DC Comics New 52: The Rejects

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Issue #5: Simple trip to Toronto, right?

Gotham Bay, Gotham City, NJ-12:05 p.m.

In the bay of Gotham City, several fishermen boats were out in the dark cloudy weather trying to catch loads of fish with their fishing nets. As one of the fisherman reels the net full of fish into the boat, something bizarre catches his attention. In front of the fisherman, Dustin and Artemis appear on a rowboat with Jackson pulling them in the front. Dustin gives the fisherman a cheesy smile and waves.

"Good Afternoon." Dustin said. "Which way to the Apple Store?"

The fisherman is stunned to what he is seeing and just points to the direction without saying a word.

"Thank you!" Said Artemis.

Dustin gets up and stands at the bow of the boat.

"Alright Jackson!" Dustin said while pointing to the direction. "Away with we go! Onward my noble sea stallion!"

Jackson rolls his eyes.

"I am so getting you back for this Dustin." Jackson muttered to himself.

"What was that Jackson?"

Jackson exhaled deeply out of his nose and ignored Dustin by continuing to swim.

Shopping District, Gotham City, NJ- 12:36 p.m.

The streets of Gotham are packed with cars, and pedestrians were roaming the sidewalks. Artemis and Jackson stood there waiting in front of an Apple store for Dustin to get a new phone. Dustin finally comes out of the store, smiling as usual as if he has another smart-ass thing to brag about. Artemis crosses her arms.

"So how much did that cost you Dustin?" asked Artemis.

"Not a single dime?" replied Dustin.

"Really?" Jackson said out of astonishment.

"Yep. Even though I destroyed their hockey team in the finals a couple days ago, apparently East Coast fans have a high respect for famous hockey players in the game like me and will do anything to please them."

"So they just straight up gave you a new phone for free."

"Not only that, they updated my phone and synced everything I lost on my old phone to this one."

Dustin rests his back on the wall and exhales deeply.

"Ahhh, I love being famous."

Jackson and Artemis roll their eyes and look away from Dustin.

"Look, was there a reason why you needed to stop in Gotham to get a new phone?" asked Artemis.

"Yes Artemis." Replied Dustin. "I had to make a phone call."

Dustin presses the video chat feature on his phone to call someone. The call is answered and it is revealed to be Nightwing on the other side.

"Heyyy, Dick." Said Dustin. "I'm just here to talk about that little bet we had. You know, the one were I get to see the Bat Cave and all the cool shit that's in it."

Nightwing starts to sweat and looks around nervously.

"Uhhh, Dustin." Replied Nightwing. "About that."

On the phone, Nightwing gets shoved away from someone else and it's revealed to be Batman who is seriously pissed off.

"The answers no Dustin." Said Batman with a lot of intimidation. "You come even a foot near the cave, I will make you your worst nightmare."

The call ends instantly and Dustin stood there in awe. Jackson and Artemis slowly turn their head toward Dustin's ended call.

"Was that?" asked Artemis.

"No way." Uttered Jackson in shock.

Dustin slowly turned his phone off and placed it into his pocket. Dustin takes a very relaxing calm breath and starts to laugh.

"Wow." Dustin chuckled. "That- was by far the scariest thing that I have ever seen in my life. How did Dick ever work with him for so long?"

"Beats me." Replied Artemis. "Can we go back home now?"

"*Sigh*, I suppose. Let me just… hold on I'm getting a call from an unknown number."

Dustin answers the call.


Dustin reacts mad when he hears who it is and stomps on the ground while also covering the phone.

(Phantom) Shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit & SHIT!

"Huh? Yeah I'm available to go to Toronto today." Said Dustin sarcastically. "Alright I'll see you then."

Dustin hangs up the call.

"Who was that?" asked Jackson.

"That was the Commissioner of the NHL. The board is P-I-I-ISSED that I am not playing in the league anymore after that fourth Stanley Cup win."

Jackson and Artemis look at each other and smirk.

"What?" asked Dustin.

Artemis covers her forehead with her arm.

