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A handsome man is interviewing applicants and loses his patience with the next woman who he thinks is trying to seduce him into giving her the job.

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No ticket, No ride

He thought of himself as a patient man, but he snapped today. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or that he was just tired of women coming on to him by shoving cleavage in his face.

He wasn't going to take it anymore. "You're showing me more than I'd like to see."

"Excuse me?" The young woman asked, confused.

Trailing a line from her eyes to her breasts the woman looked at the direction his eyes pointed towards and noted her top had flapped open so her minimal cleavage was on display for the man to see.

She stood, her blond hair bouncing as she righted her top before sitting back down. She smiled, righting her glasses on the bridge of her nose. "Sorry about that. I hadn't noticed, but I'm also positive that the show I was displaying wasn't nearly as exciting as your first client's."

Somehow, her smile didn't seem all that friendly. He cleared his throat. "Shall we get started then?"

"If you're certain I'm not giving you a front row seat to any more free entertainment." There was that smile again, the one that practically seethed with loathing.

"Look, I'm tired of your types coming in here and expecting something by showing me a bit of skin." He erupted.


He felt he should have kept his mouth shut, regret was seeping into his pores. Her smile disappeared from her face.

"If I was planning on seducing my way into this then surely I would have gone the extra mile and loosened a button, maybe two. Also, displaying my meager rack wouldn't land me this job, not any job really, unless I was to spend my nights on a street corner. Lastly, if I was even slightly interested in a man like you, the last thing I would do is give you a free show. In other words, no ticket? No ride." She stood and headed for the door.

He was shocked. He made a fool out of himself. He was an idiot. He stood abruptly. "Wait."

"Sorry, the amusement park is closed." And she left.

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