Hush I Have Lands

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Chapter 13

People think that caring for the family is robbing the world of the thinking and the whole show takes on this momentum when the one who stays at home and works is doing nothing at all. Nothing at all?

Most women have stayed at home doing nothing at all. The overrated women in the telly think nothing is better than to speak on their phone and call their children to heel while they drink their coffee.

“I can see you doing no homework Alexia told me which is a computer.”

The key ring children have been upgraded to computer children.

“Well when did Alexia start doing your homework?”

“Does it better than me.”

“Who said so?”

“The teacher Alexia gets everything right more marks for the school and then we can continue.”

I try to say and toss my head in some dudgeon what does a woman have to say in order to be heard I am past it I am past the age of some advancing years yet no respect I resent the very things which they speak about.

“No one respects the poor.”

“Unless they are selling their wares.”

“I don’t party.”

“Go out and meet people.”

“But when I go outside, I am met with hostility.”

“Look I am broke.”

“Drop it.”

“I am broken and down of it.”

“Only the English can be broke and live in Britain.”

“Only the British people can become this able.”

“We do not respect your talents because you have no grammar and do not speak to us.”

“I do not speak the gay language?”

“That is right.”

“But this is a free country?”

“Nothing free about it. It is expensive.”

“How can anyone cope without going insane?”

“How does artist live with this affliction without being gay?”

“They die from starvation we do not approve.”

“I am turning from not being gay to being dour.”

This is a totalitarian state within a state of the NHS being carted off to the hospital again? But I think therefore I am. Stick your hand in your mouth and vomit. I did not dope myself.

“We fear she is now homicidal.”

“So that nothing bad can happen we have created a nanny state.”

“We have tallied and said it out loud the common people have nothing but bad thoughts in their minds we must lead them to right thinking and make them amiable at all time.”

“In order to do such deeds, we have to make the best of the best.”

“We have stopped whipping and caning so what do we have now is the talking therapies.”

“In that way we can gently talk to these people as if they animals and need to be talked to.”

“So, we can mend them and you see if it looks like they are going to dive into water we must rise the barriers so they won’t in that way we are helping them.”

“By placing obstacles in their way?”

“Well yes without guidance who knows where they might end in?”

“Yes, it is totally certain they will all go down some path not right in their path before they did not have our tender concerns so they dropped down dead like flies.”

“Now they coming out like in their dozens saying and speaking about needing help and guidance which we are unhappily underfunded to give but we are making headway.”

“Yes, sure we can do more if we had more.”

“If you work again for charities, they will put you in touch with people.”

“I have been in touch and in some doubt whether that is the right approach. I mean I am so touched up it makes me feel rotten.”

“They can point you in the right direction.”

“Sometimes they dismiss me without an interview saying they too mean and able to see someone who is trouble all the time. Powerful enemies and powerful friend make me an uneasy balance to be with.”

“What do you think would happen if you took the plot out of this?”

“I do not know maybe the plot is me seeking justice and waiting for the Godot to come to his senses.”

“There is no such person.”

“I am increasingly thinking there is.”


“Because I have been waiting for him for many years to come with the check and the income and justice which will make me matter to all.”

“You do not mean anything to anyone including your mother.”

“Especially to mother because her dad was dead when I set on him.”

“You killed him moron?”

“No, I had nothing to do with it.”

“He just dropped down dead when he tried to rape.”

“Cry rape and what does it matter you do not matter you whore.” Dad was very much interested because he could have got granddad’s lands and all that. He was more disappointed than he could say. He himself had tried everything to take what the old man had and he had dropped dead when he had him.

“It was only five acres dad.” Dad got shot in the leg.

Dad went berserk and set me to drown. He disowned me said I was nothing to do with worth and being and was a beast to money. What he did to me was drown me like a cat he said he would. I did not have nine lives but was not drowned because of entangling myself in some coral reef and a lamb being born which kicked. I mean when dad felt that he came to his senses.

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