DC Comics New 52: The Rejects

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Issue #4: The Last Trial

Royal Courtyard, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 9:13 P.M.

Inside the Amazonian royal courtyard, Artemis and Jackson sat at a long rectangular table full of hungry Amazon warriors, chowing down on the massive amount of food that was put on the table and having a good time.

(Nereid) I am going to admit, our group travels to some pretty interesting places. I mean this is number three on my list of crazy places I have ever traveled to.

Jackson looks down the table while munching on his chicken leg, and notices Felisha giving him looks. Jackson raises his brow in confusion.

(Nereid) Is this amazon trying to signal me or something? Nah Jackson, you're just overthinking it.

Felisha lowers her body down to show off her cleavage.

(Nereid) Maybe it's a coincidence.

Felisha bounces them up and down a little.

(Nereid) Okay that was definitely not coincidental that time. I think this beautiful woman really wants me?

"Hey Jackson." Said Artemis. "Have you tried the…"

Artemis stops and takes notice to what Jackson is staring at. Artemis's eyebrows were raised in astonishment and then gave Jackson a teasing look.

"Looks like someone is asking for a booty call." Uttered Artemis as she sipped her wine.

Jackson was embarrassed and glared at Artemis.

"Seriously, what is up with you and Dustin using that term?" replied Jackson. "Is it that necessary?

"What?" Said Artemis as she placed her glass down. "It's totally obvious that Amazon is attracted to you. Maybe you should go 'talk' (Artemis winks) to her."

"Artemis, you know how I feel about one night stands. Besides, what am I suppose to tell her in the morning, 'Oh, thanks for the sex. Now I'm leaving, bye.' I feel like she wouldn't understand and be hurt."

(Requiem) Goody two shoes over here.

"Oh stop Jackson, she'll be fine. Besides, I bet it's been a long time since a male has satisfied her. Or better yet, EVER. Go have yourself a good time."

Jackson takes a deep breath and was about to get up to talk to Felisha before he realized something.

(Nereid) Hold up.

"Wait a minute, why am I taking advice from you. You've never had a one night stand before."

Artemis was caught off guard by that remark but then blushes.

"That's not entirely true, you remember two years ago at that Halloween party."

"Are you talking about 'The' Halloween party where you completely blacked out for the first time and I found you on the side of the road near…"

Artemis instantly placed her hand on Jackson's mouth to prevent him from revealing anymore-embarrassing information. Artemis looked around at all the Amazons who had stopped eating their food and were staring directly at Artemis weirdly. Artemis uttered a nervous laugh.

"Please don't listen to anything what my friend said just now." Said Artemis. "He's obviously had too much to drink and is obviously thinking about somebody ELSE."

"But I haven't even had one…"

Artemis socks Jackson in the rib cage.

"Shut up." Artemis whispered.

Jackson let out a calm sigh.

"Yeah, I've had too much to drink everyone. I'm sorry."

The Amazon's stopped staring at the two and continued to enjoy their meals while Artemis and Jackson continued their conversation by whispering.

"Not…'That' Halloween." Said Artemis irritated. "I'm talking about the Halloween when I got with that (Artemis grins with a dreamy look)…amazing man in the Spartan outfit."

"Oh yeah that's right." Replied Jackson. "And I if I remember correctly, weren't you wearing that ridiculous blonde wig because you dressed up like Black Canary that year?"

"Ridiculous? You were dressed up like Richard Sherman. Screaming off the top of your lungs, 'I'm the best there is!' belligerent drunk."

Jackson rolled his eyes.


(Nereid) Now that I think about it, what was Dustin for Halloween that year? And why am I having the hardest time remembering? Oh well, I guess I can ask him some other time.

Jackson looked back at Felisha, who was still giving him seductive looks, and finally gave in.

(Nereid) Oh what the hell. What's the worst that could possibly happen?

Jackson got up from his seat and signaled Felisha to come with him. Felisha got excited and walked with Jackson to his guest room. Artemis smiled in happiness for Jackson and continued to drink her wine.

(Requiem) Good for you Jackson. You need it.

