Alchemist's Gift

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For it is in the Giving that we Receive

As soon as Prunella and Pietro left, Cesare cleared out a corner of the cottage that was home to a collection of different items. It had been his aim to build shelves, but for some reason he had never gotten around to it. Today was the day.

Cesare took his measuring string and determined how long to make the shelves by tying a knot in the string to mark their length. Cesare went to the workshop and selected six or seven suitable boards and cut them. He made enough brackets, collected his pegs, mallet, chisels, his hand brace, auger, and saw, and started his task. He spent the greater part of the day installing the shelves. When he was finished, he sat on a low stool and looked at his work. All was level and even. He drank water and looked at the piles and stacks of things that needed to be organized and put on the shelves. He had to laugh at himself for not doing this simple task long ago. With everything put up and in its place, there was more than enough room for a bed and a small dressing chest.

It was time for rest. Cesare slipped his boots off, pulled his shirt over his head, shed his trousers, and lay back on a well-padded chaise lounge that was also his bed. He wore nothing but a pair of light wool socks and his small clothes. Cesare felt his eyelids grow heavy, and even though he was a trifle hungry, he pulled the blanket up over his shoulder and nodded off.

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