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Happy Birthday

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“MOM! I GOTTA GO TO WORK! I’LL SEE YOU LATER!” I scream back into the house, leaning halfway out the door. After a relatively quiet

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Happy Birthday, have an Angel


“MOM! I GOTTA GO TO WORK! I’LL SEE YOU LATER!” I scream back into the house, leaning halfway out the door. After a relatively quiet “Okay honey” from upstairs, I step outside and close the door. Ruffling my wings a bit, I blow a strand of purple hair out of my face and begin walking. Since I don’t have a Charge yet, I pretty much am a counselor for the newly dead. Let me tell you, it’s a pretty interesting job. I shove my hands into the pockets of my ripped skinny jeans. Today I am wearing those, an Invader Zim graphic T-shirt, and brown combat boots, along with my Midnight blue headphones around my neck. Just because we’re dead doesn’t mean we aren’t modern. We keep up with the living. Up here, we have I-phones and everything, even though it’s still the 1900’s, because time doesn’t work up here like it does down there. There was even a rumor started that there was once an Angel that could control time. Anything is possible. Sighing, I extend my wings and fly up to the Admittance building, where I work. It’s a large, white and gold, Victorian-style mansion. Newly-dead people arrive here, just kinda pop into existence.

I walk through the gilded doors, popping my gum. Folding my wings back up, I greet the person at the front desk and walk through the hallways, finally arriving at my office. It looks like a principal’s office, with golden lettering on the window and a plain wooden frame.

Amice Risus Amare


Guardian Angel

With another sigh I push the door open and settle at my desk, spitting out my gum and popping a new piece in my mouth. Leaning back in my swivel chair, I put my feet up onto my desk, waiting for my first client. After about thirty minutes, the door swings open, and a Comfort Angel, Jonathan, walks in with a little girl on his hip. Comfort Angels calm down little kids and people who freak out when they arrive, so that they don’t panic, and feel more at ease with the situation. Setting the little girl down in the chair opposite me, Jonathan settles down on a stool in the corner that was put there for this specific situation. I take my feet down off the desk and look down, opening a drawer. Looking up at the little girl, I smile at her. She must be about seven.

“Hello. Would you like a lollipop?” I offer her a red sucker. Shyly, the little girl nods and reaches for it. I hand it to her after taking the cellophane wrapper off. Happily, the girl sticks it in her mouth as I throw away the wrapper. I smile again. “My names Amice. What’s your name?” Blushing, she takes the lolly out of her mouth. “My name’s Katherine.” She whispers, then sticks her candy back in her mouth. “Well Katherine, It’s nice to meet you. You have a very pretty name.” She blushes again. Awwwww! Okay, so how do I tell her that she’s dead? Squirming a bit, I bite my lip. I hate counseling little kids. They’re so adorable, but how do you tell them they can’t see their parents again? I mean, we have a ‘temporary adoption’ program, but nothing beats your real mother and father. “So….. do you know why you’re here, Katherine?” She blinks at me and crunches her lollipop, then takes the stick out of her mouth. Staring at it, she looks up at me blankly. I giggle at her innocence, and lean over to take the stick, throwing it in the trash near my desk.

“Katherine?” She shakes her head. “No. I don’t know where I am. Could you please tell me?” I sigh. Kids usually call this Heaven, so…… I guess I’ll try and explain it like that…. “Well…… you are in Heaven.” I look her straight in the eyes. All I see is confusion, until she processes what I said. “Do…. Do you mean…. That I’m-“ Katherine is interrupted as the door to my office is slammed open. I stand up quickly. “Marie, what the heck? I’m in the middle of something!” Marie is an Accountant Angel. That means she keeps track of all the Newborns and all the Newly-deads. I flick some hair out of my eyes. Marie is nearly bent double in my doorway. Breathing heavily, as if she ran a long way, she motions for me to come out into the hallway. I glance apologetically at Jonathan. “Hey, you’re better with kids anyhow. Will you please take over here? Candy is in the second drawer down. When you’re finished, give her another lollipop, please?” He nods. “No problem. Go find out what the problem is, I’ve got this.” I smile. “Thanks. It was nice meeting you, Katherine!” Still looking confused, Katherine waves as I gently close the door.

“Okay, what was that all about?” I turn to Marie. She’s bouncing up and down in apparent excitement. “Amice! Amice! I was filing the papers for today, and guess what?! Your Charge was just born! Ten minutes ago!” Everything stops. “W……what?” She nods frantically. “They’ll call you over the intercom at any minute, I bet!” As if on cue, the speaker above us crackles to life. “ Guardian Angel Amice Risus Amare to the Head Angel’s Office please, Amice Risus Amare to the Head Angel’s office.” I gape up at it. Could it be? Finally? After so many years? Marie pushes me, making me stumble. “Well, go on then! Don’t you wanna get to work? You’ve been waiting forever!” I look back and nod, then begin sprinting down the hall, excitement filling every bone in my body. I hear Marie shout after me. “Good luck, Amice!” I whip past Administration, startling a bunch of Newly-deads in plain white jumpsuits. Everyone wears that when they come here. I earn a couple of glares from some Comfort Angels, but I’m out of there before anyone says anything. Skidding around corners, I finally make it to the Head Angel’s office. Every Guardian Angel gets called here when their Charge is born. Fixing my hair and clothes, I catch my breath and knock on the door, which is the same as mine, except with the title of Head Angel instead of my name and time of birth/death.

“Come in.” Taking a deep breath, I turn the doorknob and step into the office. “Uh…. You called?” The Head Angel looks up. Oh damn, he is Hot with a capital H. He smiles at me, and I swear I melt. I’m a puddle now. Don’t worry about it. “Amice, I presume?” I nod, speechless. “Please, take a seat.” I nod again and sink into a red cushy chair, facing him. “Well Amice, a few minutes ago, your Charge was born. I am happy to announce that you are now a true Guardian Angel. Your quest starts as soon as you get back to the land of the living. Your family will be informed.” I nod once more, a slow smile spreading across my face. The news is sinking in now. I have a Charge. “Okay then, let’s get down to business. You will be starting right away. Here.” He hands me a small, golden, plastic rectangle. “What’s this?” He nods to it. “That is a credit card. You’ll be able to use it whenever you need to buy something, it’s unlimited. And also, take this. It’s your Charge’s name, so you can get into the hospital. Other than that, you start right away. Are you ready?” I straighten up in my chair and nod. “Let’s do this” The Head angel waves his hand, and the world dissolves into a kaleidoscope of color.

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