DC Comics New 52: The Rejects

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Issue #6: Born on a Monday

Island 50 miles off the coast of San Francisco, Pacific Ocean- 9:39 p.m.

On an island off the coast of San Francisco, a massive drug cartel factory resided there where lots of henchmen were working hard to get the drugs all packaged. Inside the main building of the large factory, several different drug cartel leaders sat there at a round table in a dark room with only one light shining over them. Their faces were hidden within the shadows and only their bodies and hand motions were visible.

"Has everything been prepared for the big trade tomorrow night?" Asked one of the leaders from under the shadows.

"Almost Boss." Replied another person from under the shadows. "Just a few more cargo boxes need to be filled up and everything will be ready to go."

"Excellent, so we have nothing to worry about?"

Two men at the table look at each other awkwardly and one of them raises their hand.

"Actually…" He said. "We might have a…slight problem."

The leader clinches his fist.

"What do you mean we might have a 'slight problem', Drix?"

"Well boss, we've been getting reports lately about that Phantom guy closing in on our operations…"

"HA HA HA HA!" laughed the Boss. "The Phantom? That guy's the biggest idiot to ever walk the Earth! He's like the punch line joke for every super hero out there!"

"But fearless leader." Said Drix shaking in fear. "He's taken out every drug trade we've tried to attempt at the docks for the last two weeks and not to mention he has two others working with him. The men are scared and I recommend we should take extra precautions on this next…"

"We will do no such thing!" screamed the Boss. "If the men are too scared to deal with a lousy superhero like the Phantom, then tell them to man up and quit being a bunch of pussies or else I'll cut their paychecks!"

"But Boss…"

"That's final! We have nothing to worry about, so stop worrying!"


Over at a barb wired fence gate, two guards holding assault rifles stood there under a single post light, watching for anything suspicious. The sound of a whistle is then heard from one of the bushes ahead of the two guards and gets their attention.

"What the hell was that?" said one of the guards.

"I don't know." Replied the other guard. "Lets go check it out."

The two guards turn the safeties off their assault rifles and slowly walk towards the bush. The two guards reach the bush and start to look through it. Then out of nowhere, a person jumps out of the bushes in front of the two guards, grabs them both by the head and slams them together to knock the two out. The person is revealed to be the Phantom.

"Ohhh!" Dustin taunted to the two knocked out guards. "I cannot believe I pulled that off just now!"

"Did you just do what I think you just did just now?" asked Jackson on Dustin's ear communicator.

"You damn right I did Hyde. Never thought playing Assassins Creed for twelve hours straight would ever give me inspiration to try that."

"Uh…are you two really talking about this right now." Uttered Artemis on Dustin's ear communicator.

"Artemis, if you can't handle Jackson and I's conversations then maybe you should…"


Dustin grabs his ear in pain.

"Ahh, my ear!" Whined Dustin. "Uh, is it bleeding? Is it bleeding? (Dustin looks at his hand to see blood.) Yep, it's bleeding. Ladies and Gentlemen my ear is bleeding from Artemis yelling too loud into it."

"Urgh." Uttered Artemis. "Can you focus on the mission please Dustin?"

"I don't know Artemis, can I?"

"Okay Dustin, if you say one more wisecrack joke to me, I will break your favorite bong."

"Gasp! You wouldn't dare. I've had that thing since High School."

"Oh I would Dustin. Now do your job! Capture the drug cartel's leader, Bryce Harrison."

"He'll be the one with the fancy moustache." Said Jackson.

"Fancy moustache, got it." Replied Dustin.

"Alright Dustin." Said Jackson. "I think the best way to get into the factory secretly would probably be…"

"GUNS BLAZING!" Screamed Dustin and flew straight into all of the security.

"That's right Dustin, guns bla…"

"WAIT WHAT!" Both screamed Jackson and Artemis in shock.

Dustin blasts the gate open with his wraith ray and flies really quickly down the middle to the entrance of the drug factory. All the security guards on the watchtowers and ground level open fire on Dustin.


"The other plan sounded boring to me." Replied Dustin casually. "Now shut up and watch me kick all these guards ass's."

(Phantom) I'll admit it; I'm terrible at following orders. But then again, who doesn't like guns blazing? Especially when you are da shit like me.

