Hush I Have Lands

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Chapter 8

You must love this side of the story.

The hate the hare which one is struggling to be and then the stand off the behaviour of the mad is never understood. But it all relates to inadequacy in the whole family in the person in relationship and the reality of the genetic makeup.

“We loved this and the world made us the real people.”

“Who is the reality in this world who matters?”

“Money matters and the successful people the rest are the fooled the women and men sat behind the screen making eyes at the games other people play.”

“Games people play is what the word is about?”

“Business and the women and men who run the busking game is the folly of the new now.”

“We dislike paying for anything.”

“Eventually you see that is it. I mean that is why we become neither slaves or lazy louts.”

“Lager louts.”

“It is in your best interest to stop this now.”

“That we behaved in the British land as if we were the con when we were being conned.”

“The benefit system joins a group be in a group and then what be a carer and the next thing one knows one is doing all the work all of it for dozens of people until one is dropping down dead with the fatigue and all for a miserable sum.”

“While the rest of the world are clubbing and dancing.”

“Yes everyone.”

“Spring is over?”

“But hate is growing.”

Real people are the ones who have contracts after writing a few dozen words and then living in clover for the rest of their lives. This is what it is to have nothing at all this is what it means to be nobody’s friend.

Love is what matters.

That one can’t pay the bills with that.

When a work man comes to do the shower or the pipes, I can’t pay him with love can I? But some do? They still want money my dears they have homes they have to pay for this and that.

“Being less like a shrew would have made your pa give you money.”

“That the other man whose wife went to clubs with him would have made an allowance if you had been nicer to them.”

The bed I saw them in laying in wait and waiting to climax made her intentions clear.

Honey’s come and honey goes and there is always this literary effort about the honey in the flower. The bees and the birds and all that expanded and expanded like the universe and the only thing which is cloven and sobering is the bankers. For the honey does not flower unless it is about to come into the honey and there is almost this coarse human interest in us the children of the honey. We the understated do say that we are marked goods have no other option but to behave in such a manner otherwise there is no mania adding to this if we get sick, we still have to work. Laying on your back is not work.

We love you dad. Father dear father what art in heaven hallow died be thy name and whatever you bring must be the goodies. I gave you life here is my seed to prove it. We now have a froth of man giving their seed for fifty pounds at a time daddy should you have said that. I made you.

“Fifty pounds a go daddy.”

“She hates me it will pass.”

Now what is so odd about family rows is when they spill out of the family into the arena and out around and they leave no peace. Dad is most indiscreet because his wife having found out that he a psychopath had the bright idea that he when not at home not abusing her kids and so shrugs her shoulders and she does as she wishes and he chases me round the bend. That made us also into psychos we have now the most fruitful psychotics in the clan and we all adore to hurt and humble even to humiliate each other.

That is when the lover which dad approved of went and got married as he did not understand had no time to understand what was going on. It all went wrong for me afterwards and now he is sat sad and lonely after his divorce. I wonder what went wrong except it was the fault of dad. I blame him totally first he did this wrong and then. It makes the difficulties to have a dad like that.

While the world was having the tango hustle or being hustled with the husky vocals and all that we loved that world. I am sorry it is being annoyed I feel like speaking the truth what do all the other twits do when they do not have a life because their dear daddy is there all the time trying to get back his seed?

“I ploughed the seed and I want to take back what I given. “

“And he stayed and he stayed until we were so bored and boring.”

“We are never boring.”

“Life is hell when one is a failed attempt.”

Perfection leaves me cold.” Dad said.

“You want to destroy me your own daughter?”

“Because you are mine that I do.” He was an unpleasant version of this other time this other life this me that was not me.

“I am not sorry for you.”

Love died because his reason gave out and he began to chase all the jobs I went after because he was better at them.

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