The Unordinary Life of Emma Totter

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"Lipstick? Check. Phone? Check! The nervousness of sneaking out of my mothers house to go to some raging lunatics party? Check and God be with me." This is a coming of age story of Emma Totter who now is going into high school as a freshman. She's always been strange but over the summer she decided to give some of her old classmates a run for their money when she shows up to school a bit... different. Emma Totter will keep you guessing in this funny teenlit story! You'll never know what to expect from this fourteen year old weirdo.

Humor / Romance
Kennedy Butler
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First Day of School

Hi guys,

I'm Emma Totter or Tots for short! I never expected my first day of high school to be so... memorable?

Memorable is a good word for it.

You see my middle school days were quite filled with a lot of black clothing, studded belts, jelly bracelets, the occasion 'RAWR' written on my hands and the never ending metal band tshirts in my closet. I was the weirdo, outcast, loser of Holiday Middle School and my number one rule was to be not the weirdo, outcast, loser of Holiday High School.

I spent my two and a half month long summer vacation watching YouTube videos and living on pinterest to find the best way to fit into the high school atmosphere.

You see supposedly the 90s was what's back in so I begged my not so trendy mother to show me her old photo albums so I can see what kind of style she had back in those days. I thought I did pretty well with clothes shopping but what I had a problem with was makeup and my unruly curly mop of a mane on top of this unnatural sized head.

But here I'm sitting in the car staring at the high school campus begging for this day to go better than I'm thinking it will.

I looked down at the pair of light washed high waisted jeans the the hot pink tank tucked in. I had a very bright colored bomber jacket over it with some white nikes. I looked over at my mom who smiled at me and felt a bit more reassured.

I opened the door to our mini van looking back at Cal who is my 5 year old brother and waved to him through the window before making my way to the large campus.

Eyes were following my every move. Did they like what they see? Little Emma Totter isnt so bad afterall! They must like the jacket.

I bumped into a hard back before looking up to a very attractive tall guy. He was like basketball team tall. He turned and I was met with this olive complexion and black hair that sat right above his eyes.

"Sorry," I said shyly smoothing out the curly mess of my hair. I looked back up to his expression which was a raised eyebrow of confusion?

"What the hell are you wearing? What's up with neon makeup? Are you on the Fresh Prince of Bel-air or something? The 90s called and want their 40 year old dads Nikes back." His words cut like knives as I felt my old memories start hovering to the front of my mind.

"Emma Totter you are SUCH a loser! Who the hell wears black ripped Jean's and draws all over them with paint? Who the hell wears jelly bands anymore? Why do you look like a raccoon with all that black around your eyes? God you're such a freak", Allie Fitzgerald mocked me in front of the majority of girls in my year in the girls bathroom.

I remember crying for weeks because of that one incident. But today. No. I'm not cowarding.

"Oh wow you're a funny guy huh? Actually I picked it out at Forever 21 and these Nikes? I stole them from your dad after we fucked your mom this morning. He wasnt complaining too much about it," I said as I began walking backwards to the school. I flipped him the oh so lovely bird. "Go fuck yourself Hot Guy!" I yelled before turning and making my way inside.

I found the nearest bathroom. And looked at my makeup and sighed in frustration. I pulled some wipes out my bag and took it off before coating my eyelashes with just mascara. I noticed my hair was gladly tamed today and I did look a lot better without the heavy makeup on. I looked almost normal. I smiled before winking and shooting my finger guns at the mirror.

I walked out the bathroom pulling my schedule out to find English Comp as my first period. I walked down the crowded hallway into a cute room filled with Pink Flamingos everywhere. And I really do mean EVERYWHERE. Even the tables were pink.

The teachers name was Miss Penny and you can tell she definitely liked PINK. She had a hot pink blouse tucked into a light pink skirt and cute flamingo flats. She was as peculiar as me.

I'd like this class I can just tell.

I looked on the board to see the chart for seating and found my seat the third seat back by the window. They were paired desk and I began to think who'd be my partner.

In walked many students but I began pulling my empty binder which I chose the pink for her since it suited this oh so pink class.

A figure plopped down beside me and I noticed a very dull figure playing Jurassic World on his phone. His hair was long... like Kurt Cobain long and he wore a dark navy cargo jacket and dark washed jeans. He was very good looking but seemed... gloomy?

His eyes looked up to meet mine before looking at my outfit and then back at my eyes.

"What?" He mutter glaring now at me. I felt nervous. I never had a problem talking before but this guy seemed really different.

"Nothing... cool game. I love Jurassic park," I said before facing forward feeling red on my cheeks.

"Thanks. Dinosaurs are the best. Wish I had a pet one so they can eat everyone I dont like," he said playing intensely as he battled his dinosaurs on the screen. I could help but giggle slightly at the thought of having a pet velociraptor chewing that little bitch Allie up.

"Agreed," I said back as Miss Pretty in Pink began lecture.

This year might not be too bad.


Now I do have to say I very much enjoyed the strange teacher I had, but i was not excited about the 'Express Me' journals. Miss Penny had this great idea for us to journal all this semester on our feelings, maybe write short stories, or even just doodle each day something. We would turn it in so she can look through them and get some feedback at how the students somehow improved by the end of the semester.

