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Issue #3: Who is Artemis Smith?

Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 6:06 p.m.

The Royal Palace of the Amazons was an amazing view for Artemis and Jackson, as they walked up the steps still shackled and surrounded by Amazon warriors.

(Requiem) Wow, I can't believe I'm here. I'm actually really here on Themyscira. It's everything I imagined it would be, the exotic jungle, the clear perfect weather but most of all that view of the Royal Palace of the Amazons. Yep, everything exactly how I imagined, except for the part where I'm currently shackled in chains and have been taken prisoner with my friend Jackson by the Amazons. The Amazons also pursued our fearless dumbass leader Dustin and I am really worried that something not so great might have happened to him. My name is Artemis Smith, and I believe I am of Amazon decent and I will do anything that means necessary to prove it.

The two eventually reach the top of the palace and the Amazons force Artemis and Jackson on their knees. The bulky tall red headed Amazon with a long luscious pony tail from earlier, removes her helmet and stands in front of Artemis and Jackson.

"I am Aleka, head of security for Themyscira when the Queen is gone." She stated. "You two are trespassing on sacred ground. Especially this man."

Aleka pulls her dagger out from her leg pouch and holds it against Jackson's neck.

"Now, tell me your purpose of being here. Or I'll slit this man's throat."

Artemis got worried and Jackson started to sweat.

"Wait!" yelled Artemis. "We are here because of me."

Aleka removes her knife away from Jackson's throat and points it toward Artemis now.

"What is your purpose of being here?"

Before Artemis could answer, Aleka notices Artemis's bracelets as if she had seen them before. Aleka grabs Artemis's arm to look at the bracelet thoroughly.

"Where did you get these bracelets?" she demanded.

Artemis pulls her arm away.

"I've always had these, they've been mine since the day I was born." She replied.

Aleka got angry and drew her sword out.

"Liar! Tell me where you got those bracelets from!"

(Requiem) I know I'm going to regret this big time. BUT, NOBODY ever calls me a LIAR.

Artemis got up and looked at Aleka straight into the eyes.

"My mother left me with these bracelets when she decided to abandon me as an infant on the doorstep to a man I thought was my real father for seventeen years before finding out the real truth about myself. So if you want to call me a liar and have these bracelets back. You'll have to take them from my dead cold corpse first. And I'll have to warn you"

Aleka was shocked by Artemis's statement and lowered her sword.

"Your mother." She asked. "Who was she?"

(Requiem) Wow, I can't believe that actually worked.

"That's the problem." Artemis replied. "I never knew who my real my mother was. All I know from what my adoptive father told me before, when I decided to go on my own, was that she was originally from here. Do you know who she was?"

Aleka took a deep breath and put her sword away.

"Elpida. The woman that use to don those bracelets, her name was Elpida, your actual mother."

Artemis was astonished by the truth.

"So it is true. I am…"

Aleka places her hand on Artemis's shoulder.

"One of us sister. Welcome home."

Artemis shed a tear of happiness and Aleka reacts by wiping the tear and then hugging her. Aleka stops hugging her and gets up.

"I must say you do resemble a lot like your mother, not that I know whom you are. Though I'm not sure where the red hair came from but it is still a nice look for you. Come Artemis, we have much to discuss."

Artemis was excited at first but then remembers something.

(Requiem) Oh yeah, Dustin.

"Wait, before we discuss more matters Aleka." Said Artemis. "We actually have another friend that is also on Themyscira but he was 'accidentally' separated from us. You wouldn't happen to have found him by any chance?"

"Well I…"

An Amazon guard with blonde hair then suddenly interrupted Aleka.

"I think she refers to the bizarre male we just captured." She whispered.

Artemis and Jackson laugh a little bit to the remark.

"That's definitely him." Jackson uttered.

Artemis walks up to the blonde Amazon guard.

"Can you take us to where he is? We'd like to have him back."

The blonde Amazon guard shrugs her shoulders and signals Artemis and Jackson to follow her.

"If you insist." She utters.

Four Years Ago…

Diner, Metropolis, DE

Over at a diner in the city of Metropolis, Dustin and his little brother that looked very much like him Sean were waiting at a table for their food to arrive.

"You nervous?" Asked Sean.

"Nothing but a couple pancakes can't fix." Replied Dustin.

The waitress appears with Dustin and Sean's food.

"Here's your order of banana pancakes." Said the Waitress to Sean. "And here's…your four orders of chocolate chip pancakes."

