Cut Me Right

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This is an example that I created of the Freytag Pyramid structure (5-part structure) in the form of an excerpt from a short story. This scene selection is a short that I wrote for a Creative Writing course that I am taking in relation to Fiction Writing. It incorporates an example of using the ABDCE Five part structure (Action, Background, Development, Climax, and Ending). It is a short about a woman who is suffering from a painful tooth abscess that dreads visiting the Dentist, Dr. Cutright. Enjoy!

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Cut Me Right

Like a bump in the night, my abscess that had infested my palate had me writhing in pain. (A) I couldn’t sleep. My husband couldn’t sleep as he tried his best to console me. He begged me to go to the hospital, but being the stubborn fox that I was, that was a definite no-go. (B) He knew for a fact that I had always hated doctors, dentists and quacks alike. (D) This was a natural instance that I could solve on my own with home remedies or so I thought. (C) By morning, he convinced me to go to the dental office of Dr. Cutright. How fitting. (E) I still don’t know whether this was the right choice or not.

A = Action

B = Background

D = Development

C = Climax

E = Ending

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