To be quite honest with you all... I suck at writing. Doodles? Sure. Your occasional funny stick figure comic? I got that down pat! But self expression and writing? Eh...

I packed my new blank composition notebook in my binder before stuffing it in my backpack. Mystery guy was still playing games on his phone but hidden under the table still less I tested in anything BUT that tiny screen.

The bell rang and for the second time today his gaze lifted up over to me and then down to his backpack. He lifted it and ran straight for the door.

I sighed realizing a friendship would definitely not blossom out of that so I made my way to my art class which I was a bit more excited about.

I found a seat closer to the window for "inspiration" for any new piece I'd begin. I pulled my binder and a sketchbook out extremely ready. I noticed a girl sit right across from me at our small tables and smiled. She did so shyly and I realized who she was.

Bianca Carter. Dark complexion with sleeked back ponytail, she wore a black overall dress over a lavender tshirt. Everything about her screamed shy but when she opened her mouth I realized I'd like this girl.

"I'm so excited for this class. I've been dying to get a bit artsy. I hope do some retro work or even pottery!" She babbled on and I found myself picking up conversation.

"You know Emma you look way different than last year. This look suits you. You've always had an eccentric personality I liked but the dark clothes just didnt seem... you." For the first time I felt someone who really got me and I smiled up pushing a curl out the way.

"Well too be honest. I loved my look, but I just think people didnt understand it. I am a very eccentric person, but I dont think people understand you dont have to dress the part. I still listen to Sleeping Sirens and Bring Me The Horizon, but now I do it in the safety of my bedroom walls. If you see me out here I'm probably listening to Lizzo or Madonna. See middle school was hard because I had no friends. Well now I'm hoping I make atleast one." I felt a bit nervous when I admitted my goal for this year.

"Well if you'll have me I'd love to be your very first friend," I looked at the dark outstretched hand and smiled wildly. I took the hand shaking it and we giggled a bit before a tall lanky ginger man very much resembling Bob Ross entered.

"Let's do some art!" He said and clapped his hands together gaining more attention from the students


I had World history afterwards with a very monotone straight walking exmilitary man. It was very boring.

Now I was at lunch waiting in line with Bianca who was on her tippy toes to see if our lunch food was an improvement over middle school.

"Looks liiiiiiike... cheesy chicken over rice! Okay way better than middle school! Oh they have fried chicken and mac and cheese!" She was so excited and I couldn't help laugh a bit. I grabbed a tray getting chicken and mac and cheese. I reached for an apple while another hand did and looked up to the same tall guy I went off on earlier.

"Well, look who it is? Misses I fucked your dad and mom. How are you?" He asked taking a bit out of the apple I was going to get. I frowned before grabbing another one and continuing to walk to checkout.

"Fine," I blandly stated keeping my eyes forward. His dark hair hung in front if his eyes as a playful smirk appeared on his lips. Okay... he was really hot I'm not gonna lie, but he was definitely a jerk.

"Well I was wondering freshmeat if I can take you up on that offer?" His eyes glistened playfully as he took another bite.

"What offer?"

"Well you told me to go fuck myself but I could tell by your cute blush you must have meant could you fuck me?" His words caused heat to burn my cheeks in embarrassment.

"You're a pig," I said in disgust before pushing last him to pay the lunch lady. Bianca soon was behind me shyly looking up at the PIG.

"I'm Oliver by the way. You are miss sass?" He said extending his hand out to me. I looked at it before reaching my hand out and placing it in his.

"I'm none of your business," I said smiling before trying to pull my hand away. Before I could it tugged me against his chest and he looked down with a grin. "God damnit... its Emma." I angrily stated and he let go of my hand. Bianca and I scurried away to a table that sat two other girls. One was a very tall ginger girl who had freckles everywhere. She was super tall too and wore a school Jersey. The other girl had an Evil Dead tshirt on and straight black hair. I waved shyly and they both smiled.

Meridith Dean the ginger.

Alex Potts the Evil Dead fan.

These girls are all apart of the lower popular squad in middle school.

I was much lower.

"Wow Em, you look good! Summer changed ya!" Alex stated smiling over at me.

"Thanks," I muttered before beginning to eat.

"What was that all about? Oliver is like the hottest sophomore. Hes the basketball star of this school." Meridith harshly whispered over to me.

"Well you see... I kinda told him to go fuck himself this morning," I shrugged with no guilt plastered on my face.

"Oh no... I bet you're on his list then..." Alex said moving her mac and cheese around with a fork.

"List? What list?" Bianca chimed out.

"Oliver has this list of girls hes determined to sleep with by the end of the semester," meridith pointed out. I shriveled my nose in disgust.

"Hes 15. What the hell?" Kiss? Sure. Make out? Okay. Full on sex? That's too much...

"Well now a days it's a rush to lose your virginity," Bianca noted and we continued to eat.

I looked over my shoulder to see Oliver staring right my way with a smirk. What I didnt expect to see was behind him also staring with his boots perched up in a table was mystery dinosaur guy. Instead of a smirk he had a more curious gaze.

My face flushed and I went back to eating my food.

What. A. Day.

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