The waitress hands Dustin his food.

"Thanks toots." Replied Dustin. "I'll be sure to hit you up first when I become famous."

The waitress was offended by Dustin's remark and smacks Dustin's face. The waitress storms off but Dustin quickly recovers from the slap and gets a quick look of the waitress's butt before she disappears.

"So worth it." Dustin grinned. "So, what did you want to talk about Sean?"

Sean placed his fork and knife down.

"It's about Dad." Uttered Sean.

"Oh something. What about him?"

"You know he was serious about that agreement he made with you before you left for college."

"Agreement? Sean it sounded more like an ultimatum when it came from him. And frankly, I couldn't care less what Dad thinks at this point. I have a possible opportunity to play in the big leagues and achieve that fame and fortune I always sought to earn-AND I did all of that without his help. If he wants to disown me, let him-but I guarantee you he won't do if I get drafted today."


Cells, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 6:37p.m.

The blonde amazon guard leads Artemis and Jackson down an extremely long grassy hill that turns into a burrow with several jail cells beneath it. All the cells were empty except for one, and that one just happened to be Dustin's. Dustin was hung upside down in the cell, tied up with vine rope around his body and the arrow was still in his ass. Dustin woke up from being knocked out and realized he had been captured.

(Phantom) Really Dustin? You're better than this. How on Earth did you get yourself captured by these extremely hot broads? Actually never mind that, why is the arrow still in my ass?

"Okay." Dustin uttered. "The jokes over now ladies, you can- take the arrow out of my ass now. It's-really starting to hurt."

The three amazon guards that are guarding the cells were snickering to Dustin's whimpering.

"Well look who finally woke up. I guess men aren't as tough as they look." Said the young Amazon guard with short red hair. "And here I thought we were in a for a treat when we spotted you."

Dustin struggled to not blow a fuse.

"Uggh, well excuse me for not realizing my powers don't work on this DAMN Island." Replied Dustin. "But I'm willing to bet if I did have my powers I would have totally wowed all of you."

The Amazon smirks and walks up to Dustin's cell.

"But- you didn't. And that's why you're in the cell and I'm out here bragging to my sisters about how I was able to put an arrow in to you. TWICE."

Dustin's face turns extremely red in frustration.

"So you were the BITCH that put an arrow in my ass and leg."

"Yeah, what are you going to do about it?"

(Phantom) Holy shit this hottie is asking for it.

"Oh you are just a little shit starter, aren't you?" asked Dustin.

"What can I say? Picking fights has been in my blood."

One of the amazon guards notices the blonde amazon with Artemis and Jackson walking towards the cells.

"Alexa!" the other guard warned. "The Captain."

Alexa stopped taunting Dustin and salutes the blonde amazon.

"Captain Thea." She announced.

Thea responds by raising her hand up.

"At ease Alexa." She replied. "I'll be quick."

Artemis gets in front of Thea and points at Dustin.

"You see that guy right there?" Said Artemis. "We want him back."

Alexa and the two other Amazon guards look at Dustin who smiles happily and then back at Artemis confused.

"Are you sure you want him back?" Alexa replied.

"HEY!" Exclaimed Dustin in the background.

"Believe me, we know he's an idiot- but he's OUR idiot and we want him back."

Alexa shrugs and turns around to unlock the cell.

"Guess you're getting out of here." said Alexa.

"Does that sound like disappointment I hear?" replied Dustin.

Alexa rolls her eyes and cuts the rope with her sword to let Dustin fall straight onto his face.

"Thank you…" he uttered.

Artemis and Jackson run over to help Dustin out.

"Let's make things clear MAN, I don't like you and I have no reason to either."

"Fine! That makes two of us!"

Jackson walks over and grabs the arrow in Dustin's ass.

"This is going to hurt Dustin." he said.

Dustin gives Jackson a frustrated look.

"Just take it out already!"

Jackson pulls the arrow out of Dustin's ass and Dustin reacts by biting his lip and keeping all the pain he wants to scream out within himself. Dustin glared at Alexa as she watched him tough it out.

"I'm not wussin out, not in front of HER." He replied.

Artemis and Jackson roll their eyes and untie Dustin from the vine rope. Dustin gets up and stretches.

"So…" he uttered. "What did I miss?"

Artemis smirks.

"Turns out I was right." She replied. "My biological mother was Amazon, making me also Amazon too."