"So Artemis!" Said Aleka as she gave a big pat on Artemis's back. "What's it like fighting alongside with men? Queen Dianna never shares her experiences with the Justice League and we're just anxious to know."

Artemis placed her glass down on the tale and looked around in nervousness as all the amazons waited for an answer.

"Well…what's there to really want to know? I mean, they're just like any of us."

The Amazons frowned to Artemis's statement, as if they were expecting a different answer.

"Wait, scratch that. How do I put this to a way for you all to understand? My leader Dustin, he is by far the biggest dumbass on the planet and has put Jackson and I in so many situations I have literally lost count at this point. And to add on, his male ego was also the main reason why we even got stuck in those situations to begin with."

"Then why do you stick with him still?" asked Aleka. "He sounds like more of a drag, than help."

"Even though Dustin can be difficult, if it weren't for him for most of the situations we've been put through, I don't know if Jackson and I would still be alive today. He may be dumb when it comes to common knowledge, but he is a tactical genius when it comes combat."

(Requiem) And in complete honesty, I think Dustin has the capability to easily go toe-to-toe with any Leaguer in the Justice League. He just chooses not to, due to his laziness and his extreme unhealthy habits.

"Dustin has saved our lives more times than I can remember and he took us in when we had nowhere to go. So in other words, I owe Dustin a serious life debt."

(Requiem) And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Beach, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 9:18 p.m.

Alexa was still shocked from watching Dustin fall into the sinkhole and waited to see if Dustin was going to come back. The jungle cat that had chased Dustin into the sinkhole was still waiting by the sinkhole as well.

"Oh, I hope that idiot didn't die just now." Uttered Alexa. "Otherwise, how am I supposed to explain this to Artemis and what's his face."

As the two waited to see if Dustin was all right, the sound of the Superman theme song by John Williams was being hummed as it echoed out of the sinkhole. The jungle cat was startled by the noise and got up on its legs.

"Could it be?" asked Alexa.

A bright purple light appeared out of the sinkhole and then out came a familiar figure floating into the air. The light disappeared and the figure is revealed to be Dustin screaming off the top of his lungs the Superman theme he was humming. Dustin continued to float in the air with his arms crossed as he stared at the jungle cat with a grin. The jungle cat began to shake in fear from Dustin's ability and Alexa exhaled in relief.

"Aw yeah!" yelled Dustin. "I'm back baby!" Dustin cracks his knuckles. "Alright kitty, as quoted by a great philosopher of my generation. I'm about to beat that pussy up."

The jungle cat got scared and tried to run away but Dustin was quick and grabbed the jungle cat by the tail. Dustin began to reel the jungle cat toward him.

"Oh no you don't." Said Dustin. "You tried to hurt me. So it's only fair if I get to do it back."

The jungle cat tried to swipe at Dustin's face but Dustin used his intangibility to let it go past. Dustin uses his strength to lift the jungle cat above his head and began to twirl the cat around. Alexa was shocked by Dustin's incredible strength but then was also, for some reason, aroused.

"By the Gods." Uttered Alexa. "He wasn't kidding about wowing us with his powers."

Dustin throws the jungle cat into the air and uses his Wraith ray to blast the cat right into the ocean. Dustin rubs the dirt off his hands and was about to walk but Alexa appeared right in front of him and was startled.

"Alexa…" Dustin said while looking back at the jungle cat in the ocean. "Okay I can explain that. That cat totally appeared out of nowhere and tried to eat me. Everything I did just now was comple-mostly done out of self defense."

Alexa was still glaring at Dustin.

"And… you don't believe me. Why is that not surprising. Look, is there a reason why you're here? Because I haven't exactly been enjoying myself since I got here, and I think more of your negative remarks might ACTUALLY finally kill me."

Alexa was still glaring at Dustin and Dustin at this point was confused.

"What? Is there something you want?"

Alexa grabs Dustin by the head and lays a fat kiss on Dustin's lips. Dustin gets out of Alexa's hold and is seriously shocked by Alexa's sudden affection.

"I am so confused right now!" replied Dustin. "First you degrade me and now you want me?"

Alexa got closer to Dustin and pulled out a wine bottle.

