Hush I Have Lands

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Chapter 17

Then all the Muslims begin to throw their children outside they leave them to die in the fighting they throw them to the wolves they make them the soldiers they begin the mass exodus which is called migrations and then the grandmothers take the toll they carry they cart the kids are left to die. In the Syria in here and there what does it matter when kids have difficult opinions, they have nothing on offer they are a drain on their parents?

No one can carry the kids anymore the kids have to carry their parents.

Look my child is dying look he is dying of lack of water nobody is adult there is helplessness there is nothing but the look of venom what can I do about it all? What does it matter we can get another child and this one can die and there is not much any parent can do is there?

Then the kids get into trouble in the Christian sector they get into knife crimes and the spoils of a quick dollar they are here and there and the parents have left them to do what they do not care to do themselves they are just kids’ allowance are made they shot them to kill.

No adult around nothing doing the adults are drinking and having a party their mother is dead and they do not dislike the weeping the sorrow the life forces their own is now doing something they do not understand. Then someone else does something kids are in danger they are all in danger. No, they are a danger to themselves where did parenting go?

“We need support like the bandages like anyone else.”!

“But your teacher is the support you all need.”

“Someone said shattering the cry what does it matter there are more kids on offer.”

The kids now can shoot to kill they get kicked out of school and there is no one supporting them so they choose their own weapons.

“They are on the game from a young age.”

“Where are they based?”

“Look honey this is scaremongering.”

“No use being useful is there I am speaking the truth.”

“Go to bed and sleep it off.”

“I am not the one drunk.”

Where is our mother does not appeal to anyone? We did our duty had the kids and there is the system of this and that we must live our world and our lives. Kids take from us the time we give to each other we do not give to our kids. What is wrong what did it happen this unhappiness. Look if a woman has a husband a lover a job and couple of charities where does she get the time for her kids which she also happens to have?

“We have the grandparents.”


“Babies grow.”

“When did it matter where the babies came from?”

“When the mothers have left and the fathers do not know who their kids are?”

“Do not trouble yourself.”

“Trouble is now my business.”

“I have been sectioned too many times and there were no visitors?”

“None but him.”

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