"Ohhh, the cost of being famous inflicts pain to me sooo…" Said Artemis exaggeratedly.

Artemis and Jackson laughed really hard to Artemis's imitation of Dustin, as Dustin stood there annoyed squinting his eyes at the two. As soon as the two stopped laughing, Dustin looks at Jackson.

"F*$% you."

Dustin then looks at Artemis.

"And F*$% you even harder."

Dustin turns around all butt hurt and walks away.

"I'm heading to Toronto to deal with this bullshit. Have fun trying to find a ride home, assholes."

Jackson squints his eyes.

"Dammit that's right. Artemis, Dustin has all the credit cards."

Artemis grins and raises her hand up to reveal she has a few of Dustin's credit cards. Jackson grins as well.

"You bad girl." He uttered. "I am so getting Dustin back now."

"Come on." Artemis replied. "Let's go shopping for some expensive ass clothes before we go back home."

Hours Later…

Toronto Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada- 2:38 p.m.

Dustin just got off the plane and is now walking out of the terminal gate with an SJ hat on to keep his celebrity identity secret from the public. As Dustin walks down the pathway towards the luggage area, he pulls out his phone and scrolls through his missed calls and messages.

(Phantom) What's the point of having the ability to fly if I still have to use airline services to get to far places? I mean seriously, it doesn't get more ironic than that.

On Dustin's phone, several picture messages began to appear everywhere of Artemis and Jackson showing off what they were buying with Dustin's credit cards.

(Phantom) Wait a minute. Are those…?"

One of the pictures that were sent to Dustin was of Artemis in an expensive dress worth $100 grand. Another was of Jackson showing off an expensive gold watch worth $200 grand. And the last one was Artemis and Jackson holding an extremely expensive bill to a restaurant. Dustin's eyes went wide open and focused mainly into his phone.

"Mother fu-." Dustin accidentally runs into someone and the person falls to the ground. Dustin is shocked and quickly kneels down. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry…" The person's baseball cap falls off when the person sat up and it's revealed to be a blonde female around Dustin's age with reading glasses. "Miss?"

"No. No." The female responded embarrassingly. "It's my fault, I wasn't paying attention."

The female grabs her hat and Dustin helps her up and also grabs her carry on bag.

"Here let me help you sit down over here."

Dustin helps the blonde female sit down at a food court table chair and then sits down at the chair across from her.

"Thank you." Replied the female but was also still feeling the bump on her head.

"Does it hurt?" Asked Dustin.

"A little but I'm fine really, this is nothing."

"Are you sure? I can just ask the bartender over there for a bag of ice."

"Sir!" The female exclaimed but quickly hid herself away from the public view. "I'm fine. Seriously."

"Alright." Dustin said while resting on his elbow. "If you say so."

The female started to fix her hair but realized she couldn't do it with her glasses on and quickly takes them off. At that moment, Dustin took a good look at her and realizes who she is.

"Wait a second." Said Dustin curiously. "I know who you are."

The blonde female's face turns red and looks up at Dustin in astonishment.

"Yo-you do?" She trembled.

"Yeah, you're that famous Olympian Suzanne Jo-."

Suzanne quickly placed her hands on Dustin's mouth and also causes his hat to be pushed down on his face.

"Shhh!" She whispered. "Not so loud. I don't want the damn paparazzi on my ass."

Suzanne fixes her hair, puts her glasses on and places her hat back on her head. Dustin starts to laugh and fixes his hat.

"Paparazzi huh? I feel you on that one."

Suzanne raises her brow at Dustin.

"And how would you know about dealing with paparazzi?

Dustin notices that Suzanne's cap has an SJ logo on it as well and smirks.

"You a San Jose fan?"

"Huh?" Suzanne looks up at her hat. "Oh hockey. Yeah, I'm a huge San Jose fan. And just to keep it between you and me, I think McCarthy is the best player to ever play the game."

Dustin smiles, looks around and gets closer to Suzanne.

"Promise not to freak out?"