"I thought we could talk." Said Alexa. "But after seeing your true side, I think I might want to do more than talk."

Dustin's eye's opened wide and took several steps backward as Alexa got closer.

"No please, I like talk. Let's go back to talk, that's what women like to do…Right?"

Alexa shoved Dustin into a bush full of Tyranian Roses and Dustin reacted by letting out a little whimper.

"Not Amazonian women, now quit with the act. You know you want to do this, I have seen the looks you give me."

"I gave looks to every Amazon on this island…Okay maybe you more because you are by far the hottest and you totally got that fight attitude I like. But that's not the point, aren't you technically like thousands of years older than me?"

"Yeah…but my body was twenty two years old when the immortality spell was casted above this island and I have…never been with a man before."

"Good to know. Umm listen, I'm actually pretty tired tonight. So, I think I'm just going to…"

Alexa placed her foot on Dustin's crotch to prevent him from going anywhere. Dustin gulps.

"Listen here ghost boy. We are going to have a good time tonight, whether you like it or not."

(Phantom) Oh boy.

"Also, you cannot tell anyone what happens here tonight."

Dustin smirks.

"And if I refuse and I tell everyone?"

Alexa got right into Dustin's face.

"Then I will just have tell all my sisters that you did something to offend me, and then they will all come after you till you lie dead on the ground."

Dustin's eyes open extremely wide.

(Phantom) This bitch is out of her f%^&ing mind!

"…Seriously? A really attractive Amazon warrior is falsely blackmailing me right now in order to have intercourse with ME?...Oh well, what's the worst that can happen?"

Alexa grins and hops on top of Dustin's abs crazily as his eyes changed from arousal to terror.

"The worst that can happen?" replied Alexa. "I could 'accidently' break something dear to you."

Dustin thought about it for a second before he realized what Alexa meant by that last remark she made.

"Wait! I change my mind, I think I might have made a mist-aaaake!" yelled Dustin as Alexa pushed him to the ground.

The Next Day…

Royal Courtyard, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 6:06 a.m.

The sun is slowly rising over the horizon of Themyscira and everyone is still asleep. Jackson comes out of the room that he had stayed in and slowly closes the door behind him so that he doesn't wake up Lish who is sleeping in his bed. Jackson starts to do a good morning stretch before noticing Alexa walking back to the palace with hair frizzed up, holding her sandals with one hand and a fat smile on her face. Alexa strolls by Jackson.

"Morning." Said Alexa.

Jackson was a little confused and slightly waves.

"Uh, morning Alexa?" replied Jackson.

Alexa walks into the palace.

(Nereid) That's odd, wasn't Alexa supposed to bring Dustin back here last night?

Jackson looks back into the open to see Dustin, slowly walking to the palace as if he was in a lot of pain.

(Nereid) Speak of the devil. Why is Dustin limp-hold up.

Jackson raises his brow towards Dustin, looks back at the palace where Alexa went to and then at Dustin in realization of what happened between the two.

(Nereid) No, he didn't.

Jackson made a fat smirk on his face as Dustin slowly walks to Jackson.

"So…" Said Jackson as he crossed his arms. "What did you do last night Dustin?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Instantly replied Dustin as he walked towards the palace steps and sat down exhausted.

"Don't want to talk about it huh? Alright, since you don't want to tell me I guess I can always ask Alexa."

"Stop!" Said Dustin while grabbing Jackson. "I'll tell you after we leave this island full of crazy women."

"I thought you liked crazy women?"

Dustin looked up at the palace and then at Jackson.

"I do. But SHE…" Dustin points to the direction Alexa went. "SHE was crazy on a SCARY level."

At that moment, Artemis appears from her guest room in the palace and walks down the stairs to meet up with Dustin and Jackson. Artemis does a stretch and twists her neck.

"Hey you two." Artemis says but then yawns. "Damn, that jet lag is going to kill me if I don't get some coffee in my sys…tem."

Artemis stops talking and takes a good look at Dustin's condition. Dustin reacts by raising his brow at Artemis as if he's annoyed by it.

"What?!" Dustin asks Artemis.

"What happened to you last night?"