"Sick. I knew you had it in you."

"Right now I'm about to learn about my history. Care to join?"

"Sure, just find me something to wear and I'll join."

Courtyard, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 7:48p.m.

Aleka is giving Artemis a tour, with Jackson and Dustin following the two from behind. Dustin is going through the pockets of his old jeans as he wore a chiton around his waste. Dustin pulls out his wallet and phone.

"Damn, my phone got smashed when I fell to the ground earlier." Complained Dustin. "Good thing I got my wallet full of credit cards."

"Shhh!" Said Jackson. "I'm trying to learn here."

Dustin pouts at Jackson.

(Phantom) Bitch, like you're actually listening to this tour.

"Here we have the armory." Said Aleka. "Where you will probably spend most of your time finding the right weapon and armor for you Artemis."

Artemis looked at all the weapons and armor in astonishment. Artemis turned back to Aleka.

"Do I get to keep the weapons and armor after I choose them?"

Aleka nods and Artemis reacts even more excited. Aleka, Artemis and Jackson continue to move on but Dustin stays back because the amazon that was working at the anvil caught his attention. The amazon looked up at Dustin and Dustin reacts by waving while also giving her a smile.

(Phantom) She seems nice.

The amazon gives Dustin a stink eye, grabs the nearest pickaxe and throws it at the wooden pillar next to Dustin's pelvic region. Dustin frowns and put his head down.

(Phantom) Or not.

"What's the point of hitting on these goddesses if they're just going to throw shit at me." Dustin complained.

Continuing with the tour, Aleka leads Artemis and Jackson to the middle of the courtyard where a statue stood there. Artemis looks at the statue intrigued.

"She's beautiful." Said Artemis. "Who is she?"

Aleka exhales deeply.

"She WAS Queen Hippolyta." Replied Aleka.


Aleka nodded.

"Yes, sometime ago Queen Hippolyta was turned into stone by the goddess Hera and unfortunately- there is no way to change her back."

Artemis is saddened and stares at the statue of Queen Hippolyta.

"What about my mother Aleka? Is she still alive?"

"To be honest Artemis, I haven't seen your mother in over thirty years."

"What do you mean?"

"You see, your mother Elpida and many other Amazons like her, left the island thirty years ago with Queen Antiope to settle in a region of Egypt they called, Bana-Mighdall."

"When was the last time you heard from them?"

Aleka exhaled nervously.

"Since the day they left."

Dustin finally catches up to the group and notices Artemis and Jackson are shocked about something.

"What did I miss?" Dustin asked Jackson.

"Artemis's mother was part of a different group of Amazon's that left the island thirty years ago to a place called Bana-Mighdall."

"Bana-Mighdall? Where the hell is that located?"

"Somewhere in Egypt."

"Egypt! Well shit, we're going to need another jet if we're going to travel there."

Artemis began to get a worried look.

"So wait, if you haven't heard from them for so long." Said Artemis. "Why didn't you send out a messenger of some sort to check in?"

"Because Hippolyta forbid us all from contacting them, due to the feud she had with her sister Antiope at that time."

Artemis frowned but Aleka raised her chin up.

"Don't feel saddened sister. Your existence proves that they made it to Bana-Mighdall."

"But it still doesn't explain why my mother abandoned me."

"Instead of questioning your mother's reasoning, why don't you travel to Bana-Mighdall and seek out the truth yourself?"

Artemis's is still unsure.

"Come, let us get started on your training Artemis."

Dustin and Jackson look at each other and then Dustin raises his hand.

"Uh, question. What are we suppose to do?"

In the background, Alexa is walking with another Amazon and overhears Dustin's question.

"Maybe you should try and figure out how to not be a wimp?" Taunted Alexa. "Or better yet, find a way not to get hit by an arrow. Especially in your ass region."

Dustin's eyes are filled with hatred and then throw his hands in the air out of frustration.

"Augh! You know what, I don't need to take this. I work way too freaking hard to deal with this crap. I'm out of here."

Dustin walks away to go do his own activity, muttering to himself irritated. Alexa waits for Dustin to leave and then looks back at Artemis and Jackson.

"Out of all the men that have stumbled onto this island." Whispered Alexa. "Never have I ever met a man so strange in my life."

"Believe me, you haven't seen strange yet." Replied Jackson.

"Really? Then what do you call that?"