Suzanne nods. Dustin slowly takes his hat off and reveals to Suzanne whom he is. Suzanne's eyes turn into dinner plates as she bites her knuckles in excitement and tries to resist not screaming.

"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god." She muttered several times to herself. "Out of all the people I could have run into in the world. What are the odds I run into to my athlete crush?"

"Athlete what now?"

"Nothing." Suzanne said with a nervous smile.

Dustin smiles and puts his hat back on.

"So Suzanne…"

"Please, call me Cissie."

"Okay, Cissie. What brings you here in Toronto? Wait don't tell me I remember now, you just got done winning that archery tournament here."

"Yeah that's right. Wait, do you actually watch my matches?"

"Well my friend Artemis watches your archery tournaments all the time on TV and she always hogs the remote so it was something I got used to watching after a while and also an old buddy of mine was pretty wicked with the bow and arrow and it just reminded me of his skills."

"Uh huh."

"But the matches I love to watch from you are the MMA ones."

"Wait really?"

"Oh yeah, you're one hell of a fighter for a woman your age and size."

"What's wrong with my size?"

"Nothing! I didn't say anything bad I swear. All I'm saying is that its impressive a young woman your size is able to knockout these other colossal female opponents."

"Oh…" Replied Cissie and then blushes. "Well then thank you for the sweet compliment."

"Anytime." Dustin smirked.

"So I never asked, what brings you here in Toronto Dustin?"

Dustin blows out a lot of air and leans back in his chair.

"The NHL Commissioner is being a real dick about my recent decision to retire early…"

"What!" Said Cissie in shock. "You're retiring already?"

"Believe me, that's the same exact response I got when he called."

"Well I don't blame him, you're like the best player the league has seen in the last few years. Why are you retiring already?"

"I have other…'stuff' to deal with."

"Than to play professional ice hockey?"

Dustin rolls his eyes to the side.


Cissie got closer to Dustin.

"Okay. Then what do you do besides play hockey professionally? No wait let me guess, you're secretly a powerful superhero and the reason you're retiring is so you can mainly focus on it."

Dustin reacts to Cissie's statement very shocked as to how accurate and true it was and gets suspicious of her.

(Phantom) Is she on to me?

"I'm just kidding!" Said Cissie.

"Oh." Said Dustin with relief. "For a second there, I thought you were on to me."

Cissie's happy go lucky attitude goes away and gets serious.

"What do you mean you thought I was on to you?"

"Uhhh…did I say that out loud? I think the heat here is making me delusional."

"Dustin we're in Toronto and it's 14 degrees outside."


Cissie raises her brow.

"Are you hiding something?"

"Hiding something? No, I just…"

"…Yes?" Asked Cissie irritably.

Dustin lets out a deep breath.

"I'm usually not good at these but…"

"Well spit it out already!"

Dustin pulls out a pen and paper out of his pocket and places it on the table.

"If it's not too much, I was going to ask if you wanted my number?"

Cissie's irritable attitude instantly goes away and blushes embarrassingly.

"Oh… I mean. Yes, yes I would love your number."

Dustin lets out a sigh in relief and writes his number down. Dustin hands the paper to Cissie and Cissie reacts delighted and places the paper in her pocket. Cissie takes a look at her phone's clock.

"Oh shoot, I gotta head over to the gate right now because my plane is boarding soon."

"Better hurry."

Cissie gets up from her chair and grabs her carry on bag.

"It was a pleasure talking to you Dustin."

"Please, call me Dusty."

Cissie smirks and blows a kiss towards Dustin.

"I'll text you later. Bye."

Cissie waves and walks away. Dustin grins to himself and lies back in his chair.

(Phantom) Phew. That was a close one, almost did something I might have regretted there. But on the bright side, Suzanne Jones has my digits now.

Dustin's phone vibrates on the table and reacts by picking it up. When Dustin see's the screen, it's a picture of Artemis and Jackson looking at nice car in utter astonishment.

(Phantom) Ohhh, you two better not.

