Rap Queen

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Chapter 5

I squinted out in the distance to see who I was going against. The coach and Adam split us into 4 groups based on our skills he saw when we did some basic drills.

I was on offense, which was pretty nice and I was happy. I had the ball in front of me and I was slowly dribbling it down the field. I was waiting for someone to make the first move and they did.

Some guy with ashy blonde hair started sprinting towards me. Then, everything happened in slow motion. I kicked the ball to the side barely missing Ashy’s foot, I decided to call him Ashy cause why not.

I took off to the other side of the field once I dodged him and passed it to a guy on my team who’s name is Jack.

He swiftly got the pass and then took off. I was behind him, but when I saw a couple of people heading towards him, I ran to an open spot and got his attention.

He quickly passed the ball to me when the guys got close enough. Luckily for me, I was in the perfect space to kick it into the goal, I just had to get past the goalie.

I fake kicked the ball and the goalie jumped to the left. Then, I kicked the ball to the right, causing our team to win, because we were only playing to 1 for timing reasons.

My team cheered for me and I had the biggest smile on my face. I missed the feeling of scoring a goal and the feeling of winning.

I looked over at Adam and he had a look of shock on his face. I guess he didn’t expect me to be this amazing. I chuckled.

When everyone finished scrimmaging, we stood in a horizontal line facing the coach and Adam. They walked back and forth, occasionally writing on the clipboards they held.

After they judged us, they walked away to discuss who the new recruits are going to be. We all breathed a sigh of relief as they walked away and started conversing with each other.

The coach came back after a couple of minutes and told us that he’ll post who got on the team on Wednesday in the front office. He dismissed us after he told everyone, “good job.”

I was so pooped after practice that I did what I wanted to do all day, sleep.

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