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Follow three girls from three completely different backgrounds on their journey to forget their old lives and make new ones in the wonderful world of The Arts Academy

Humor / Romance
Little Hermit
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Hello reader, thank you so much for choosing to read this book! The next three chapters you will be reading are like a prologue for the book so you get to know the characters.

But before all of that! Here are some of the basics you needs to know before reading my book:


(Wolf) Canis Lupus: Music students (blue)

(Starfish) Asteroidea: Art students (red)

(Leopard) Panthera Pardus Acting students (yellow)

(Fox) Vulpes: Dance students (green)

(Owl) Strigiformes: Literature students (purple)

(Snow Leopard) Panthera Uncia: Film Studies (Orange)

Living arrangements

The school has a very small amount of students who attend and most of them do not stay in the boarding houses. There are four areas on campus that are set up like a street full up with houses. (one street for one house) There are about twenty apartments for each house and up to five students can live in each one. These groups are picked by the students themselves or the teachers put people in groups if they have no friends yet. These groups can also be a mix of girls and boys and mixed ages. Unlike most boarding schools where there is a dorm matron, they do not have any at The Arts Academy but there are usual check ups by teachers. If a student does more then one subject then they get to pick which street they live on. To help prepare students for later life they are given a monthly allowance which they can spend on food, clothing and stationary in the shopping mall located just past the living area.

The School

The school is a modern building and has six floors. The first floor has the reception, assembly hall, gym, first aid, head teacher’s office, staff room, canteen, toilets, a library and the lockers for students who do more then one subject. The second floor is the music floor, it has lockers for the music students, classrooms, computer room, practice rooms, toilets and two recording studios. The third floor is the art floor, it has lockers for the art students, storage cupboards with all the different supplies they need, a classroom for each different subject in art (including DT, textiles exc.), computer room, toilets and a dark room for photography. The fourth floor is the drama floor, it has lockers for the acting and film students, a viewing room, recording studio, editing suites, a theatre, toilets and classrooms. The fifth floor is for the literature students, it has lockers for the students and it has classrooms where the students can learn about different literature pieces, or write their own. And finally the sixth floor is the dance floor which has lockers for the dance students, changing rooms, dance studios, toilets and classrooms. There are two staircases one on each side of the building, one for people going up and one for people going down. When you go up to the next floor there is a double doors to enter a department or you continue up the staircase that takes you to the next floor. And of course there is a form of playground were they can go for break. They can play football, basketball or table tennis or just walk/sit and talk, they can also eat there lunch out there.


It is very hard to get into the school. On average there are about 25 students doing music, art, drama, literature and dance so that about 175 students per year and about half of them board. You normally attend the school for three years doing music, art, drama or dance and to get in you either go in and audition and show a portfolio or if you live far away you can send in videos and pictures of your work. Some people enter for more then one audition for example if they act and dance or play/write music and do art they have the opportunity to do both but the school normally picks their strongest subject, but in some rare cases the person can be excepted to do all some of the subjects they auditioned for. In this case they will get a slightly different time table which means they can do all their subjects and they get to pick which house they are in.

School Uniform

The uniform is a black blazer and skirt/trousers with a white shirt. Depending on what subject you pick depends on the colour of your tie. If you pick music your tie is blue, if you pick art your tie is red, if you pick drama your tie is yellow, if you pick literature your tie is pink and if you pick dance your tie is green. There is also an optional black jumper. There is a PE lesson that all students must take on a Saturday, so they have a PE kit. The colour of the top depends on the subject you pick and then black tracksuit bottoms/shorts/skirt, there is also a black hoodie you can wear when it is cold. Both of these uniforms are given to the students for free when they join the school.

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