Peanut Butter Kisses - Special

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Bonus Chapters Includes top secret facts about the characters you never knew before, interviews and a whole lot more.

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Episode 1

Profile #1 - Daniel

Full Name: Daniel Silver Curtis

Nicknames: Dan, Danny, Sir Peanut Butter, Butthead, Robot, Perverted Spider (this is to list a few of what Poopy calls me)

Birthday: May 1

Hobbies: Reading, taking naps, eating snacks

Likes: Kristina, Poopy, Tina

Dislikes: Anything loud

Strengths: I can find easier ways to do stuff quicker because I'm too lazy

Weaknesses: Free food

Lin: Hi everyone! Welcome to Peanut Butter Kisses - Special! So this special comes after Chapter 43 - Lessons with the Butthead. If you haven't read until there yet, I suggest you do so before watching this show!


Lin: In tonight's show, our guest is no other than... Daniel Silver Curtis!


Lin: Danny, are you ready?

Daniel: All I gotta do is answer these questions then I can leave right?

Lin: Yup.

Daniel: And the snacks?

Lin: You can take them home.

Daniel: Sounds good.

Lin: Go introduce yourself first. Then you can start reading the questions and messages your fans sent. Just answer how you usually do.

Daniel: Okay.

Daniel: Hey everyone. I'm Daniel Curtis and today I'll be reading and answering all your messages and questions. You can send snacks next time too. Let's start with the first one.

Hi Danny! Why tf are you so cute?

Daniel: I'm not. I'm adorable.

Where can I get a Danny?

Daniel: From a Poopy.

Why don't you talk much?

Daniel: I don't see the point in talking unless necessary.

Daniel Silver Curtis is literally my daddy. Yesss daddy.

Daniel: I'm sorry, did I accidentally sign any adoption papers for someone to address me as their dad?

Why were you such a jerk to Tina back then?

Daniel: Because I liked her a lot and didn't know what to do with myself.

Did you date anyone when you were still in London?

Daniel: No.

Danny, play me like a violin.

Daniel: I don't play the violin.

What's your best childhood memory of Tina?

Daniel: When she crowned me with flowers and knighted me Sir Peanut Butter.

Boobs or booty?

Daniel: Hmmm.

What's your favorite memory of Tops?

Daniel: When we went to this comic convention back in London.

Choke me daddy.

Daniel: I'd rather not.

How did you come up with the name Poopy?

Daniel: Long story. And I'm too lazy tell it.

What's your favorite snack?

Daniel: My girlfriend. *laughs*

If you had a pair of x-ray glasses, which part of Kristina's body would you look at first?

Daniel: I don't need x-ray glasses when I already have a photographic memory. *winks*

What would you do if Tina sent you a dirty photo of herself?

Daniel: Wait, is she watching this show right now?

Daniel Curtis can roast me and rip me to shreds and I'd say thank you.

Daniel: I'd say no thank you.

Would you rather leave your hometown and never be able to return again, or stay in your hometown but never be able to leave?

Daniel: I don't want to have only two choices in that matter.

Do you ever wonder how life would be like if your mom was still alive?

Daniel: Sometimes. I think I'd be a lot more talkative if she were still alive. We probably wouldn't have moved to London either.

Daddy!!! Use my face as a trampoline.

Daniel: No.

Do you think Chie is just using Ella?

Daniel: It's a possibility

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Daniel: I'd prefer a sloth or a snail. That way it'd be in my nature to sleep all my life and no one would ever wonder why.

Do you think it'll work if I ask Daniel nicely to choke me and pin me down?

Daniel: Why are these people asking me to choke them?

You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night. What would be the scariest sound to hear after waking up?

Daniel: My dad snoring.

What do you usually think about during class?

Daniel: About what to eat for lunch and what to eat after lunch.

Baby take me right here, right now.

Daniel: First I was a daddy, now I'm a baby?

What's your wildest fantasy about Tina?

Daniel: Is the audience mature enough to know?