Dustin buries his face into his hands and Jackson reacts by trying not to laugh.

"Nothing! Nothing happened last night!" yelled Dustin. "Why do you ask Artemis?"

"Well for one, you didn't come back to the palace last night." Replied Artemis. "And two…well."


"You've got several scratch marks on your back."

"Scratch marks?"

Dustin turns around and looks at his back to see several small scratch marks. Dustin blushes as he realizes what it was from and gets embarrassed.

"Oh that…" Dustin replied. "That was from a jungle cat that attacked me last night."

Jackson takes a closer look at the scratches.

"I don't know Dustin." Jackson said. "They look a little too small to be jungle cat scratches. In fact, they almost look like…"

"I'm going to bed. Good night you two."

Dustin marched up the stairs but then stops to realize something.

"Something bothering you Dustin?" Asked Artemis.

"I totally forgot I wasn't given a room last night to sleep in."

"That's okay." Said Jackson "I don't think they were going to give you one anyways."

Dustin raises his right hand and flips off Jackson as he walks up the stairs.

"I'm taking yours Artemis!"

Dustin walks into Artemis's room and passes out onto a nice cozy bed while Jackson and Artemis snickered. Artemis then gives Jackson an odd glare that makes Jackson uncomfortable and raises his eyebrow.

"What?" he asked.

"So…how did it go last night with Lish?" Artemis asked anxiously.

"Oh Lish. We just talked for a while and then we made out that was it. Nothing else happened."

"Nothing else huh?"


"Are you sure?"

"Why do you care!?"

"Relax, I was just teasing Hyde. I was about to go for a morning jog on the beach. Care to join?"

Jackson smirks.

"Sure Artemis."

Artemis and Jackson both run to the beach and jog as the sun rose over the horizon.

Training Grounds, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 8:45 a.m.

On the training grounds, several Amazons were training with each other by sparring with swords and others with their fists. In one certain area of the ground, Aleka and three other amazons were waiting for Artemis. Artemis and Jackson then appear and Aleka is startled.

"Oh Artemis." She said. "Have you already been awake?

"Yeah." Artemis replied. "I've been up since six. Why?"

"Well we didn't know you were up. So we sent Alexa to go awake you."

"Oh boy." Jackson snickered. "Dustin's in for a treat."


Over in Artemis's room, Dustin was sleeping happily in Artemis's bed when all of a sudden the door was knocked on and then opened. Alexa appears and enters the room.

"Artemis?" She called. "It's time to get…up?"

Dustin wakes up and looks at Alexa.

"Alexa." He uttered.

"Dustin…" Alexa replied. "Where's Artemis?"

"She's up. Been up actually, I thought she would be there already."

Alexa looks around and back at Dustin.

"So she'll definitely be there right?"

"Yeah…are you okay?" Alexa closes the door and locks it. "Why did you just lock the door?" Alexa gives Dustin a seductive look and takes her helmet and armor off. "Oh no. Oh hell no. I can't do this." Alexa slowly removes the pin off her chiton and allows it to drop to the floor to show off her naked body to Dustin. "I'm not in the mood for round two!" Dustin screamed in terror.

In the hallway in front of Artemis's door, Amazon guards were walking by when they were startled by the sound of Dustin screaming in terror.


Back in the training grounds, Artemis was going through the armory choices to see what sword and shield she wants to claim as her own. Artemis glares at them all but seemed to be unimpressed.

"Something bother you?" asked Aleka.

"Do you have any bigger swords by any chance?" asked Artemis.

The blacksmith walks up to Artemis with a huge sword with wrapping around it.

"Is this big enough?" Asked the blacksmith.

Artemis walks up to it and grabs it.

"This will do." Replied Artemis. "I'll take this bad boy as my own."

"A glorious choice sister." Said the blacksmith. "It will do you good in battle."

Aleka grabs her shield and draws her sword.

"Now then Artemis." Said Aleka. "Arm yourself and let me see what you got."

Artemis smirks and draws her new long sword out.

"And just so you know Artemis. I don't go easy."

"That's funny. I was just about to say the same thing."

Aleka unleashes a war cry, and goes for a heavy attack instantly.

