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Join Lexi and Jason on their journey. What was just a dare, grew into a very close friendship between these two. Maybe even something more than that🤞 Lexi Rodriguez was just a girl who was trying to get through high school like the rest of us. Her goal was to whizz through high school and college, get a good job and get married to her idol, Zac Efron. Her life was going great until Jason DeSouza moved to the house right in her neighbourhood , basically becoming a part of her life. With him, he brought his smirk, his cocky attitude, his hoe magnet, his snarky remarks, his sex puns and a cute little baby sister. What was just a dare, grew into a very strange friendship between these two. Maybe even something more than that. You never know what can happen... Remember to vote🗳 and enjoy! PS: There is going to be so many mistakes and some parts are cringey af. Don't judge.

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Chapter 1

"Lexi, we're about to leave," My sister says, her head poking into my room. Why is she always on my fucking case?

"Wait," I groan, searching through my drawers. Where are my sunglasses and my phone and my hat? I am so unorganised.

"Mom can't wait. She's already in the car," she replies in a bored tone.

"Isabella, just please tell mom to wait," I say through my frustration.

Instead of replying, she rolls her eyes and sighs before heading back downstairs.

Finally, after searching for almost twenty minutes, I find them under my towel, which was on the floor. Thank God I did not step on them. Yes, I got a messy room. Don't judge.

I tie my hair into a bun and place my sunglasses on the top of my head then I quickly grab my bag off my bed and rush downstairs

"I'm here! I'm here," I shout breathlessly, as I arrive in the car.

"God Lexi, we're not deaf. We can hear you," Isabella says, rubbing her ears. I swear to God. One day, I will beat her up.

"Ready to go?" My mom calls out from the front seat. "Yep," both my sister and I reply. We're heading to the pool today, just to relax and have fun.

"So, what do you plan to do at the pool?" I ask annoyingly, facing Isabella. She's keeping her eyes on her phone and ignoring me. Sometimes she can be so annoying.

"Listen, Lexi, how about you shut up so this can be a peaceful car ride," My sister says tiredly. Not gonna lie, but that kinda hurt my feelings but I don't really care.

"Isabella, don't talk to your younger sister like that," my mom scolds.

"Mom, you say it as if I'm a child. I'm not."

"Well, you still are my baby," I hear her say. Even though mom is facing the road, I know she's smiling. She is probably the best mum that someone could ask for. She is gentle, caring and hardworking. She is doing anything she can to provide for us. Well after Dad and Macy died...

Then after a while, Isabella got what she wanted. A peaceful car ride with no one talking.

I sit on a chair in my bathing suit, as I apply some sunscreen onto my body. We've just arrived at the pool, and my mom and sister decided to buy some drinks in the store nearby. Without me. They left me. So now, I'm by myself at the public pool. There are already families here having fun with their kids. There are some couples here, too.

But they're not what I'm looking at. I'm staring at the boys goofing around on the other side of the pool. Because I know them. They're the type of boys that you ladies out there would fall for. Boys with sharp jawlines and light-coloured eyes. Or maybe that's just what I like, you never know.

The first that catches my eye is Kayden Salvatore, who is just a year younger than me in his sophomore year. He may be annoying as hell, but he's a cutie. Right now, he's "wrestling" in the pool with Kent Grayson, my classmate in biology. He's a classic player, flirting with girls here and there. He sure does have good looks, green eyes and all. Heard he got it from his dad side.

As they wrestle, Mason Black records them on his phone. Mason is mature than his friends, and he got good looks, too. It's why my friend has a crush on him. Even though he's a year older than us in his senior year. And finally, the one beside Mason is Jason DeSouza, who is currently applying sunscreen on his stomach.

Damn. Those Abs!

He recently transferred so he is new to our school, and he moved into my neighbourhood last week. He's in a few of my classes. Even though he's new, he fit easily with the popular group.

Girls practically drool when he and his group walk by in the hallway. I can't blame them, though. The boys have been blessed with the good looks of a Greek god. I am probably the only girl that does not drool over them. I mean, they are hot and everything, but I just want to get through high school and make it to a good college.

After applying my sunscreen all over, I head to the pool. What I normally do is put my feet in first and just relax for a while. So that's what I do. I let the warm water surround my feet, as I hum a tune in my head. It is really soothing a calming. I can hear the water splashing, the children squeal and chatter, see broad smiles on their little faces. The water moves softly around my outstretched fingers, caressing coolly, eddying in its wake.

I pull my hand out and watch the drips, transparent and not at the same time. They fall as if snatched by gravity to the saline below, each one swiftly haloed by ever-growing rings, distorting the pebbled sea-bed. In the breeze my hand is cold, yet my back is warmed by the early summer sun. Here I could stay all day were it not for the rumbling of my stomach and the aroma of bacon and hot dogs. My mouth water at the sight of the ice-cream and strawberries.

After a few minutes, I'm ready to get my whole body in the pool but I spoke too soon because someone did it for me. Oh shit. I feel two large, muscular hands on my back as I'm pushed into the pool and water immediately surrounds me. I quickly swim to the surface, coughing up some water. My eyes search for the annoying jerk that pushed me. I look up and my eyes are greeted by fascinating green eyes of Jason DeSouza. They seem to flicker with excitement as I just glared at him. Kayden is beside him, laughing like there's no fucking tomorrow.


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