The next picture appears on Dustin's phone and the two are shown happily purchasing the vehicle that is worth $750,000.

"Son of a Bitch!" Dustin screamed.

Dustin stops yelling and looks around to see everyone in the airport staring at him.

"What are you looking at?! Huh!"

Everyone stopped staring at Dustin and continued to go on their business.

"What am I doing? I need to head to that meeting."

Dustin gets up and was about to exit the terminal when out of nowhere a small explosion erupts at the security gate.

"What the hell?" Dustin said out of astonishment.

Three police guards rush over to the explosion and pull out their handguns.

"Get on the ground! Now!" Screamed one of the police guards.

Before the police could get close to the smoke, a large wave of black shadows come shooting out of the smoke and pierced the three guards by forming into sharp spikes. Every civilian around screams in horror and runs away as several goons with assault rifles storm into the airport terminal. The shadow that pierced the guards then slowly return back to the smoke and into what looks like a cane. The person who was holding the cane in the smoke is revealed to be a tall slick man, wearing an all black outfit with a tactical vest and large black goggles. The man with the goggles grins a tiny bit and twirls his cane around as he walks into the airport.

"Good evening citizens of Toronto!" Said the man with the goggles. "My name is Richard Swift! But you can call me Shade! I am standing here before you all with an opportunity to keep something valuable to you. Your LIVES!"

Dustin quickly runs over by the gift shop and grabs aviator shades and a bandanna.

"Out of all the places this could have happen to." Said Dustin as he places the bandanna on his mouth. "Why Toronto!?"

"Now!" Said Shade as he walked around the airport and looked at all the flights that were departing. "All we want are two things! One, all of your valuables that are on you, please dump them into the bags those nice gentlemen with the assault rifles are holding! And two, we would love to have some sort of transportation to escape from here! And I think the flight to Central City will do just fine! If everyone cooperates nice and quietly, you won't end up like those poor suckers on the ground over there."

"Oh that just makes things even more difficult now." Muttered Dustin as he placed a Maple leafs hat backwards on his head.

Over by the McDonalds food court, one of the goons comes up to a blonde woman and her child and points the weapon at them.

"Hand over the goods, sweet thang." Said Shade's goon.

The blonde woman pulls out her wallet out of the purse shaking and hands it to him.

"Please, it's all I have on me." Said the blonde woman. "Do anything to me but just leave my son alone."

Shade's goon goes through the woman's wallet and pulls out a few dollars.

"Six dollars?! This won't do."

Shade's goon gazed at the woman's legs and licked his lips.

"Although, there is another way you can pay."

Shade's goon grabs the blonde woman by the hair and starts to drag her away from the public eye. The son reacts worried for his mother and tries to stop Shade's goon.

"No! Stop! Leave my mom alone!" Screamed the child.

"HaHaHa! Scream all you want kid. No one is going to save your mom now."

As soon as Shade's goon was out of public eye, Dustin became visible right behind him and grabs him by the neck and mouth. Shade's goon lets go of the woman as Dustin launches him over his shoulder and knocks him out with one punch to the face. The child and mother are relieved in excitement as the two reunite together. Dustin gives the two the silence look with his finger.

"I'd recommend finding safety. Things are about to get messy in here."

Dustin uses his invisibility and starts to move around to other parts of the airport with goons. Dustin started to close in on a goon that was by one of the airplane gates. Dustin was about to take him out when out of nowhere an arrow comes flying in, turns into a boxing glove and socks Shade's goon in the face. Shade's goon goes flying into the air and lands on the counter of the ticket scanner unconscious. Dustin is shocked, turns visible again and looks at the boxing glove arrow and then grabs it.

"A boxing glove arrow?" Said Dustin confusedly.

"Yeah, a boxing glove arrow." Replied another voice.

Dustin looks up to see a young woman with a blonde ponytail holding a bow and wearing a red mask, a red and white outfit, and a red cape with a hoodie. The woman walks up to Dustin and grabs the arrow from him.

"Problem?" She asked.