Dustin smirks and uses his intangibility to let all the bullets go through him and then flips over onto his back in mid air and uses his Wraith ray to blast the bottom of the watchtowers. The watchtowers collapse and the guards react by taking cover and evading from the collapsing towers. Dustin laughs at every guards misfortunes and then resumes to pursue the leader by quickly bursting through the door. The door flies back and knocks two guards that were waiting behind the entrance out cold. Dustin sets down on the floor and looks around to see four guards shivering in fear. Dustin smirks.

"Knock. Knock."

Dustin uses his wraith ray to blast two guards through the wall and the other two guards look at each other in shock. One guard pulls out a knife and swings it at Dustin several times before taking an elbow to the neck. Dustin then starts rapidly punching that same guard in the stomach several times while screaming like Bruce Lee before giving the guard a finishing blow to the face. The last guard reacts scared and fires his shotgun consecutively. Dustin uses intangibility to let the rounds go through and slowly walks toward the guard.

"No matter what you do man." Said Dustin. "You're never going to hit me with that-AUGH!"

At that moment the last shotgun round the guard uses affects Dustin for some reason and Dustin falls to the ground in pain. The guard reacts surprised.

"Holy shit." The guard uttered to himself. "I got him. Hey guys I actually…got…him?"

Dustin started to laugh on the ground and gets right back up.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Dustin gasped out while also still trying not to laugh. "I couldn't resist. I just wanted to see what your poor pathetic face looked like when you thought you actually killed me."

(Phantom) I'm such a dick.

Dustin uppercuts the guard into the air and the guards head and upper body gets stuck into the ceiling.

(Phantom) But do I really care what happens to these men?

Dustin walks by the guard stuck in the ceiling and gives the guard a sack tap.

"Sack tap." Dustin laughed to himself.

(Phantom) No, no I really don't care what happens to these men. They decided to be criminals, so I'm 'giving' them what they deserve. A good old Phantom Smack down RAW style.

Dustin flies into the air and uses his intangibility to fly through the ceiling. Dustin stops in front of the entrance to the main room and knocks on the door.

"House keeping." He mimicked in his best Spanish accent.

Everyone in the room began to load their weapons.

(Phantom) Figured they wouldn't believe that.

Dustin blasts the door clean open, walks into the room to see several men shocked and gives them all a big smile.

"Hello there." Said Dustin. "Which one of you is Bryce Harrison?"

"It's the Phantom!" Said one of the men. "Shoot him!"

All the men in the room pull out their guns and open fire on Dustin.

(Phantom) So rude, not one of them greeted me back.

Dustin turns intangible and walks around the room looking at the men thoroughly.

"Moustache. No moustache. I don't know what the hell that is?" Dustin said while trying to find his man. "A ha! Fancy Moustache acquired."

Dustin flies toward one of the men in the room and grabs him.

"You're coming with me buddy."

"Whaaa-t?" Complained the man that was captured by Dustin. "Whyyy me?!"

Dustin uses his intangibility to sink through the floor with the man he grabbed and flies through the hallway.

"Ummm, Dustin." Said Jackson in Dustin's ear communicator. "Can you stop for a second?"

"Why Jackson? I'm almost out of the building."

"JUST DO IT!" Artemis screamed into Dustin's ear communicator.

(Phantom) Can someone put a muzzle on her? I don't think my ear could take another hit.

Dustin's ear was hurt again from Artemis's yelling and stops to let the camera on Dustin's mask see the person he grabbed.

"Ugh." Jackson sighed in disappointment. "Just as I suspected."



(Phantom) Am I deaf now?

Dustin awkwardly looks at the person he grabbed.

"Are you sure? That looks like a pretty fancy ass moustache to me."

"Unfortunately, yes Dustin." Uttered Jackson. "Go back into that room and find the real leader."

(Phantom) Nope, I can still hear.

Dustin rolls his eyes in disbelief and puts the person he grabbed on the wall.

"Fancy moustache, which one of the guys in that room was your boss Bryce Harrison?"

"I'm not telling you." Replied the henchman.

"I thought you might say that. So I'm going to give a choice right now, you can go ahead and keep giving me all these bullshit answers. Or…no I shouldn't say it."

"Say what?"