(Requiem) Shit. I forgot these women don't mess around when it comes to combat.

Artemis quickly dodges the attack and then puts her sword up to block the next attack that comes after.

(Requiem) But then again, neither do I.

Artemis and Aleka clang swords a couple times before Aleka shield bashes Artemis in the face. The blow causes Artemis to collapse to the ground and blood began to run down her nose. Jackson got up in concern.

"Artemis!" he screamed.

One of the amazons that was spectating the match stops Jackson with her arm.

"Be calm Artemis's companion." She said. "Your friend is no serious danger, besides I think she's getting right back up."

Artemis gets up very irritated and wipes the blood off her nose.

(Requiem) That hurt a lot more than I thought it would. I need to stay on my guard better—take another hit to the head like that again could really mess me up fatally, might give it a concussion even.

"Alright Aleka." Artemis utters. "You want to play dirty? I'll play dirty."

Artemis picks up a shield on the ground and charges at Aleka head on. Artemis throws the shield she had picked up from the ground like a saucer and Aleka reacts by using her shield to bat the shield attack away but also leaves herself open.

(Requiem) She's open! Go for the finishing blow and end this match!

Artemis decided to use the opportunity to her advantage and jumped into the air and kicked Aleka once in the chest and then shifts her body to lay a second one to Aleka's face. This causes Aleka to stumble and lose her shield and sword. Artemis smirks and points her sword towards Aleka.

(Requiem) Game. Set. Match.

"Give up?" asked Artemis.

"Number one rule in fighting." Said Aleka. "Never let your guard down."

(Requiem) Eh?

Aleka does a spin kick on the dirt and trips Artemis to the ground while Aleka sprints toward the wall and grabs her large sledgehammer. Artemis squints her eyes and raises her sword in front of her.

(Requiem) Oh it is definitely on now.

Aleka raises her hammer above her head and swings it twice at Artemis before the two clash their weapons again. Aleka goes for a jab on Artemis but Artemis quickly does a flip and stands on the hammer. Aleka is shocked by Artemis's move and Artemis reacts by running forward and kneeing Aleka to the face. Aleka gets really frustrated and tries for one more attack but Artemis uses her sword to bat down Aleka's hammer attack and then grabs her from behind to choke her out.

"Submit!" Artemis yelled. "Don't make do something I don't want to do."

Aleka struggled to get loose but couldn't get out of the hold and finally gave up.

"I submit." Aleka uttered. "You are the victor Artemis daughter of Elpida."

Artemis smiles and releases Aleka as Jackson and the amazons who spectated clapped and cheered for Artemis's victory.

"You've got a lot of fight in you." Said Aleka.

"Thank yo-."

"But you are also reckless, and lack a basic form of fighting."

(Requiem) Damn, talk about killing the mood.

Artemis went from excited to disappointment.

"Hey, chin up sister. There is no shame in that and it's not very often I get beat on the first duel with a new opponent. Consider yourself a natural."

Artemis reacts happily and grabs her sword off the ground.

"Well, are you just going to stand there and compliment me or are you going to train me how to kick your ass even faster?"

Aleka smirks and the two began to train again.

One hour later…

Meanwhile, at Artemis's room in the palace, Alexa came out of the door happily and placed her helmet back on.

"Bye Dustin." Said Alexa. "I'll be back for more later."

Alexa walks away from the door and as soon as she leaves, Dustin comes out of the door and falls to the ground immediately in extreme pain.

"Well…" uttered Dustin. "At least it's not the worst thing that's ever happened to me."

Four Years Ago…

Cadmus Labs, Metropolis, DE

Several Cadmus scientists were working on some sort of portal device in a large room when Dustin and Sean entered the room.

"I did it!" yelled Dustin.

A tall man with brown hair and a short woman with black hair both turn around. The nametag on the man read Brad, and the nametag on the woman read Jessica.

"Dustin!" they both screamed. "Be quiet!"

"Sorry…" Uttered Dustin.

"Hey Mom! Hey Dad!" Said Sean.

"Sean!" Replied his parents and gave him a hug.

"Ummm, hello?" Said Dustin awkwardly. "I'm right here you know."