"His hangover." Uttered Artemis. "But Dustin's really not that bad of a guy, he just comes from a rough family background."

(Requiem) Even though his ego is probably the trait that needs to be fixed the most.

"Rough family background? Please, how rough are we talking here?"

"His parents always neglected him and never appreciated the achievements he accomplished." Replied Jackson. "And he sort of watched his family die in front of him if that doesn't convince you."

Alexa is a bit astonished by that last statement about Dustin.

"Really? I would have never known that."

"If you are finished discussing here Artemis." Said Aleka. "We can start your training now if you would like?"

"Yes! 'Cough' I mean, that would be nice." Replied Artemis. "Let's get to it."

Amphitheatre, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 8:37 p.m.

The sun has set and the moon is out, shining the entire Amphitheatre where several Amazons are training. Artemis is in the middle of the Amphitheatre, while Aleka and three other Amazon's are several yards ahead of Artemis, aiming arrows at her with their bows. The four release the arrows and Artemis reacts by placing her arms up and deflecting all the arrows away with her bracelets flawlessly. Dustin and Jackson are in the seats of the Amphitheatre, watching all the action happen and reacted cheerfully when Artemis deflected all the arrows away.

"She's got that down pretty well." Said Jackson.

"Yeah, but I'm anxious to see how she does tomorrow with sword training." Replied Dustin.

"Why's that?"

"Because swords are awesome that's why."

Jackson smirks.

"You're jealous aren't you?"

Dustin is shocked nervously.

"What? No, I'm not jealous…I got monk training in the Himalayas to use a katana remember?"

Jackson continued to stare Dustin down.

"Okay maybe a little because it's ancient Greece warfare…"

Jackson still stared at Dustin, waiting for the response he wanted to hear.

"Alright you got me I'm extremely super jealous of Artemis!"

Jackson laughed.

"Satisfied? I use to dream about training like an ancient Greek warrior all the time in high school."

"Were you a nerd in high school Dustin?" asked Jackson.

"Don't be ridiculous Jackson, I wasn't a nerd in high school… I just kept the fact I was super nerd a secret from every student."

"So what you're saying is, you were a closet nerd in high school."

"If you want to go there, yes. Believe it or not, the idea for my hero name and costume was actually inspired by a comic my little brother and I use to read back in the day."

Jackson's eyebrows were raised after that statement.

"That I didn't know. What comic book hero did you base yourself off of?"

Dustin smiled as if he was proud of himself.

"Kit Walker, The Phantom. I always liked him out of all the comics I read because he was a ghost that lived among our world. So when I had my accident and realized that my capabilities were similar to that of a ghost. I knew instantly what to call myself."

"So you ripped off the name and suit of an already made comic book character."

"Not ripped off Jackson." Replied Dustin as if he was offended. "Don't be stupid. Gosh! I can't even believe you just said that."

Jackson rolled his eyes.

"Okay…" Jackson pinched his eyes. "What do you call what you're doing then Dustin?"

"Borrowing without asking of course."

Jackson buries his face into his hands and rests his head on his knees in disbelief to Dustin's statement.

"Dustin…I'm going to pretend you're not the biggest dumbass I have ever met."

"That's the spirit Jackson!"

Dustin looks to the side and notices a dark skinned Amazon with short black curly hair walking towards the two, holding what looks like to be food.

(Phantom) Damn, that Amazon has it going on over there.

Dustin get's really excited and punches Jackson in the arm.

"Eyes up. Hottie with food on my three."

Jackson gets up and looks at the amazon as well. The amazon came up to the two and looked at Jackson.

"You must be hungry from traveling all day." She replied. "Here's some of our delicious Tyranian rose petals."

Dustin extends his hand out to try and grab some of the petals.

"Don't mind if I do."

The amazon gives Dustin a dirty look, keeps the tray of food away from him, grabs the small club attached to her belt and smacks the shit out of Dustin's hand with it. Dustin screams in pain and grabs his hand.

"Y'oww! What gives you damn crazy Amazonian bi…"

Jackson smacks the back of Dustin's head before he could finish his statement and Dustin reacts by grabbing the back of his head.

"I wasn't talking to YOU." Replied the Amazon. "I was talking to our guest."

The amazon lowers the tray to Jackson and Jackson reacts honorably by grabbing one of the petals to eat it. Jackson looks at Dustin.

"Yeah Dustin, she was talking to the guest."

(Phantom) I'm already not liking where this is going.

