Rap Queen

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Chapter 2

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm. I realized, today is the day we’re moving! I quickly got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. My red and orange hair was flying behind me.

Let me explain something, the reason I dyed my hair red and orange was because after I won a rap battle against my friends, the people watching us were saying that I was on fire. Those comments always stuck to me, so when my mom said that I could dye my hair, I dyed it the color of fire.

I quickly took a shower and got ready for the day. Although I was sad to leave my childhood home, I finally got to attend a real school, and not just any school, high school.

I was so excited, I was literally dancing in my room while trying to get ready. Just saying, when you’re dancing while getting ready, try not to knock anything over. Of course, being me, I just had to knock some decoration off the tables in my room. Whoops.

After I cleaned up, I went to the kitchen and I found my mom already making breakfast there.

“Wow, that smells delicious!” I said.

“Thanks, I gotta make a good breakfast for the long day ahead of us.”

I sat down and waited for my mom to finish up.

After we ate, we packed the rest of our belongings and put them in the mover’s trucks. After that, we drove to the airport.

I slept for the whole two hours of the flight. When I woke up we were already landed. I hopped out of my seat and got my carry on bag. We walked to baggage claim.

When we got there, I heard someone shout, “There’s the Rap Queen!” I froze. People started to look at me, and then they all started running to me. I told my mother to wait for the luggage and I started sprinting in another direction.

I ran until I heard the shouting die down. I looked behind me and there was no one there. Good, I lost them, I thought. Just then, I ran into a wall. Wait, this isn’t a wall it’s a person. I looked up and saw the most beautiful greenish, blue eyes I have ever seen. “I-I’m sorry,” I stuttered.

Just then, I head someone shout, “She’s over here!”

“Shoot!” I whisper, “Please hide me!” I say to the random person.

“Why?” He asks. His face is filled with confusion.

“Just do it,” I say in an urgent tone.

“Ok, um, hide here.” He pushes his luggage together and ushers me behind them, so I can’t be seen.

A random guy with a camera suddenly runs up to the beautiful person. “Have you seen a girl with flaming red hair and greed eyes, about this tall,” he lifts his hand up showing how tall I am.

The mysterious guy says, “yeah.” I suck in a breath. Is he going to rat me out? “She went that way,” he pointed to his right. I mentally sighed in relief.

The whole crowd went to the right. After the last person ran there, I stood up and sheepishly said, “Thanks.”

“Now, you have to tell me why they were chasing after you.” Oh yeah, I forgot about that part.

“Do you know who the Rap Queen is?” I ask

“Yeah, kind of, I’ve heard some of her music, it’s pretty good.” He says with a shrug.

“Ok, well you see, I’m, kind of, her.” I say slowly, waiting for his reaction.

He bursts out laughing. “Yeah, right,” he says in between laughs.

“Well since you don’t believe me then, search it up or something.”

“Ok, I will,” he says confidently, grabbing his phone.

I start to walk away, but not before I hear him gasp and say, “what?!” I chuckle to myself and walk out of sight.

My mom and I drove up to the house. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was huuuuuuge! I couldn’t believe my mom got us a freaking mansion!

I run the stairs to the door. That’s right, there are a bunch of steps in front of the door. I unlocked the door and pushed it open. My jaw dropped. It was literally a castle.
I suddenly yawned. Oh, I forgot that it’s midnight. Time to sleep.
I got my luggage and went up the stairs. I chose the third room that I saw because it was the biggest.
I changed into my pjs and jumped onto the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.
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