Brad glared at Dustin but drew his attention back to Sean

"How was Science Camp Sean?" Asked Brad.

"Excellent father, I learned a lot about the matters of energy and what it can do to possibly benefit us in the future."

"Nice work honey." Replied Jessica. "Here, let me show what were working on over here."

Sean and Jessica walk over to a different part of the room while Brad stayed with Dustin. Brad cracked his neck, crossed his arms and gave Dustin a look of disappointment.

"So…Dustin." Brad said. "What was it that you did again?"

"I made it Dad." Replied Dustin. "I made into the Big Leagues."

Brad raised his brow in suspicion.

"The Big Leagues for Science?"

"No. The Big Leagues for Hock…"

Brad quickly backhanded Dustin's face before he could finish his statement. Dustin felt the red mark on his face and noticed that his mom and Sean were watching. Brad grabs Dustin by the shirt and slams him to the wall.

"What did I tell you BOY!?" Said Brad very frustrated. "I warned you before you left for Gotham. If you didn't return to me with a bachelors degree in science…I would disown you."

Dustin stands up to his dad by grabbing Brad's arm off his chest and shoving him away.

"DISOWN ME!" Yelled Dustin. "I just got drafted to the f #%ing National Hockey League as the first pick in the draft! And yet instead of being proud of this excellent achievement I had worked my whole life to get to, you remind no matter what I do that isn't your best interest, which is stupid ass science by the way, I'm always going to be nothing but disappointment in your eyes."

"You're wrong Dustin. You're not disappointment to me eyes anymore…you're dead to me."

Dustin was thunderstruck by his dad's statement.


"Plus, I knew you weren't going to come back with a science degree anyways. So, I had already had the documents printed up and signed in advance for this very occasion. But I will admit, I didn't expect you to make the big leagues so the fact you even got in was nothing more than a mere miracle." Brad pulls out the document form from his lab coat and hands it to Dustin. "Dustin McCarthy, according to the United States of America. You are now broken off, from the family tree. Now Mr. McCarthy, please do me a favor and get the hell out of my life."

Dustin stood there shocked and also did his best to resist shedding a tear of the pain he had just endured. Sean was shocked as well and ran over to the two.

"No!" Screamed Sean. "You can't do this dad! I won't let you!"

"It's too late, Son. This brat is no longer apart of our family."

Dustin looks down at Sean.

"I'm sorry little bro." Dustin said. "I guess this it."

"No it isn't! I refuse to let this happen! I…I…" Tears began to roll down Sean's cheeks. "I don't know what I would do without-my older bro."

Sean rushed over to hug Dustin and Dustin couldn't hold his tears back anymore and hugged his little brother while unleashing several tears. However, Brad got in between the two and shoved Dustin away.

"What the hell!?" screamed Dustin. "I can't say good bye?"

"Oh, did I forget mention something to you." Replied Brad. "On that document I gave you, is also a restraining order."

"Restraining order? To who?" Dustin looks through the documents and discovers the restraining order. "I, Dustin McCarthy, will hereby stay 20 miles away from… Sean McCarthy."

Brad gave Dustin a smirk, which then also causes fire to ignite in Dustin's eyes.

"You bastard!" screamed Dustin. "You can't separate me from my brother!"

"Oh, but I can. And I did. Security!" Two guards came by to grab Dustin but Dustin pulls his arm away from them. "You may be going on a road to fame and fortune Dustin but have fun enjoying it without the comfort of your family. Now will you excuse me, we have an experiment to test."

Brad left to join his wife and the rest of the scientists.

"Sean…" Dustin said as the security guards shoved him along. "I'll find a way to make this right! I'll…"

The whole building began to shake, and it turns out the experiments test is the reason. The machine that Brad and the Cadmus scientists were trying to test was malfunctioning and began to become a serious safety hazard.

"The portal is losing stability!" Screamed one of the Cadmus scientists. "We need to shut this down now!"

"Hurry Brad!" Screamed Jessica. "Shut it off!"

"Ugh-Not yet!" Replied Brad who seemed very determined. "Just a little more! I can almost see the portal opening!"