"No." Replied Dustin. "As a matter in fact, I find it real cool actually."

The woman placed the arrow back into her quiver and continued to pursue the other goons in the airport quietly. Dustin quietly follows the woman.

"So… What do I call you?" Asked Dustin. "Let me guess, Miss Arrow Woman?"

"Please." Replied the woman as she and Dustin hid at the corner of the See's candy store. "As if I would call myself that, call me Arrowette Mr…umm, what am I supposed to call you? The Maple Leaf thug?"

Dustin takes a look at his outfit and sighs disappointedly.

"In my defense, my actual costume is at home and I wasn't expecting anything to happen in CANADA!"

"Tssk-Tssk. Rookie mistake right there."

"Whatever." Dustin said while looking ahead for any other goons. "You can call me the Phantom."

"The Phantom!?" Arrowette said in a sarcastic intrigued tone. "Never heard of you."

"That's okay, I've never heard of you either and I frankly just don't care."

Arrowette squints her eyes at Dustin and looks ahead for goons as well.

"Alright Phantom, see those two goons going around the corner of the gift shop? Let's take those two out first and then we'll deal with Shade and the remaining two over in the open."

Dustin nods and the two sneak their way around the airport without getting the attention of others.

"So Arrowette, are you affiliated with Green Arrow by any chance?" Dustin whispered.

"Nope." Arrowette whispered back.



"Speedy? Wait, that is Arsenal."

"No, I've never met any of those heroes you just named before."

"Wait, so you're just a wannabe arrow shooting vigilante?"

"Not wannabe. Am."

"Oh I'm sure."

"Look, do you have anything better to do than troll me while we try to take out these two?"


"Then let me give you something to do. It's called shut your mouth and if you open it again I'll pierce your damn lips together with one of my arrows. Got it scumbag?"

"Scumbag? Well let me tell YOU, scumBITCH." Dustin looks down at Arrowette's body. "If you weren't so damn hot in that skintight outfit of yours I'd totally come up with a comeback for you but because my brain doesn't feel like cooperating with me right now I'll just…"

"Hey buddy."


"I stopped listening a while ago."

"…Wow, I think I might be starting hate you."

"Beat you to it because I already hate you already."

Dustin flips off Arrowette.

Arrowette and Dustin slowly crouch walk behind the gate seats while also informing citizens quietly to remain calm.

"Take the left!" Said Arrowette as she hopped over the seat to attack. "I'll take the one on the right!"

Dustin hops over the seat as well.

"Hey, lets just attack and then go over the plan."

"Shove an arrow up your ass."

"Not if you do first."

Dustin uses his Wraith Ray to blast Shade's goon on the left into the air. He then quickly flies into the air, grabs Shade's goon and slams the back of his head to the ground to knock him out quietly. Dustin's actions however distracted Arrowette when she was aiming her arrow at her target.

"Whoa…" Arrowette releases the arrow and completely misses the target. "Shit!"

This got Shade's goon's attention.

"What the hell?" He screamed. "Boss! We got vigilantes!"

Arrowette quickly uppercuts Shade's goon's face with her bow and then hook kicks him straight to the ground. Shade and the other two goons are aware of Arrowette and Phantom's presence.

"Well!" Screamed Shade. "Seems we have some heroes in the building!"

Shade signals his two goons to move towards the direction of the noise.

"I hope they don't try to do anything, hasty now! Otherwise something unfortunate might happen. Say I don't know…"

Shade grabs a ten-year-old boy wearing a Dustin McCarthy hockey jersey from his mother and drags him to the middle of the airport while holding his cane to the child's head.

"NO!" Screamed the child. "Let me go!"

"Please! Not my son!" screamed the mother.

"Like blowing this child's brain on the pavement! You so called heroes will stand down and let us pass through! Or so help me god I will end this child's life and it will be on YOU!"

Dustin and Arrowette quickly hide behind the corner of the bathroom door.

"Nice shot amateur." Said Dustin. "Now he knows we're here."

"ME?!" Complained Arrowette. "You're the one that… distracted my shot."