"And I'm not!?" screamed Dustin in confusion.

"You are by far the most rudest man to ever set foot on this Island." Replied the Amazon. "If anything, you should be punished for your actions."

Dustin gets a grin on his face.

"Punish you say."

Jackson smacks the back of Dustin's head again.

"She means the other type of punishment, not the type you're thinking of perv."

Dustin feels the back of his head and then crosses his arms.

"I hate this place." Uttered Dustin. "This is not how I thought this trip was going to go down."

"Seems like somebody is not having a good time here!" Alexa yelled at the bottom of the Amphitheatre steps.

"Shut up!" screamed Dustin as his voice also cracked.

The dark skinned amazon hands Jackson the bowl of Tyranian petals.

"Thank you umm…" replied Jackson. "I'm sorry I don't think I got your name."

The amazon giggled.

"Felisha." She replied. "But please, call me Lish."

"Lish huh?" smirked Jackson. "So I'll see you around."

Felisha started to walk while grazing her hand on Jackson's shoulder.

"Sooner than you think." She whispered to Jackson.

(Nereid) I wonder what that's supposed to mean.

Felisha walks away from Jackson and Dustin and then gives Jackson a quick wink before moving on. Dustin is in disbelief and lies on his back.

"Please tell me that Amazon didn't just give you an invitation to a booty call." Asked Dustin.

"If I say yes, are you going to whine and complain?" replied Jackson.

"No, I'm just going to give in and call it a night." Dustin's stomach growled loudly.

"Although some food would be really nice. But I highly doubt any of these damn broads will serve me."

Jackson grabs a handful of the petals and hands the rest of the petals in the bowl to Dustin.

"Here, you didn't get it from me."

Dustin grabs one of the petals.

"You're the best Jackson. Don't let anyone tell you different."

Dustin takes a bite out of the petal but as soon as he swallows the petal, Dustin's entire body began to twitch and he falls straight to the ground. Jackson is shocked and gets up to try and help Dustin.

"Dustin! Dustin are you all right?"

Dustin was having a major seizure on the steps and points to the petals.

"Da petls…I thnk der my weakness." Replied Dustin in excruciating pain. "Itz killin mi."

Jackson grabs Dustin from behind and starts squeezing Dustin tightly several times to try and get the petal out. Artemis was about to continue her training when she notices Jackson dealing with Dustin's problem.

"For Zeus's sake." Uttered Artemis. "What's wrong with Dustin now?"

Jackson continued to squeeze Dustin but nothing seemed to help.

"Nothing is working Dustin." Said Jackson.

" 'COUGH' No thit…" uttered Dustin. "Yur not doin it rite."

Dustin lifts his index finger on his right hand and quickly sticks it down his throat. Dustin gags and vomits everywhere to force the petal out of his body. Dustin began to breathe heavily as Jackson rubbed his back. Artemis watched in disgust and buries her face into her hands out of embarrassment. Aleka looks at Dustin and Jackson, and then at Artemis.

"What's up with Dustin?" asked Aleka.

"He probably ate something bad again." Replied Artemis.

"He has a lot of issues, doesn't he?"

"A lot more than you probably think."

Dustin gets back up and hands the bowl of petals to Jackson.

"Take them." Said Dustin. "I'd rather starve than eat poison."

Dustin began to walk away.

"Where are you going?" asked Jackson.

"Somewhere where I'm safe from amazons and killer petals."

Dustin disappears into the jungle while Jackson sighs and continues to eat the petals. Artemis and Aleka walk up to Jackson.

"Where'd he run off too?" asked Artemis.

"I have no clue." Replied Jackson. "He hasn't exactly been enjoying his stay on Themyscira."

"What drew the last straw?"

Jackson picked up the bowl of Tyranian petals and gave it to Artemis.

"Remember when Dustin lost his strength and dropped the two of us into the jungle?"

(Requiem) Yes, even though I prefer not too.

Artemis nods but tries not to think about it again.

"Turns out, Dustin's powers are affected by the Tyranian rose and the petal almost killed him just now when he ate it."

Artemis picks up the petal and analyzes it.

"That explains why he dropped us earlier then." She states. "I guess I owe Dustin a huge apology later."

(Requiem) I'm still mad at him about the booze on the plane though.

Artemis turns to Aleka.

"Aleka, is the Tyranian rose only located on Themyscira?"

Aleka nods.