Dustin got worried and quickly got away from the security guards to go help Sean get away.

"Hey!" screamed one of the guards.

"Forget'em Frank!" Said the other guard. "We don't get paid enough for this bullshit!"

The two guards quickly run away as Dustin grabs Sean.

"Come on Sean!" Said Dustin. "We're getting out of here."

"But what about…?" replied Sean.

The machine explodes and all the Cadmus scientists, including Brad and Jessica, get collapsed on from the ceiling above and die. The portal started to build energy up for something big.

"No!" Screamed Sean.

"Come on Sean!" Said Dustin. "We gotta…"

A large oncoming concrete block from the ceiling was heading towards Dustin's direction and Sean realizes it too.

"I'm sorry Dustin but this time I save you."


At the last moment Sean shoved Dustin away quickly. Dustin looked back and watched as his little brother Sean got crushed by the concrete block. Dustin was horrified with tears rolling down his cheeks.

"NO!" Screamed Dustin. "SEAN!"

The portal began to build rapidly as if it was about to explode again.

Dustin tries to get out but a concrete block was blocking the exit. Dustin looked back at the portal scared and it was then the portal collapsed and unleashed a sonic wave of energy. The energy then creates a very bright light that blinds Dustin but then affects him right after with the Phantom gene. Dustin screams off the top of his lungs and uncontrollably flies out of the Cadmus building and heads toward Bludhaven.


Royal Courtyard, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 8:30 p.m.

The night covered the sky and in the center of the courtyard a ceremonial stage was set up by the Amazons, to honor Artemis's right of passage into becoming an honorary Amazon. In front of the stage were several tables full of Amazons with Jackson and Dustin sitting at one. However, Alexa was brushed up onto Dustin and made it difficult for him to eat.

"Do you mind?" Said Dustin. "I'm trying to eat here."

Aleka then got on top of the stage and gave everyone at the tables the signal to quiet down.

"My sisters!" Aleka announced. "And guests! Tonight, we celebrate our new member to the sisterhood! Artemis daughter of Elpida, you have successfully passed every trial to prove you are worthy to be an Amazon warrior. So without further or do-" Aleka raises her drink in the air, as well as everyone else. "Artemis, welcome to the sisterhood."

(Requiem) This is no doubt the greatest day of my life, and I am glad I got to share it with my two best friends in the world.

Everyone cheered in celebration as they all drank to Artemis's passage.

The Next Day…

The Coast, Themyscira, Atlantic Ocean- 7:07 a.m.

Dustin, Artemis and Jackson were standing in front of a rowboat while Aleka and the other Amazons gave their farewells.

"Are you sure you can't stay for another day?" Asked Aleka.

"As much as I want to Aleka." Replied Artemis. "Our city needs us."

Alexa gets in front of the group.

"Are you sure the city can't wait for another day?" she asked.

"Aww, since you asked so nicely Alexa." Replied Dustin. "Now we're DEFINITELY leaving now."

Alexa pouted and ran off back to the palace. Dustin, Jackson and Artemis get into the rowboat.

"Oh, and Aleka!" Said Artemis. "I will travel to Bana-Mighdall one day and I will discover the truth!"

"May the Gods be with you when you do Artemis!" Replied Aleka. "And remember to train yourself in our arts of combat everyday too."

"I will Sister. You can guarantee that."

Aleka observes the rowboat.

"Umm, are you sure that the three of you will be able to get back to the mainland on that small boat in piece?"

"Pfft!" Replied Dustin. "We've got our own way of dealing with these situations."

Dustin sits into the boat and notices Jackson was holding a large bag of something.

"What's that?" asked Dustin.

"Insurance." Replied Jackson.

"Alright you two." Said Artemis. "Rock, paper, scissors on who has to take the three of us all the way to the East Coast."

Dustin rubs his hands together.

"Oh boy I love doing this." Dustin said excitedly.

"I hate doing this." Uttered Jackson worriedly.

"Ready?" Asked Artemis

"ROCK! PAPER! SCISSORS!" They three yelled at the same time.

Who lost the bet?

Next Issue: Simple Trip to Toronto, Right?

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