Hush I Have Lands

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Chapter 15

I remember I remember the past the very deeds of the past and why we had to leave. In that past where feelings were many and many things happened in one day continually as if the moving action movie did not stop and there was this constancy in the actions themselves which I got addicted to.

Huddled into some sorry spectacle the ghosts got lost in time and space. The surrounding town was being built but no one wanted to give the survivors any money to mend their lives and take on the world. The worst thing in this life is when there is no more competence no more money for the offenders of the state. What did they do and why are we here trying to take what is ours?

“Because we are Turks.”

“We are all Turks.”

“They gave up their names your clan did not your grandmother’s husband did not give you up.”

“He had no choice in the matter.”

“What did I do anyway?”

“We do not speak about the whole thing.”

“I must have done something.”

“Look leave it alone.”

There is glimpses of memories but I was a kid a child why did not I remember anything from the past?

The ten skeletal homes look blindly at me there was nothing but grey and ashen and they tortured the whole town. When the town saw me and them, they all stood erect and shivered as if the town had spoken in some chattering teeth. What had happened to them I wondered why were they reacting to me as if I was I culprit of some disaster.

“If there had been space, they would have moved not here.”

The wind went rasping on and on and now I noticed the sheets from the café was shimmering as if the golden days of some bygone days were over. The wind went on and on as if never to stop it is not cold, I thought. But it continued hauntingly I went to the water fountain which made the horses drink from and the ghostly stable. I was amused to see nothing anymore but grey. As if granddad would come and beat us all up with his hunting whip. Why did I know that?

He murdered his wife a pretty woman who gave him sons hires of hand and he murdered her betrayed the trust which the family placed in him. You took his name. I?

“There was nothing I could have done.”

“You took the name which made the murder and that man is now the apple of some dynasty.”

“I am not ashamed.” But I was,

The wind went on the sea breeze came and did not stop the hired hands who were so lazy they had created the best whore houses in Cyprus were there in splendid ghostly selves.

“You spread rumours as a child.” They chattered between clinched teeth.

“She spread stories about us.”

“Totally untrue.”

“She told the papers that dogs were not meant to live in Kite.”

“Yes, that was when the archbishop came along.”

“On a fact-finding expedition?”

“On a fromage, “I said.

“This is all cheese.”

“We know what you go away take your arse out of here.”

“What was it about mother.”

“I don’t know do not ask me I am an innocent round here,” said mother surely, she must know more than I did? So do parents not know did I know who was to know why these people poor people were reacting as if they had seen death walking. I think I was like red death of something. I was not getting the red treatment but not the red carpet. Someone clicked locked their doors and some closed their shutters. I thought we must leave this place because we would have something bad done. I was narrowly edged near the road and did not like it. The passing cars and all that did not make sense why R was making me go near the roads he might not have noticed the hostile atmosphere. I just tensed all over there was something beastly about them these people were not friends and then he spoke to someone and it nagged at me how wonderfully they seemed to be speaking in tense and then R came and said we owned that part of the land.

More windows closed and someone wept.

“Well done.” Mother said now you own part of the ghost town.

The living quarters for the dead because these people must want to buy the damn stuff? No, they will not buy that. That we were part of a huge joke now we were the brunt of a joke all the family had sold some sorry deal and swept it under the carpet. My care plan will never get used to this lot. I have won not the lottery but something more permanent. What we did we should have left bygones be bygones mother said as she transferred all the land into her good name.

I am not going to trash mother she is used to dealing with business and does well out of being mean.

“This is willing and dealing and making money and ends meet. “

There are so many people and someone went to the car and said to the driver take the car away we will not be responsible for your safety. He looked startled our R did and did most want to see what else we had on offer but the man said shaken and shaking his head no deal goes away.

I am responsible for this I thought I wonder what I had done? Did I create a war or something did I do something bad what did I do? I could not remember.

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