"The thing I'm about to do you if you give me another bullshit answer."

"And what's that?"

"Which one is Bryce Harrison?"


Dustin at that moment got really angry, grabbed the henchman by his chest, slammed him into the wall and activated his wraith ray in his hands.



Artemis and Jackson were in a secret room full of computers in Dustin's Pad, watching Dustin interrogate the henchman in confusion. Both Artemis and Jackson remove their headsets.

"Did Dustin watch Pulp Fiction last night?" Artemis asked. "Because that was definitely Pulp Fiction he quoted."

"Sigh. No, he watched it an hour before the mission." Replied Jackson.

"Does he honestly think that's going to work?"

"Got it!" Dustin screamed on the TV screen.

"What?" Uttered both Jackson and Artemis.

"Yeah, I got the information and boy did this guy sing. Turns out that dude has never watched Pulp Fiction before, and what I did to him just now was the scariest thing he's ever seen."

Artemis and Jackson both glare at the screen.

(Nereid & Requiem) Figured.

"I'm going to go get him, for reals, now." Said Dustin. "I'll be back in thirty minutes."

One Minute Later…

The men in the main room of the factory were recovering from the Phantom's attack.

"What a dumbass." Said one of the men. "He thought Chase was the boss!"

"Guess you were right Boss." Said another henchman. "He really is the biggest idiot to walk the Earth."

All the men in the room start to laugh really hard, that is until the Phantom returns to the room with the man called Chase in his hands. The Phantom without saying a word throws Chase into several henchmen and grabs the real boss this time a white male with grey hair and was wearing a black suit.

(Phantom) Fancy moustache my ass Jackson.

"Hi-ya Brycie." Dustin whispered into Bryce's ear. "You're coming with me."

Phantom flies through the floor again and out of the factory with the boss in his right arm.

"I got the right person this time." Said Dustin on his ear communicator.

"Good work, I guess." Replied Jackson on the other line.

"Alright Dustin, bring him on over to the SFPD Station for questioning." Said Artemis on the ear communicator. "That is if you can handle that."

"Of course I can handle it." Said Dustin. "Who do you think you're talking to?"

"The dumbass that almost took one of my underlings with you instead of me." Said Harrison as he laughed into Dustin's face.

Dustin got irritated by Harrison's laughter and decided to hold him by one leg as he hung him upside down and allowed his head to smack the ocean water several times.

"Ahh!" Harrison screamed in fear. "This ain't funny man! Pull me back up!"

"Nope." Uttered Dustin. "You call me a dumbass in front of my face and this is what you get."

SFPD Station, San Francisco, CA- 10:56 p.m.

Police Officer's were walking in and out of the station when the Phantom came flying in and dropped Harrison off in front of everyone. The police are shocked and look up at Phantom.

"That's Bryce Harrison, Drug Cartel Leader." Said Dustin. "So go do, well, you know… the thing where you interrogate him and get the information and what not...yeah…Bye."

Dustin flies into the air and back to his house. The cops look down at Bryce Harrison and Harrison reacts by smiling nervously.


Back on the drug cartel factory island, all the men were trying to rush everything into the boats and escape the island before police arrive.

"Come on!" Screamed one of the men. "We have to get out of here before the cops arrive!"

One of the men was going through a crate when suddenly a very large being stood in the shadow behind him.

"BORN ON A MONDAY…" Said the large being.

The man in the crate turns around trembling and was instantly startled when he see's the being.

"What the hell!" Screamed the man. "What are you?" The large being walks more into the light to reveal itself to the man. The man became extremely shocked as if he recognizes the being. "Cyrus…?"

The large being backhands the man and launches him into the air and lands in front of everyone else by the boats. All the henchmen are shocked and look up to see the large being walking towards them.

"What is that?!" screamed of one of the men.

"Who cares!?" Screamed another man. "Kill it!"

All the henchmen open fire on the large being and as soon as the bullets hit the large being, the being roared loudly and charged the henchmen. The large being batted several henchmen across the area with its large arms and then grabbed one of the boats on the coast and threw it at all the other boats to destroy them. Every henchman on the coast was either taken out or dead except for one. The last henchman's vision was blurry, as if he was about to pass out, and before he does he watched in utter horror as the large being, which revealed in the moonlight to be a large pale skinned zombie, with white hair and wore what looks like to be a mafia business suit; stared at the lights of San Francisco in the distance and then descended into the ocean towards the direction.

