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Grey Sallow is not a good person. He hates to socialize, wants to spend his life working with animals and avoided humans, and is a 'hit first, ask who you hit later' type of guy. He has never been one to make and keep many friends, the number barely being counted on one hand. He doesn't deserve to have sunshine in his life, and he knows it. However, that knowledge doesn't stop him from living with a geeky, disasterous ball of energy and light known as Kohura Watanabe. Due to the costly expenses of living on campus, Kohura and Grey ended up living in an apartment together during Sophomore year of university. Two years later, they are both Seniors and ready to face the new chapter in their lives. This excitement for the future is short-lived for Grey when he realizes that graduation means grad school or work--both of which might take his precious geek from his reach. With the challenge of reality crashing into him at full speed, new suitors after his favorite little nerd, and finals all happening in a short period of time, Grey must learn for himself what it means to show love and be loved. Can the punk figure out how to capture the heart of the geek before it's too late?

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

Grey thought the screeching of the old ass breaks on his truck was annoying—it was nothing, however, compared to the shrieking coming from the walking disaster on the other side of the wall. He peeked at his phone screen, cursing when he saw ′2:03′ glaring at him through the dark. He had contemplated murder plenty of times before—it’s what came with being an anti-social asshole. Despite that, this was the strongest the urge had ever been.

I am going to murder her, he thought vehemently, tossing his sheets back and jumping out of his springed-bed. Without wasting a single moment, the dark-haired young man marched out of his room, and up to the door neighboring his own.

“Geek!” He shouted as he smacked his fist against the wooden door of his flatmate. “It’s two in the God-forsaken morning! Unlike you, I actually need sleep to operate. Why the hell are you screaming?!”

The high-pitched squealing came to a cease, and Grey wondered for a second if the nuisance behind the door had been murdered before he could do it himself. Soft-sounding steps came closer to the door, and the young man crossed his arms as he waiting for his flatmate to open the door and face the consequences.

Wood creaked ominously as the door slowly opened and two brown-eyes looked warily from behind it. Grey narrowed his eyes down at Koharu, his co-renter of almost two years and fellow classmate at Pierson University. Although he was used to her fangirl tendencies at this point in their friendship, screaming at two in the morning was still forbidden in their recently updated roommate agreement.

“Uh... hey... Grey...” she greeted slowly, her hand waving awkwardly as he said nothing. Koharu gulped as the man before her simply raised an eyebrow and stared her down in what could only be taken as disappointment.

As he was thinking of different ways to torment, tease, and annoy his flatmate in response to this unreasonable event that had taken place on a Tuesday, Grey knew that his little nerd would eventually cave and explain herself without any push.

“I can explain,” Koharu stammered, making Grey smirk, “I know that we just put ′no screaming past eleven′ in the roommate agreement, but I was quietly watching that new anima I told you about yesterday. It was all fine and dandy but, you know, characters die a lot in this anime—I told you this at breakfast two days ago when I started this show—and I’m in season three and one of the main characters just died and I just couldn’t handle it and—”

Grey held his open palm up, electing to keep silent as he waited for Koharu to pay the penalty for breaking the agreement they had to write on cheap notebook paper six months into living together.

The girl stopped speaking, looking at her flatmate’s open palm in trepidation as a pout formed on her features. “Woah hold on,” she interjected, “the agreement says I only have to pay up for level two violation if I do it more than once. This is the first time since we made the Shrieking Clause!”

The young man rolled his eyes in annoyance, already planning to enact revenge on Koharu for the next week.

“Tell me,” he retorted, leaning his shoulder against the doorframe of Koharu’s nerd-nest of a bedroom, “do you take me for a fool?”

Koharu pursed her lips, her dark eyes narrowing and pale skin flushing pink as Grey sighed, crossing his arms once more.

“The Shrieking Clause was created last week when you made me think someone had broken into our flat when I was gone for groceries. We had to fix the broken door lock because you couldn’t take Victor and Yuri hugged—”

"Kissed!" Koharu interrupted. “I went back and studied the angle of their head when they were laying on the ice and they were kissing! I had every reason to freak out!” Her foot stomped in frustration at what her flatmate had said, and no matter how hard he tried, Grey couldn’t help the small amount of affection he felt at how adorable the short girl had looked as he observed her actions.

Rather than engage in the idiotic debate that they had started the prior week, he elected to rolled his eyes. “Sure, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is—”

“—and you are the one who kicked through the door, rather than check if it was unlocked!”

It was the tall boy’s turn to flush at what was said.

“Well,” he muttered, scratching the back of his neck as he looked away, “I thought someone was hurting you.”