"Well that's a relief." Said Jackson. "Guess we'll just keep this secret information to ourselves."

"Well that was sort of bad timing for Dustin to leave." Said Aleka. "Because we're about to have a feast in the royal courtyard."

Artemis exhales in frustration.

"I'll go find him."

Aleka stops Artemis from moving with her arm.

"Please, you two have already dealt with enough problems on the way here. The least we can do is help deal with this one."

Artemis and Jackson look at each other for confirmation.

"Are you sure?" asked Jackson.

"Absolutely." Replied Aleka. "Alexa!"

Alexa runs up to Aleka from the bottom of the amphitheater.

"Yes Ma'am?" asked Alexa.

"Alexa, I need you to go get Dustin and bring him back for the feast."

Alexa gets a grin but then instantly goes back to being serious.

"Yes Ma'am."

Alexa quickly runs into the jungle as well.

"Alexa knows the island better than anyone else." Said Aleka. "She'll find Dustin sooner than you think."

"Sounds good." Said Jackson.

"Though I do hope Dustin doesn't run into any of the wildlife here."

"Why's that?" asked Artemis.

"Let's just say the wildlife here, aren't exactly your typical wildlife."

Beach, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 9:13 p.m.

Dustin sat there at the highest point of the beach, away from the ocean water, and glared at the moon. Dustin looked back down to the sand to poke a crab with a stick he was holding. Dustin exhaled depressingly and looked back up at the moon.

"Hey little bro." Dustin said to himself. "I dreamt about you again when I was on the jet this afternoon. I thought the booze would help get rid of the dreams I've been suffering lately again." Dustin buried his face into his right hand. "It didn't. As a matter in fact I think I made it worst." Dustin chuckled to himself sarcastically. "Stupid old Dustin. Being the douche everyone knows and hates."

(Phantom) Why can't that memory just go away? It's the only memory that I can't repress in my mind. I know my accident happened four years ago but I remember everything crystal clear as if it happened yesterday. It haunts my very essence, my SOUL even. I just want the pain to go away.

Dustin throws the stick he was holding out of frustration into the bushes. Inside the bushes, a giant jungle cat was lying on the floor when the stick that Dustin had thrown a second ago came flying in and poked the cat in the face. The jungle cat woke up angry and looked outside of the bushes to see Dustin still sitting. The jungle cat walked out of the bushes and slowly pursued it's prey. Dustin however, is oblivious of his surroundings and does not realize the giant jungle cat is slowly creeping up behind him. The jungle cat eventually stops behind Dustin and began to breathe heavily onto Dustin's neck. All the white in Dustin's eyes were present, as Dustin slowly turned his head around to see what was breathing on his neck. When Dustin came to the realization that a giant jungle cat was behind him, he freaked out and got out of his spot.

"Whoa!" screamed Dustin. "Easy kitty kitty kitty, don't make the rational mistake of causing me to whip out my Phantom style."

Dustin gets into a kung fu stance and tries to show the jungle cat that he is not afraid. The jungle cat is still not intimidated and continues to walk up to Dustin slowly. As the two faced off, over in the jungle nearest to the coast, Alexa appears holding a few objects in her hands and then instantly notices Dustin is facing off with a giant jungle cat.

"By the Gods, does this guy attract chaos everywhere he travels to?" said Alexa to herself while at the same time laughing about it.

Dustin gives the jungle cat a Bruce Lee war cry and the jungle cat reacts by attacking Dustin. Dustin quickly turns around and starts running down the beach screaming off the top of his lungs as the vicious drooling jungle cat chased him. Alexa shakes her head.

"Do I have to save his sorry ass now?" uttered Alexa as she drew her sword out and began to run after the two.

(Phantom) Wow! First I'm chased by Amazons and now I'm being chased by a giant f$%^ing jungle cat! Can my luck be any better?

Dustin eventually reached the end of the beach and stumbled to an area of the island that was all cavern like, with the jungle cat still pursuing him. Dustin turns around and raises both his middle fingers at the jungle cat.

"You ain't got shit on me cat!" Dustin taunted. "I'm the best that ever lived and there's no way in hell you're ever going to touch m…."

Dustin had stopped paying attention in what was in front of him and trips over a stalagmite and falls straight into a giant sinkhole that went down for miles. Alexa came in to the cave and was shocked to see Dustin had fallen in and the jungle cat was waiting patiently by the sinkhole.

Is this the end for Dustin?

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