The Next Day…

Dustin's Pad, San Francisco, CA- 12:09p.m.

Dustin was sitting on his living room couch watching TV by himself. An idea then comes to Dustin's head and he looks around to see if Artemis and Jackson were still home.

"Guess no one is home." Said Dustin.

Dustin reaches under his couch and pulls out what looks like to be a glass bong and a grinder full of "tree". Dustin took the "tree" and began to pack it in the bowl of his bong.

(Phantom) All right I'll admit it. When it comes to being a role model for people, I am definitely in the top ten worst of all time. What can I say, I love tree. It's just a habit I never stopped since High School. What was I doing again? Oh yeah.

Dustin started to smoke his bong when suddenly on the TV screen; an urgent News Report takes over the program.

"This Just In!" Said the Female News Reporter. "We go live to what looks like to be a serious car chase after they had just robbed the bank on Golden Gate Avenue."

Dustin instantly blows out all the smoke and coughs several times.

"Shit!" Dustin screamed. "F*%$! I hate dealing with car chases stoned!" Dustin began look through the cabinets. "Alright calm down Dustin. You just got to find it, and you'll be Ooooo-kay." Dustin grabs an eye drop capsule. "Yes! Nothing cures the high than a few eye drops."

(Phantom) Okay I'm lying to myself. I just don't want Artemis and Jackson to know I went on a car chase baked out of my mind because they will get r-eeeeeally irritated if they did.


On Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco, four police cruisers were pursuing the car that was reported on the news. One of the crooks in the car pulls out an RPG and points it at the cops.

"Might want to cover your ears boys." Said the crook armed with the RPG. "Hey Pigs! Have a taste of this!"

The crook fired the RPG in front of the cops and two of the cop cars that were in front get tossed back from the explosion and land on the other two that were behind. All the crooks in the car laughed while they high fived each other in celebration for losing the cops.

"Alright boys." Said the driver. "It's smooth sailing from…here?"

In the rear view mirror of the car, the driver notices Dustin in his Phantom outfit flying directly behind.

"What the hell?" said one of the crooks. "Is that the Phantom guy I've been hearing about lately?"

"Who cares?" Replied the crook in the passenger seat as he broke the window to point his UZI submachine gun out the window. "Just shoot him."

All the other crooks do the same and point their weapons at Dustin. Dustin shook his head.

(Phantom) If those guys think they're going to hit me with those weapons, they're sadly mistaken.

The crooks all fired their weapons and Dustin quickly used his intangibility and flew low to avoid most of the bullets. Dustin uses his wraith ray to try and take out one of the tires but accidentally misses and hits a fire hydrant that goes flying into the air and crashes into one of the house's windows on that street.

(Phantom) Dammit, my high is affecting my ability to aim correctly.

An angry woman pops her head out of the destroyed window and glares at Dustin.

"What the hell my window and floor is ruined!" She screamed.

"Sorry!" Replied Dustin. "It was for a good cause!"

The car then takes a quick right on Divisadero Street and Dustin attempts to try and use his wraith ray again but he misses.

(Phantom) I really can't hit anything right now, can I?

The wraith ray blasts a hole into an oncoming McDonalds truck and the trucker reacts extremely pissed.

"Seriously!" The trucker screamed. "I just got this job last week!"

"It was for a good cause!" Dustin responded as he continued to pursue the car.

The car eventually reaches the Golden Gate Bridge and began to pick an incredible amount of speed while passing all the other cars. The crook in the passenger seat pulls out his UZI machine gun and began to spray barrages of bullets towards any other unfortunate vehicle next to them. One of the cars lost too much control and drove off the bridge. Dustin is shocked when he notices the car and quickly flies under the car to catch it.

(Phantom) Holy shit this car is heavy. How does Superman make this look so easy?

As Dustin dealt with the rescued vehicle, the crooks in the car celebrated for losing the Phantom.

"Well." Said the driver. "I guess that takes care of…" The Driver is suddenly shocked by something else. "Oh come on! Another one!"

About ten cars ahead of the culprits, Jackson stood there in his Nereid outfit, waiting patiently for the vehicle to get closer to him.

