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A sort of mutual-mandatory friendship when Thorin formally introduce Wren Curtis to Lucas's friends, and in return Lucas introduced Seth Davenport to her -- quite disappointed about it because she had a petty crush on Lucas, but what can she do? Adding the fact that all of their friends are pinning for the next couple in the group and would do almost all just to keep them in a room together. But the power couple suddenly broke up, Seth's family is pushing them to be in a relationship -- more like skipping the relation part directly into a marriage which the two abhors.

Humor / Romance
Ysane Sathe
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Chapter 1: Yellow Marquerille

Strutting into a customer-owned coffee shop, his firm hands balances the two wood vases. One of the staff came to the rescue and remove the other wood vase from his grasp.

“Nice save, thanks!” Seth smiled at the younger staff and leads him to their manager.

The manager beams at Seth as she checks both the flowers and unfortunately him. Seth smiled nonetheless hiding his uneasiness, clearing his throat.

“Okay, Seth. I would love to hear the meaning of these flowers,” Seth nodded, expecting the request from her. He smiled at the manager who leans in the counter, her palms support her head. “This one is Dahlia, these ruffled flowers stand for dignity and pomp. The other one is Yellow Marquerille, this means ‘I come soon’. Quiet odd, right?”

She’s not interested in literal flowers.

She shrugs and nods, she calls to staff and handed the dahlias and instructed him to place it in front of the cash register. Another staff called the manager for help, Seth received the payment and volunteered to place the other set of flowers to its place.

“Thanks! I’ll get you your coffee. The usual right?” The manager shouted Seth turns his back giving her a thumbs-up signal. Nothing beats coffee. Caffè Americano. With the yellow Marquerille in hand and his satchel on his left shoulder, Seth locates the entryway of the restrooms and found the mirror and small table. He places the new fresh flowers and took out the old ones.

Withered flowers in his left hand, he glanced at his watch. Running late, shrugging he proceed to the Men’s restroom, placing the withered flowers on the sink and then relives himself. Once finished, he washes his hands and throws the flowers on the trash bin under the sink.

Pulling out a cotton handkerchief from his black leather satchel and dries his hands. He checks himself in the mirror, navy blue suit with a single-breasted one, with a notched lapel. The client meeting on a Sunday sucks.

His brows quirk at the sight he’s currently seeing. A short blonde-haired woman in a yoga ensemble hastily reaches for the sink, letting go all she ate. Seth closes his eyes at the sight, he couldn’t help but gag. Puffing a lungful of air, he patted the back of her. “Dude, you good?”

The blonde hair nodded as she rinses her mouth and looks at him through the mirror. Seth offered his extra handkerchief to her, she took it immediately and wipe her mouth. “Dude?”

Tilting his head at her, trying to understand the answer to his question. “Are you alright?”

“Dude?” Seth couldn’t help but grit his teeth, why does she answer his questions with a question. He concluded that the stranger is fine then.

“Can’t you see my C cup breasts?” The blonde straightened her spine, she groping her breasts. The action made Seth glanced at it, mouth agape and back to the face of the blonde woman. Seth has been single for two years, he knew his type and he knew a fine woman when he sees one. Her tall figure makes her in the bracket around five feet seven or eight, her sports brassiere hugs the current topic snugly, midriff has enough balance with toned muscle and fats. She’s not thin, so that’s good. Good for what?

Seth dared himself not to look down beyond her midriff, he sure knows how good her yoga pants on the short blonde-haired woman.

None of that matters, since her spiky confidence made her stand out even more.

Seth sighs defeated. He’ll be late. “Okay. You're good! Easy on the alcohol next time, and by the way, you’re in the wrong restroom, Miss.”

Seth exited the Men’s restroom shaking his head, he glances back again at the signage. She was in the wrong restroom alright. The café was buzzing but the manager seems to be waiting for him as she eagerly gave him his coffee. Daring not to look at the coffee cup sleeves.

Once outside the café, he inhaled the polluted air of the city and cringed at the still busy Sunday morning. He took a sip of his coffee taking in two or more sips to function fully as he walks into the street of his city.

He speeds up his walk and pulled out his phone and sent a few messages to his staff and to a client who was waiting for him. Out of curiosity this time, finally he has the courage of reading the words on his cup sleeves.

Seth couldn’t help but winced at it and reminding himself to not personally delivered any flower arrangements the manager ordered.

“Atty. Seth Davenport, call me at 212-912-2398 I’ll show you some flowers too. Xoxo”

Jesus Christ!

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