Koharu rolled her eyes as Grey decided to bring the conversation back to the reason for their early talk.

“Anyways, the Shrieking Clause is about daytime screaming when Grey is out and overreacting to anime, manga, comics, or superhero movies,” he said informatively. Koharu opened her mouth to retort, but Grey continued in his lecture. “The clause that you violated just now was the Reaper Clause, which was established a month ago when you screamed in the living room at three in the morning while watching It. That clause got violated right after we made it because you kept having nightmares about clowns.”

Koharu scoffed at this claim, stepping around and brushing past her flatmate as she marched down the hall towards the kitchen. The young man groaned loudly, knowing this was about to be one of their minor debates about who was wrong and who was right. He walked into the small kitchen and shook his head incredulously as Koharu placed a mug underneath their mutually funded Kuerig.

“Isn’t it a little early for you to get fueled on caffeine, Geek?” He asked as he leaned against the island and tilted his head at his smaller flatmate.

She sighed and reached into the nearby refrigerator, pulling out the vanilla coffee-creamer and staring at her coffee mug as if it held the answer to what the One-Piece was.

Great, Grey thought in annoyance, she has started the silent pouting. This was a tactic that the young woman only utilized when she knew she was going to lose one of their many, many debates. Although Grey wished he could say that he was strong enough to deny those sad, puppy-dog eyes that Koharu wielded, he hated to admit that he always folded when this happened.

“It’s not my fault clowns are scary,” she muttered through her pout, pouring the creamer into her mug as she refused to look up at her taller flatmate.

Grey sighed as he looked up at the ceiling light, praying to the Big Man upstairs for strength to reject the apology and plea for a pardon that was sure to come up soon. The smell of coffee drifted through his senses, and he looked down at Koharu to see her sipped at her drink as she stared up at him with watery eyes.

“No,” he preemptively said, standing up straight and placing his hands on his hips, “You’re not getting off the hook for this. I have class at seven tomorrow and now I’m probably not going to get any sleep at all.”

As he narrowed his eyes at the short girl in front of him, the dark-haired male knew that Koharu was already planning to not pay the five-dollar penalty that was owed.

“What if I did dishes for a whole week?” She asked with a conniving smile, black eyebrows rising up as she batted her dark eyelashes at Grey.

He pursed his lips in consideration, already being tempted by the idea of not having to do dishes. However, the thought of how miserable he was going to be the coming morning kept him from agreeing immediately. Rather than saying no, he chose to beat his flatmate at the bargaining game she had started.

“A month,” he replied with, smirked as she widened her eyes in surprise. “Do dishes for a month and I get to pick what movie we watch for fast food Friday for the next two weeks.”

“Wha—absolutely not!" Koharu contested, placing her mug on the counter. Grey couldn't help the amused smile that tugged at his lips as the five-foot, six-inch girl squared up with him and placed her hands on her hips, mimicking his stance. "Last time you picked the movie for fast food Friday, we watched Ninja Assassin and those are two hours I will never get back."

Grey scoffed and leaned back on the counter, bracing his hands on the edge as he realized that he was going to win this argument tonight. "As if that was the worst thing you have watched. Remember when you tried to tell me that The Dragon Lives Again is cinematic art?"

Koharu gasped as she placed a hand on her heart as if she had somehow been offended. "Bruce Lee is the best ninja, so shove off."

Grey grinned and leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of Koharu on the counter behind her. She leaned back and glared up at her flatmate, and the young man knew that she would smack him with one of her manga if she could. "Tell you what, if you agree to my offer, then I'll stop talking shit about your beloved dragon movie."

She pursed her lips and looked away, the pout looking awfully adorable as Grey watched resignation grow on her pale features. He knew that all she needed was one more little push and he wouldn't have to do dishes for the next month.

Better than five measly dollars, for sure, he thought satisfactorily.

"Dishes for a month and I pick Friday movies for the next two weeks. Agree, and you don't have to pay the penalty and you will win the corny movie debate we've had for four months now," he encouraged, turning his head so he could look Koharu in the eyes.

She sighed deeply, looking down in defeat as she slowly nodded. Grey smiled as the "yea, okay" that came from the girl before him.

"Great!" He exclaimed snatching Koharu's coffee mug and taking a large gulp that brought annoyance onto his precious suitemate's face. "See you tomorrow."

Without letting her properly respond, he rubbed the top of her head affectionately as he walked away, whistling a tune from the show they had been watching together. The light-voiced "jerk!" that followed him made him smile to himself in amusement, shaking his head and closing the bedroom door behind him.


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