Make The Impossible Possible

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"Chelsea, can I borrow your pen?" "Hmm... Sure." I said as I hand him my black pen. Cole gets back to his seat and wrote something, then he turned around on his seat, facing me, to make it as if we were sharing the desk. "It doesn't work." I knitted my eyebrows in confusion. I just bought it. Why the heck it doesn't work? "Yes, it does." "Oh really? Then can you try writing your number here." He pushes the paper in front of me and points the paper as he grinned. Woah! Seriously? This guy can't stop disturbing me. Is that possible? ~~~ Chelsea Reagan Noell, a girl who always thinks that everything is impossible said that 'We can't talk when we pinch the bridge of the nose to stop breathing in the air' she always thinks that everything is impossible. For Cole Arthur a boy knows that everything is possible, he even believes that he can jump roof to roof, jump in the pool with thousands of piranha, and even broke in the mall at twelve midnight and no one have ever caught him doing that, having a congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, does not stop him from saying that everything is possible Will Cole Arthur proof to Chelsea Reagan Noell that he can change the impossible into 'I'm possible' towards Chelsea? Well... You have to find out yourself when you read 'Make the Impossible possible' "Nothing is possible..."

Humor / Romance
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"N o t h i n g i s i m p o s s i b l e, t h e w o r d i t s e l f s a y s

' I ' m p o s s i b l e ' !"

- Audrey Hepburn

Chelsea's POV

"For some reason, I was feeling a little off today. But when you came along, you definitely turned me on." Cole nudged my stomach after he carries my books. He wiggles his eyebrows at me.

I rolled my eyes at him. Sure thing that he was a little bit off today, especially after the small incident with the bad boy yesterday. No joke. He almost got a detention slip after school, but if it isn't it for his own humor and his fake charm, he is lucky.

We were walking straight to my locker since the bell had rung two minutes ago. Cole decided to wait for another minute until the students start to dispersed out of the class and to the canteen since it is now lunchtime for us.

As we turned to the right, I was immediately shoved by a person and almost lose my balance. I place my bare hand against the wall to steady myself well I watched Cole.


Cole was pushed roughly into a random person locker and bang Cole's head against the cold locker. His legs buckle up as he dropped down my books and went down to the dirty floor. He looked up and blankly stare at the person who had pushed him as blood started to slowly spill at the back of his head.

Trent Dexter.

The locker was dent by the impact. I flinch at the thought Cole must be in pain right now. But he didn't wince or even groan in pain. Trent must've seen Cole's blank expression as he growled at him and scooted down. Eye to eye. Well, Trent's friend, Jack Winter and Logan Angel stood behind me and smirked.

Trent grabbed Cole's collar roughly and bang Cole's head into the locker, making it deeper to the locker dents. Confuse mixed with anger plaster across my face, I step in. I've no idea where did my confidence come from.

"Hey! You can't have enough with him?"

Jack starts to get ready to stop me if I move forward but Trent Dexter stop him by only raise his hand up. He didn't look up but whistle under his breath. "You have nothing to say other than that?"

"No. He's new in here and he doesn't deserve to get bully by you. Much worse to get bully in two weeks. Even yesterday you spit out your saliva and force him to eat it!"

"Where did your confidence came from?" Logan asked as he moves forward "Usually you mind your own business and keep your personal life to yourself. What change?"

Trent stood up from his spot and turned to face me. He took one step closer to me and then another. I didn't step back, my eye kept focusing on him. He lowered down his height and we now face to face.

"He deserves it. It's between me and him. Cole didn't tell you everything, did he?" Trent asked, his breath caught up my throat and I couldn't describe how disgusting it was.

"Its none of your business."

"Its none of your business too. Why don't you just see, Chelsea? And why is he even your boy and a friend? He just transfers here because of his mom. He is poor, and couldn't afford a sports car. His mom can't cook anything and his dad went to jail because of stealing money. And yet, you still like him or love him because of that?"

"You are being childish, Trent. I didn't say anything about him being my boyfriend or I love him, alright. Secondly, you understand that I'm in love with Cor— I mean Corbyn Besson rather than my best friend, right? Thirdly who in the name of Trent have anger management and needs to cool off by bullying him? That's absolutely stupid."