"What's he doing?" asked one of the men in the backseat.

"I don't know?" Said the man in the passenger seat. "Just run him over!"

The driver put his foot on the pedal all the way to give the vehicle more gas. Jackson however, smirked and began to walk slowly towards the car. As soon as the culprits' vehicle was close enough to Jackson, Jackson's eel tattoos glowed bright and then he quickly drew out of one of his water sabers to make a clean cut down the middle of the car. The car split in two and both of the halves slid on the ground past Jackson with the crooks still in it. One of the crooks in the backseat of the car tried to escape but Artemis in her Requiem outfit appeared right in front of him last minute and gives him a knock out clothesline. Three of the crooks in one of the halves of the car were attempting to escape before Jackson appeared right in front of them, holding his water sabers toward them.

"I'd reconsider on getting up if I were you chumps." Said Jackson with an intimidating tone.

Anger grew within the culprits before finally giving in and raising their hands up.

"Smart." Uttered Jackson.

However, on the other half of the car, the culprit that was sitting in the passenger seat got up from the car and pointed his Uzi at Jackson ever so confidently.

"If I'm going to the slammer." Uttered the culprit. "Then I'm at least taking one of you with me."

Artemis looks up and is shocked to see the culprit attempting to shoot Jackson from behind.

"NEREID BEHIND YOU!" She screamed.

Jackson quickly looks behind and is startled to see the man holding a weapon towards him. Before the man could shoot, a ray blasts the crooks weapon out of his hand. Jackson, Artemis and the crook are shocked and look over in the air to see where the blast came from. In the air, Dustin came flying in towards the crook.

"Yes!" Screamed Dustin. "It's about damn time I finally hit something with this ray!"

Dustin socks the crook in the face and then walks over the crooks body on the ground. Dustin crouches down and slaps the crook in the face.

"Say I'm the man." Said Dustin.

"What?" Replied the crook.

Dustin slaps the crook again.

"You heard me! Say it!"

"Pfft, I'm the man."

Dustin socks crook in the stomach.

"You know what I mean!"

"Ugh…Okay! Okay! You're the man! You're the man!"

"You god damn right I am!" Dustin socks the crook in the face to knock out him out and gets up from his spot to look at Artemis and Jackson "Great work team, just as I had planned out. Especially what you did to that vehicle Nereid, that was legit."

Artemis got closer to Dustin and examined him closely. Dustin began to sweat and look around nervously.

"Uhh…something bothering you Requiem?"

Artemis smelled Dustin and instantly covered her nose.

"By the gods! Really Phantom!?"

"What?" replied Dustin still nervously. "What did I do?"

Jackson got closer to Dustin as well and instantly shook his head in disappointment.

"Seriously Phantom…" Said Jackson irritably. "While crime fighting."

"Seriously, I'm lost."

"You're high Phantom!" Screamed Artemis angrily.

"What?...No!" Replied Dustin still nervously. "I-I'm not high. Whatever made you two think that?"

"Well for one you reek of a certain scent I despise to inhale and secondly…"

"Your left eye is still bloodshot red Phantom." Said Jackson

Dustin is shocked by Jackson's statement and grabs the mirror off the split vehicle to observe his eye.

"God dammit…" Dustin said under his breath. "I only put the drops in my right eye."

(Phantom) Really need to focus on that next time.

Dustin looks back at Artemis and Jackson awkwardly.

"Well, I see you two have it under control." Said Dustin while scratching the back of his head. "So I'll see you at the house, later!"

"Phantom wait!" Artemis and Jackson both exclaimed.

However, Dustin had already flown into the air invisible and was nowhere to be seen. Artemis squints her eyes in utter frustration.

"Oh, we're giving him a talk when we get home." Said Artemis.

Four Years Ago…

Bludhaven, NJ

On the rooftops of the buildings in Bludhaven, two figures were grappling their way around the city in the moonlight. The two figures set down on to the street level and it is revealed to be Nightwing in his blue outfit and Batgirl in her grey outfit. Lightning then strikes the sky and it soon began to rain heavily.

"Are you sure this is the location?" asked Batgirl.

"The report said there was a disturbance in this vicinity." Replied Nightwing.