Dustin gives Arrowette a blank look.

"I distracted your shot? That's your excuse."

"Yeah, your stupid little ray blinded me."

"I watched you fire the arrow, you completely missed you little liar!"

"Who you calling little…Oh my god why are we arguing about this right now?!"

"I don't know! I just like to argue!"

"Shut up! We need to focus on the situation."

"Right. Can you handle those two thugs on your own?"

Arrowette looks over at the two goons walking in their direction.

"Yeah…But I was going to…"

Arrowette is shocked to realize Phantom is not even there anymore.

"Son of a bitch he pulled a Batman on me."

Over by Shade and the child hostage, Dustin was invisible and walking towards the two.

(Phantom) I totally pulled a Batman on that cute blonde broad.

"I'm warning you damn vigilantes!" Screamed Shade. "If you don't surrender now! I will put this kids brain on the pavement."

Dustin then appears in front of Shade cross-armed and actually spooks Shade when he does.

"Yeah. Yeah." Dustin chattered. "You already said that already. How about you say the part that all villains say when the hero is about to kick their ass."

"Shit." Uttered Shade.

Dustin throws a lightning fast punch and socks Shade in the face and causes his goggles to crack as he flies back onto the floor.

"Yeah like that." Dustin looks down at the kid wearing his jersey. "Nice jersey kid. Want to see me kick this guy's ass?"

The kid nods.

"Go run back to your mother now so you can watch."

The kid runs to his mother as Dustin flies toward Shade. Back over by the bathrooms, the two goons start to look around for Arrowette in the crowd of civilians.

"Where are they!?" Screamed one of the goons. "I know they're here somewhere."

Arrowette then pops out of the ceiling rafters above the two goons and lands on both of them.

"Go!" She screamed. "Get to safety!"

Everyone got up from their spots and rushed over to a safer part of the airport. One of the goons gets up from being knocked down and grabs his assault rifle and points it at Arrowette.

"Uh oh." Arrowette said in fright.

Shade's goon fired his weapon rapidly and Arrowette reacted by quickly running and dodging the bullets.

"Oh I hate doing this!" screamed Arrowette.

Arrowette quickly runs up to the goons when he reloads the weapon and hops up to wrap her legs around his neck. She then shifts her body weight around quickly to slam the thug to the ground and gives him a final knockout blow with a punch to the face. The final goon gets up as well from being knocked down and points his weapon at Arrowette. Arrowette smirks and quickly draws an arrow from her quiver and fires it right into the barrel of the weapon. Shade's goon is shocked and looks at his weapon with the arrow in it.

"Whoa." Said Shade's goon.

Another arrow is fired but this time it's a steel rope and it wraps around the goon's body.

"Yeah." Arrowette said while she ran up to the goon. "Whoa."

Arrowette socks the thug straight in the mouth and knocks out a couple of his teeth.

Back to the middle of the airport, Shade was getting back up from being knocked when he notices Dustin flying towards him.

"You think you can beat me!" Screamed Shade. "Let me show you what happens when children try to play in the adult leagues."

Shade uses the Shadow in his cane and plasters Dustin to the wall. Dustin struggles to get out of the shadows.

"Ugh! Let me go!" Screamed Dustin. "Let me out of this so I can shove my foot up your ass."

"Hmmm, sounds promising. But I think I'll stick with the idea of strangling you to death instead."

Shade uses his cane to unleash even more of the shadow and starts to cover up Dustin's entire body.

"Hey cut it out man! I'm warning you! If I get out of here, I am definitely shoving my foot so deep up your ass…!"

The shadow covered Dustin's entire body and he is not able to speak anymore.

"Don't worry boy. It'll all be over soon."

"That's what you think!" Said a familiar voice.

An arrow pierces Shade's cane and causes it to malfunction and not work.

"What? No! Not my cane! What you have you done you little bitch?"

"Just ordered my Pay-Per-View event." Said Arrowette as she sat down in excitement cross-legged. "Now I get to watch it."

