of school and stuff and chill.I hope it works out for me.Well, today we are going to go to Jersey.

At the Airport

Okay,the flight is about in half an hour or so and my phone was running out of juice.I went to where you charge phones and apparently everyone had the same idea,so it was pre-occupied.Well, I went to the bathroom and charged it in that socket.It does feel weird,but you gotta do what you gotta do.

In the plane

The plane was good and all and this was my first time on a plane,so it passed my expectations.Well it was temporary,this was the Business Class and our seats were in the Economy Class,which was pretty disappointing.Well the flight was quite quick and was much easier when I listened to One Direction songs.

In Jersey

We were pretty tired and all so we just booked a room and went there.Remember the Sunday League,well they have a match tommorow at The Fortress which is like the iconic pitch there so I will write down the match experiences.Bye.

I just kind of messed up last time.The thing is that the Sunday League actually has matches on Sunday and today is Thursday so you know.Anyways,now that the match is out of the way, let me talk about what we are going to do for today.We are going to go to the Fortress.We don't have a match but we could still practice there.It is an ideal place for walking.Buuut, first we are going to need a football and some good sneakers for walking and practicing.So we went shopping.We went to PBS Confidential.

At the mall

First up, we went to the shoe store (for we I mean me and my brother only.My parents weren't budging.)I got Nike X Clot Air Max Haven,which are like the newest pair,I think.My bro bought the same.For a football we just bought a standard Adidas Size 5 football,got some ice cream and headed to the park.

There there wasn't anyone at the start so we just started hitting the crossbar.Then 3 kids came,we introduced ourselves and we did the same.Well,2 of them were kids the 3rd one was actually a 21-year old.His name was Mike as he said.The other 2 kids names were Jacob and Steve.Now we were five so we played Possession.After some time everyone just went home and me and Chris jogged almost 3,000 steps, which I know because I have a Smart Watch that has a pedometer.Than we also went home and chilled out.

Today,we are going to Jersey War Tunnels.

They were built by the Germans in WWII.But now they are a major tourist site,now I have an idea that this place is going to be crowdy.Apparently,the Germans built it into a km underground hospital.

At the Tunnels

The place looked nice,(on the outside,for now).It had greenry and a nice entrance.The interior was like more like a house than a hospital,(well,at least some parts did).It was awesome, though.It even had an Air Raid Shelter.

There was not much we could do there except exploring.So we did just that,for about an hour and then we just went back to the hotel.I was bored,it started raining.I could not go out.And for once,I was glad that my phone was on full battery.There was a new game, and it was trending so I downloaded it.In it,we controlled a character who was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit.Then the bad stuff kind of happened more frequently so when he got back he and his friends made a group that removed (or killed,most of the time)the corrupt.Yeah, that is pretty much it for today.

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