Nightwing turns on the thermal scanner on his mask. On Nightwing's scanner, a large trail of heat signatures were discovered and it led to an alley ahead of the two.

"And something tells me the disturbance hasn't left yet."

"What did you find?"

"There's a large heat trail that leads into the alley right in front of us."

"What's the substance made out of?"

"The substance seems to be…Oh."


"That's odd, I've never had this actually happen before. The substance on my scanner is… unknown."

"Unknown? What does that mean?"

Nightwing pulls out his escrima sticks.

"It means we might have a possible threat. Stay alert and get close to me."

Nightwing and Batgirl slowly descend into the alley, checking every corner and trash bin until they finally reached the end where they found someone hiding while also shivering in fear. The person, who was shivering in fear, is revealed to be Dustin. Nightwing shines his escrima stick in the direction of Dustin.

"Alright buddy." Said Nightwing "Hands where we can see them."

"STAY BACK!" screamed Dustin as the hand he used to stop them glowed with an extremely bright purple color. "I… I don't want to hurt anyone!"

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Easy now. We're the good guys. We don't want to hurt you if you haven't done anything wrong."

"All we want to know." Asked Batgirl. "Is what happened to you?"

Dustin started to calm down and the bright light from Dustin's hand faded and revealed to the two who he was. Nightwing's eyes were shocked.

"Dustin? Dustin McCarthy?"

"Y-yeah… how did…"


"The Draft." Replied Batgirl instantly. "We watched you get drafted earlier on TV."

"Oh…schwaaaay." Replied Dustin but suddenly passes out and lands on the ground.

"What do we do with him Dick? We can't just take him to the authorities."

"You're right Babs, we're not taking him to the authorities."

"Then what are we doing with him?"

"He's coming with us."


Dustin's Pad, San Francisco, CA- 2:09 p.m.

Dustin was relaxing on the living room couch, watching a baseball game on TV while at the same time eating stacks of pancakes.

"Oh my gawd." Said Dustin as he swallowed his bite. "I looove pancakes. It literally is an orgasm in my mouth." Artemis and Jackson then appear and stand right in front of the TV so Dustin couldn't see. "Move out of the way! The A's are playing the Angels right now and brawls usually happen during divisional games."

"We need to talk." Said Artemis as she crossed her arms so boldly.

"About what?"

Jackson grabs the remote control from the table in front of Dustin and changes the channel to the news. On the news, the same lady that had her window smashed from earlier was being interviewed from a reporter.

"…yeah, that Phantom guy" Said the lady angrily "destroyed my window and wrecked my floor…"

Jackson changes the channel again to a different news network. On the news, the same truck driver from earlier as well was being interviewed from a different reporter.

"…I got fired because of that Phantom guy!" Screamed the truck driver. "But then again they were going to lay me off anyways at the end of this week…"

Jackson changes the channel once more, to some random guy that was affected, being interviewed by the news.

"…he said 'it was for a good cause'." Said the guy. "Yeah, good cause my a-beep…"

Jackson turns off the TV, and Artemis and him look at Dustin.

"Oh…" Replied Dustin awkwardly. "THAT, is what you two wanted to talk about… So I screwed up, accidents happen. Right?"

"Dustin, all of those 'accidents' could have been prevented during that car chase." Said Artemis irritated "If you weren't stoned out of your mind."

"What was I supposed to do?" replied Dustin. "You two weren't around and I couldn't just let those f*$%tards get away with all that money."

"True." Replied Jackson. "But then again you could have always just CALLED us and we would have dealt with it with no problem."

Dustin glared at his phone on the table and face palms.

"…I really need to start using my brain more."

"Look Dustin." Said Artemis. "I get you don't really care about most things in the world…BUT our public image to the city is something you HAVE to care about if you want to be a vigilante in this city. Without a good public image, how is the city supposed to ever look at us as their trusty guardians."

Dustin looks down and continues to eat his pancakes.

"Were not saying you have to quit tree." Said Jackson. "Even though that is what Artemis originally wanted. But for your sake and especially our sake, try to lay off it during the day…and maybe in general too."

Dustin lets out a big sigh before sinking into the couch.

"Okay." Said Dustin. "But I still get to do it in the house."

"Hell no." Replied Artemis.