Have you ever looked at Anne in a romantic way? As more than just a friend?

Daniel: No. I've always seen her and Tops as a pair.

Hugs or kisses?

Daniel: If it's from Kristina, then both.

Snacks or Kristina?

Daniel: Kristina is a snack.

Daniel: I feel like I'm going to get hit soon.

Starve for a whole day or ignore Tina for a whole day?

Daniel: Starve.

What would you do if Tina ignored you for a whole week?

Daniel: She won't. I'll steal her attention to the best of my ability.

Are you okay with Ella and Lizzy butting in your relationship?

Daniel: I don't mind. They surprise me most of the time but I like how they approve of us so much.

Why are you so boyfriend/husband material? You're a true gentleman with just the right amount of dirty but you're also sweet and aaahhh.

Daniel: That's just your imagination.

What part of Tina's body impressed you when you first saw her naked?

Daniel: I feel like I'm going to be murdered if I answer this question.

When you were still in London, did you think you would see Tina again?

Daniel: Hmm. Well. I did. But I didn't expect we'd become more than just childhood friends.

Why didn't you ever search for Tina in any social media platform?

Daniel: I didn't have an account. I only managed our company's website. And, well. The truth was, I wanted to keep my last memory of her as is until I saw her in person again.

Spank me daddy!!

Daniel: I swear if this is Sean writing these kinds of messages...

When did you realize you like/love Kristina?

Daniel: I've always liked her. I gradually fell in love with her and I just missed her every day. I don't know. I just did.

Why didn't you date back in London? Or did you secretly date? You seem too experienced to claim you've been single since then. Don't lie.

Daniel: I wasn't interested in dating and nobody seemed to catch my attention. Plus I was busy with our business and a whole lot of other stuff. I'm not experienced at all. I still ramble and get flustered a lot when Kristina teases me.

How do you like your potatoes?

Daniel: Mashed or fried, if that's what you meant.

You look like Logan Lerman.

Daniel: Who?

Do you think Sean still likes Ella?

Daniel: Yes.

Help!! I've fallen in love with a butthead.

Daniel: My condolences.

When will you and Tina stop being so awkward around each other?

Daniel: We are?

Why did it take so long for you and Tina to get together?

Daniel: She set the pace and I didn't want to rush her. Just as long as I can be with her, it was fine with me.

If you and Tina ever had kids, who do you think they'll take after more? What would they look like?

Daniel: Little buttheads.

Danny can stick his tongue down my throat, slam me to the wall and do me all night long.

Daniel: No.

How can I transform into a Poopy and have a Daniel?

Daniel: Have someone walk in while you shower and accuse an innocent spider as a pervert.

Will you date someone like me?

Daniel: It's not a case of who you are. But I have a girlfriend and she's everything to me. Sorry.

Notice me Senpai!! Oppa! Babe!

Daniel: No. No. And no.

Danny can destroy my body and my f*** over my life for all I care.

Daniel: I don't understand why people think I have the energy for this.

Lin: Okay that's it for the today! How was it, Danny?

Daniel: Some messages were a little wild, but it was okay.

Lin: Would you do this show again soon?

Daniel: Depends.

Lin: I heard some of your fans will be sending some snacks to show their love and support soon.

Daniel: Then you'll be seeing me again soon.

Lin: *sighs* You are so easily bribed by food. Anyways. So Danny, who do you think we should invite next?

Daniel: Poopy, of course.

Lin: I see. Alright then! Our next guest will be Kristina Karlins A.K.A Poopy! Stay tuned everyone!

Daniel: *smirks* I can't wait to see how it goes.

Lin: I think everyone feels the same way. Thank you again for taking the time to come here Danny! And thank you everyone for watching Peanut Butter Kisses - Special! Have a great night!

Daniel: Can I got get the snacks now?

Lin: Yeah yeah go ahead.

Did your message/question get answered? If not then comment with #Danny or #Tina or whoever you wanna send a message to and type away!

Hotdogs and icecream for everyone!


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