Cole crooked his head to the right as he said: "Ohh, that reminds me. Love is a sensation; caused by a temptation; to feel penetration; a guy sticks his location; in a girl's destination; to increase the population; for the next generation; did you get my explanation; or do you need a demonstration?" Cole challenges him by raising one of his brows as his bloody lips quirk upwards.

Trent glared at him rather than me. "You have one big mouth there, Coal."

"Yeah? You wanna help to shut it up for me? I can't shut it up." Instead of a reply by Trent, Cole got a punched by him on the lips. Blood starts to creep out. I swear to god that I had just seen Cole licked his bloody lips. Tent starts to it again and repeat the action twice, trice and again.

"Stop, Trent. You're jealous, aren't you?"

Trent almost punched Cole for the eight-time but stopped when I asked him that question. My eyes went down his fist, his knuckles were bloody and again he clenches it.

"Jealous?" He barked out of laughter. "Of what, you?" He laughed. "Can't you see? Or are you blind? The way I act around you... What does it say to you? It didn't affect you, did it?"

"Everything doesn't affect me."

Trent didn't say anything "You like her?" Cole asked in disbelief. "Her?" He chuckled. "It doesn't affect her because she's with me. Her mom told me that she wouldn't have a boyfriend until she's twenty."

I looked at him and raised my brows.

"Huh. Seems like Mr. Arthur met Mrs. Noell already. I'll let you go," Cole sighed in relief but he was cut short when Trent growled at him. "It doesn't mean that I'm not done. I'll somehow try to walk my way to you without her blocking my way."

I groaned and looked away. When Trent and the two guy footsteps fade away I looked back at Cole.

"Cole, you okay?" I asked him immediately after Trent was out of sight.

Cole only chuckled to my reply and said: "I should be the one asking you."

"Fine. Let me rephrase that. Did it hurt?"

Cole then started to laugh. I raised one of my brows at him. "Did hurt what? When you fell out of heaven?"

I growled softly. Another pick-up line again. I should've seen that coming. "No, but I bet it's hurt when Trent bang your head against a random locker. There's blood on your head!"

Cole smile dropped and bring his hand to the back of his head. He touched it and slightly didn't flinch. He brings down and saw his own blood on his fingers. "Aw man. That's suck. What's your favorite color?"

"Red," I replied without thinking.

"Same! Seems like we are one level up to soulmates!" Cole grinned.

I gave him a blank looked. "There's something wrong with you. This is impossible if you didn't flinch or wince or even groan in pain."

Cole only shrugged it off and stood up swiftly. Like he didn't get hurt. He even didn't stumble off. Usually, when people got punch they will hiss in pain and can't even move a single thing. But, to my utter bafflement, Cole didn't do any action of that. Impossible. I move one step in front and get ready to hold him, if, he falls. Cole saw me and put his hand up in front of him, palm facing me. "Please keep your distance. I might fall for you."

I growled softly and step back. Crossing my arms over my chest.

"Cole?" I try again. "Is something wrong?"

"No. Nothing is wrong. C'mon, I really like how you care for me right now but its actually best if we go have our lunch."

"You seriously want to have lunch with me when you are in this condition? Hell no."I dropped my hands to my side and pick up my books that have scattered everywhere. "There's something you wouldn't want to tell me."

Cole was quite. I waited for him to say something but he didn't say anything after a second. I looked up after I've finished picking up my books and saw him lying down on the floor. Are you serious? My eyes went wide as I hurried to drop by books down and went to his side. Checking his pulse on his neck and then his pulse on his wrist.

Thump-thump, thump thump.

I let go of his hand and sighed.

Then I remember the blood at the back of his head. I scurried towards him and mumble 'sorry' when I started to rampaged his black bag for his jacket. I then wrapped the jacket around his head and tied it tightly. I grabbed my books again and place it inside Cole's bag then slung it over my shoulder. I placed his hand around my neck and my own hand around his, I slowly stood up and wobbling my way towards the nurse office.

I tried to concentrate on where I was going but my mind keeps on spinning, asking me question that I don't know what's the answer to it. I shook my head and chided myself to stop it.

"For a guy who doesn't work out on weekdays sure is heavy," I mumbled.

Finally, I reached my destination. I knocked on the door and pushed it with one of my legs. When I entered to nurse office I suddenly screamed. Ms. Emily scream. Mr. Patrikson scream, Cole scream. Wait did Cole just screamed? I let go of him immediately. He wobbled back and forth until he falls down.


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