"Fair enough. So anyways, where were you two earlier?"

"That brings us to the next discussion." Said Jackson. "And I think we should take this to the basement."

"Yes!" Said Dustin happily. "I love the basement."

Moments later…

Dustin, Artemis and Jackson walk down the stairs to the basement and Dustin flicks on the power switch. The basement's power turns on and it is revealed to be the size of a large warehouse. With one area being the computers & crime investigation work, another area being the training ground and the last area being the equipment & vehicle inventory.

"The best thing about living on a mountainside." Said Dustin. "It gives a lot of room underneath the house to build cool shit like this. Though I do imagine the Batcave being way bigger than this."

Dustin, Artemis and Jackson sit down at the computer and Artemis turns it on.

"The reason Jackson and I were not at the house this afternoon." Said Artemis "Was because the police went to the drug cartel island last night."

"And?" asked Dustin.

"Only to discover that every drug cartel member there was slaughtered, along with every boat there stacked onto the other."

"Damn…I never really thanked Jason for helping Dick and I build this basement before he died. Does that make me a bad person?"

Jackson and Artemis glared at each.

"Anyways, there was a survivor of the attack." Said Jackson.

"But he's still in the hospital bed knocked out." Replied Artemis.

"Bummer." Said Dustin. "So let me guess, we're going back to that island to investigate."

"That is correct." Said Artemis "Let's suit up."

Artemis and Jackson leave their seats and rush over to their outfits leaving Dustin still at the computer.

"I was just kidding. We actually have to go back to that island?"

(Former) Drug Cartel Island, Pacific Ocean- 4:20 p.m.

Artemis, Jackson and Dustin were on the beach of the island, observing the destruction that was caused the night before. Artemis and Jackson were looking through the evidence thoroughly on the beach while Dustin was bored and began to stack up several objects on the beach and use them as target practice.

"Find anything yet?" Asked Jackson.

"Nothing." Artemis replied stressfully. "Not a single thing…Anything on your part Dustin?...Dustin?"

Artemis and Jackson look over to see Dustin in an old western stance, staring off at the objects he had placed. Right when Dustin was in mid action of firing his wraith ray, Artemis screams.


"Ahhh!" Dustin is startled and his wraith ray accidentally blasts the boat that he had placed the objects on. "God Dammit Artemis! Look what you made me do!" Artemis and Jackson glared at Dustin as he began to rant. "I mean seriously, I just got done setting this up for myself." Dustin storms over to the spot. "Great, now I gotta set it up all over a-…gain?" Dustin stops in front of the spot and is shocked to find an extremely large human footprint. "Holy shit that's a huge ass footprint!"

Artemis and Jackson are interested and rush over to observe Dustin's discovery.

"Seriously?" Said Artemis. "How is it every time Jackson and I are trying to find evidence, Dustin JUST so happens to find it every time?"

Dustin smirks, takes in a lot of air to the lungs and began to sing I'm the man by Aloe Blacc.

"Well you can tell everybody. Yeah you can tell everybody. Go ahead and tell everybody. I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man. Yes I am, yes I…"

Artemis and Jackson ignore the rest of Dustin's singing and continued to observe the footprint.

"What do you think Jackson?" asked Artemis.

"Definitely not normal." Replied Jackson. "Has to be some sort of meta-human to create a foot print that size. But my question is, if the police didn't run into the meta-human when they came to the island last night, then where did the meta-human go?"

(Requiem) That gave me a chill down my spine.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA- 4:37p.m.

On the beach, hundreds of civilians were enjoying the bright sunny day on the beach. Two kids, a boy and a girl, were storming to the ocean water excitedly while holding boogie boards when something startled them and a large shadow was casted above the two. The children screamed.

"MONSTER!" Screamed the children and ran away.

Everyone's attention was drawn to what the children were screaming about and they too began to run screaming in fear. The monster is finally revealed and it is the same monster that had attacked the drug cartel island. The monster lifts his fists into the air and unleashes an extremely loud war cry that echoes throughout the entire bay, inflicting fear into anyone who hears it.

"SOLOMON GRUNDY! BORN ON A MONDAY!" the monster roared.

Will The Rejects be able to stop Solomon Grundy?

Next Issue: The Rejects vs. Solomon Grundy

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