Hush I Have Lands

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When the hush is about the silence of abuse and being in childhood experiencing abuse and being the brunt of jokes at the same time it begins to hurt. Hush the world is laughing at the victim because the victim always tries to hide the abuse she or he suffers because it is so shameful it is not right that the person does hide such a thing from the rich and the gifted because it is not human is it not to behave in such a dignified manner? Manners of the table have not been taught because the family have been educated in their own way they laugh out loud because the baby is now grown up and does look peculiar nobody now marries such a chit and what is nagging the world is she is her own worst enemy. What happiness to know that we have the hush system and what does it give us but more of the same we have dealt with that now we have them at it doing the rounds so they can help.

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter I

Dad uncle looked like me before he died and he died in a strange manner, He died without his soul and he did not know who and what he had been. Nurses said it might be brain damage or even dementia and he said he had no food anymore he could not drink and he looked like a skeleton of his former self. A man a bully who had bullied us terrorised us and made our lives hell with his violence and self- hate now lay on his hospital bed saying something nobody could understand. His dislike of me seeming to be something like a joke he said something about two kids and they were sitting on the edge of the bed. He said seeming to come to terms with these ghosts which probably he had harmed. He said as he had done in this world, he was ready to make his mistakes into the next life and he did blaspheme.

Mother was beside him sitting for an hour then she came home and this went on for a matter of five months four days and then he had to come home the hospital bed was needed. His death wish was he said he would not come home. He did not love his wife anymore there was nothing for him to come home to. No love or anything nothing he could not remember the time anybody loved him. He did not know the time when we had the love and the warmth somehow, he felt he had no wife nothing made sense to him. His whole life was one of strife with himself he always said he did not belong with us with the family now he made sure that he was detached seeking the looks the love and the respect which he always said was his due.

“Hi dad would you like something?” I would say.

“Coffee and then go away.” I would answer my own question. Then would give him to drink his coffee and then would say, “I have to go back study.”

“So soon stay a bit longer?”

“Have no time dad.”

“Well time does not stand still.” He knew I thought he knew he had little time?

I had to leave his very presence was irksome I had to join the class the life the force as this is stagnation and death itself.

“Bye dad.”

“How about another coffee?”

“Nurse said no.”

“Nurse good woman that.”

Allows him to smoke I thought.

“I leave him with that look and then when I go away from the hospital there is a catch in my throat dad has been in my life for over forty years without him life would never be the same.

Life is never the same life is the same the patterns the same things happening again and again.

“Where is daddy the real daddy?”

“He is looking after daddy the unhealthy he is making him better.”

They are glaring at each other as dad drops the pillows onto the ground and then wee.

“He did recognise him then?”

“I think so but that being said he said nothing.”

“He did not want the injections increased.”

“Dad was there looking at uncle daddy”

“Yes, daddy the literary man was up in arms about the uncle daddy’s granddaughter. They wanted a match.”

Dad lit a match and told him to go and get a bed pan.

“Sadi Sadi get me someone to maul and it is not going to be you.” Hissed daddy the intelligent.

He picked Sadi violently he was absolutely smug dad as the other one the nurse was struggling. It is something wrong I thought but was too busy to interfere.

They had to get someone they said as this man was stronger than the normal nursing staff. His manners were as good as it was.

The other guy was a bit stronger than this one he had to lift dad a lot and he did. That he said was breaking his back. He just could not handle him and wept for the fear of being in there. No, he just had to kick his hide.

Humans in hospitals what do they get up to?

Place anyone anybody into a large space and they can do anything as long as there is nod and wink and the odd kick.

The engaging thing is now they are so involved with this odd story is it not? That a man who was a bastard could have alerted me to what goes inside the hospitals. I was more interested in the dynamics until I was sectioned too.

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