We loved them Once

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We loved people from Hollywood now we have the constant image of this female nude in the nude making off with the men and whatever takes her fancy. We loved her in particular why because she was like a Barbie doll whom we had to have now we have her we have grown less enchanted with the image and the doll has nothing but obedient tears and dresses and undresses as it pleases the direction of the moves which she is co writing. When did we come to hate this image is when she got a bit greedy. She is everywhere she is in the commercial break on one of her films she is there here and everyone is smiling at her everyone wants to be in her shoes but her energy is unstoppable she is this waif whom we have come to regret giving the applause to because she has the feet of clay. When she is here to us is when we need a shot when she asks for the info when she is needy. Not when we need her nothing of the sort she is alas everywhere and everything and we can't rid her from our lives this true institution which we have is like a clammy skin second to none.

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Chapter 1

We Loved Them Once

Where is the freedom for the rest of the world when it is only about the white superior persons who waltz down the world? Look it is not fair when the fair win all the time they are the winners in all our wars they do the deeds which light the world their words are important they do not have anything to fear when they fearlessly have an affair their affray is what does it mean when the ethnic woman has nothing when the wife of a man who is white is consistently able with her abilities to make his path in life easier. Queer yes of course we are all of us queens when it comes to being the white woman and the man who is the higher order of the class when the whites are the things we do not hate them we honour them we adore these creatures whom we see every night on the television screwing the world. We hear their perfection of English as they smoother themselves with the seeming emotional turmoil what we love and care only for them when a black actor does it when an Asian does it, we can’t identify with them. They do not turn us on. We love the blondes especially when an actor becomes an actor it is a must to dye their hair blonde it is only right thing to do.

Second is to pull muscles trying to lose the pounds. Race up the hill then down the damn hill in order to matter the most. The more you run up that hill the highly likely you have of bearing down on us and into the lights and taking us by storms by the story line of a blonde crying or laughing or joking when we can laugh with it and smile at that perfect language of desperation or despair.


Because we are conditioned to think so. These are your betters anything less is not good enough. Fat slobs are not here for good anything thin and long are the very thing now be here and there when they speak behave and listen might learn something. We must speak like a white bitch in her tongues of many melodious tones because if we do not then we jar like a bell jar. There is nothing for us but to copy that and behave like that. We do not have a role model which we must adhere to likeable white kitten tart farting around the world and making off with the most. We must be like that? Is that what is worthy and good? Look who is Marilyn but that when she says she is the prettiest and must mate with a millionaire in order to make her wardrobe nicer? Then the Julia Roberts she and the con say that he does not have anything but money and love for her and a guy comes in and states the case the case being she says not now I am with a client. Wait your turn and this is what we grow into? We are all now with clients and the next client must wait for their turn? The folly is when we behave as if not much but money matters and we waste the whole thing in entire universals and seek nothing but money we end with climate change and we end with children killing grown men and we end with the pedestrians getting damaged. We are not the grown ups we used to be there is nothing but the behaviour of such stupidity that it is unbelievable. The thing is when a film industry does nothing but perpetrates this image this perfection of a woman waif who does nothing but grab at the money angle and wants and wants as if a needy nerd when we think and feel that the most watched film is not Psycho but the Touch of Mink I am guilty I must have watched it thousands of times and the blonde gets her millionaire to and sets the scene by having the baby whom the assistant is pushing while the doting husband has to photograph her.

Then we have this perfection image turning as the wife whom wants to kill her husband then we have her turn up as the friendships we all design then we have her turn up as the ridiculous fiend as Penny then we have her tun into this villain who does want to kill her husband to be fair she is more convincing in that one.

The thing is when we have nothing but that image the television is crammed with her and the most sophisticated talk of girl talk we love her and so it seems do the directors and the caste system which states that nothing but that makes sense we must have this image of perfection talking queens English and making us feel inferior there is not much else I want to add to this but is it fair? Of course, life is not fair we have nothing to offer but the foolish things which we are and the brilliant of this waif like image which obsessed them is still going strong and making us feel nothing but despair that we can never be this perfection. This living doll like mannequin making us feel inferior with her perfectionism and her lifestyle of masking the tattiest things in clean linen when she is saying things like I want this and I want that we listen when someone else is speaking well it is not her? So, I’m I a fan? Well yes and no depends on the script because hell angel she can act. The point being is when she can act, she can settle the film and gross millions and that is what it is about is it not? Not that we feel crammed in and filled with this image but that she is grossing the money making to the Oscars and taking the world on?

But what gets me is when this perfection comes down and takes my living from me then we are the fooled because she must have everything because it is all about that is it not? I am a woman whom has not much has no means of making money because this perfection has no time nor her friends do. She is influential and I mean powerful because she is always in there with the right product, we loved her once but then now? Do we love her or need her? I mean when someone is pernicious what does the thought come in can she have everything and the answer to that is of course she can she can be married and faithless at the same time and be true to her vows when having another man’s child. Because she is who she is the world will always feel sorry for this waif this image of a woman who has had not much but gold and truth and her perfect teeth and her hair which is not out of place in a ball room will state that she is the true beast whom we have feed until the thought comes into my head that there is not much of me left she has not devoured and all because I am outside while she has been inside devouring the books the Universe and whatever else takes her fancy. No sorry she is very thin? So, what she devours is not food for it makes her fat what she devours is money.

I said a lot about this and I am not going to behave in an unladylike fashion I leave everyone with this thought. God bless the Leads which make up humanity we love the blonde whom can have everything.

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