"Pay-Per-View event?" Said Shade in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

The shadow blob that covered Dustin earlier began to crack with several purple lights shining out of it. Eventually, the whole shadow blob explodes and out comes Dustin gasping for air.

"Air!" Dustin screamed as he breathed heavily and took off his bandanna.

Dustin stops panting and starts to look around.

"Alright, 'huff' where's that Shade guy 'huff' so I can 'huff' shove my 'huff' foot up his 'huff' ass?"

Dustin looks at Arrowette and Arrowette points to the opposite direction but also tries not to laugh. Dustin looks the other way and spots Shade trying to escape the airport. Dustin gets a fat grin on his face.

"Hey! Where are you going Shady? There still needs to be a certain ass that needs a foot shoved into!"

Dustin's leg began to glow purple as he flew up into the air and darted towards Shade. Shade turns around and trembles for his life now.

"No! No please!" Shade screamed.

"Better clinch up. Because this foot is going DEEP!"

Dustin kicks Shade in the ass so hard that he flew directly into the air screaming in pain and then half of his entire body got stuck into the ceiling and became unconscious. Dustin fell to the ground on his back laughing hysterically. Arrowette rushes over to Dustin.

"You know Phantom. When you said you were going shove your foot up Shade's ass, I didn't think you were literally going to do it and... and…"


"And I am… So glad you did it! I mean oh my god, that was one the most gnarliest things I've ever seen!" Replied Arrowette as she placed her hands on both sides of her head.

"I know right! He went straight into the ceiling!"

"Were you even expecting that?"

"Not really, I was hoping he'd do some sort of crazy flip in the air and crash but… the ceiling was so schway though."

"So what though?"


Arrowette gives Dustin a bizarre look.

"Sch-way? Am I saying that right?"

"Yeah, you know like 'Oh that was so schway' or 'Pancakes! Schway!'…No?"

"I'm sorry hot stuff, I'm just not feeling it."

Dustin sighs.

"Watch! That saying will be famous one day, you'll see! And…wait, did you just call me 'hot stuff'?"

Arrowette's eyes opened fast in shock as she realizes she had actually said that out loud and blushes nervously.

"What? No I didn't call you 'hot stuff'."

"Then what did you just call me?"

"I said… 'not buff'?"

"Okay even that's not believable." Dustin then rips his jacket off to reveal he is wearing a white tank top and flexes his arms after. "Because I am SO buff."

"You wore a tank top in cold weather Toronto?"

"Yeah, in case if I ever to flex for any hot women in public…Annnnd I probably just ruined my chance with you didn't I?"

"Eh, I like the tank top. So I guess you still sort have a chance to get with me, maybe. I can't make any promises. Right now we should probably get out of here before the public shows up."

"Way ahead of you."

Dustin grabs Arrowette by the arm.

"This usually freaks people out the first time it happens." Said Dustin

"What freaks people out the first time?"

Dustin flies directly into the air and towards the ceiling. Before the two hit the ceiling, Arrowette screams off the top of her lungs thinking she's going to die but Dustin quickly uses his intangibility and fazes them through the ceiling and on to the roof of the Airport. Arrowette started to shake in anxiety as she hung on for dear life to Dustin. Dustin responds by smirking.

"THAT is what usually freaks people out the first time."

"So I realize, can you give a lady a better damn warning next time?"


Arrowette gives Dustin a quick kiss on the cheek.

"And maybe next time I'll give you a warning when I do that."

Dustin smiles but then the sound of a news helicopter comes flying in and gets his attention.

"Well the news is here. We should probably…"

Dustin is astonished to realize Arrowette disappeared.

"Get… off the roof."

Dustin takes off his glasses and hat while he also starts to laugh.

(Phantom) I guess she got me back on the Batman I pulled off her early. Not too shabby Arrowette, not too shabby. Hopefully we'll meet again, soon.

Dustin then looks out toward the horizon as he gets a beautiful grand view of the city of Toronto.

Will Phantom and Arrowette meet again?

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