DC Comics New 52: The Rejects

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Issue #7: The Rejects vs. Solomon Grundy

One-Year Ago…

Drug Cartel Island, Pacific Ocean

The sun over the horizon was starting to set, as several members of the drug cartel were beginning to construct what looked like to be a factory. While the henchmen were busy, two men stood at a distance, gazing the view of the factory with admiration and accomplishment. One of the men is revealed to be Bryce Harrison and the other to be an unknown affiliate who was Caucasian and had brown hair. The unknown affiliate places his hand on Bryce's shoulder.

"I can't thank you enough for this well thought out plan Bryce." Said the affiliate.

"Hey, anytime Cyrus." Replied Bryce. "It's what partners are for."

"As soon as this factory gets built, we'll be able to smuggle all the varieties of drugs we have in stored in and out of The Bay and rule the drug trade."

"True…But have you considered about expanding the drug trade Mr. Gold?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well just think about it, we can make a good amount of money JUST in The Bay…But we can make a FORTUNE if we expanded all around the West Coast."

"Perhaps…But we would also be attracting the wrong attention as well Mr. Harrison."


"See, that's what you don't understand yet about running a drug trade business. You gotta start out slow, make your first trade location your home location. If the business runs well, then we will think about expansion. But at the mean time, the drug operation will stay here in the Bay as planned. Do I make myself clear?"

Bryce squinted his eyes in despise at Cyrus but then grins as if he has a devious idea now.

"Hey Cyrus," He said so boldly "Did I ever tell you there's a swamp on this island?"

"No, I don't believe you ever did?"

"Yeah, it's pretty gruesome looking if you ask me? Would you like me to give you a tour?"

"Sure partner."

Cyrus and Bryce began to walk to the vicinity of the island with the swamp.

"I'm telling ya Bryce," Cyrus said as he placed his arm over Bryce's shoulder "this is looking like the beginning of a bright future for our partnership."

"Yeah, same here Mr. Gold." Replied Bryce as he pulled a handgun secretly from his back pocket. "Bright future…"


Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA- 4:37 p.m.

Solomon Grundy was going on an extreme rampage on the beach, swapping away all the umbrellas or any object that stood in his away. Police cruisers arrive to the scene quickly and several SFPD officers disperse holding handguns.

"Stop!" screamed one of the officers. "Or we will open fire!"

Grundy didn't take the officers demand seriously and chucked a boulder by the officer's vicinity.

"Open fire!"

All the officers unleashed a massive barrage of bullets at Solomon Grundy and continued to do so. However, the bullets seemed ineffective to Solomon Grundy, as he seemed to have only got angrier from it and raged.


"Oh shit…" Uttered one of the officers.

Solomon Grundy roared loudly and charged quickly at the SFPD officers.

"Take cover!" Screamed one of the officers.

Solomon Grundy uses his shoulder to truck a police cruiser into the air and it lands on two civilian vehicles that were parked by the coast. Officers recovered from the impact and continued to fire their handguns on Solomon Grundy. Grundy turn's his head to give the officers an intimidating stare and then uses his massive fists to smash the ground hard and cause the concrete floor below the officers crumble. Some of the unfortunate officers were launched into the air due to the impact and Grundy quickly reacted by swatting them all over the place. Grundy then grabs one of the police cruisers and launches it over into another police cruiser and the two vehicles explode. Solomon Grundy continued to pursue the city of San Francisco as one of the surviving officers grabs his radio communicator.

"Come in!" He screamed. "This is Lt. Rodriguez! Normal force won't work on this bastard! Send in the National Guard!"


(Former) Drug Cartel Island, Pacific Ocean

Dustin, Artemis and Jackson are still on the drug cartel island but the three are then startled by the commotion going on in the distance at Ocean beach. Artemis and Jackson stand up from observing the footprint and Dustin stops singing to himself.

"How much you want to bet our meta-human is on the beach right now?" Said Jackson.

"My left nut." Replied Dustin.

Artemis and Jackson glared at Dustin for a moment.

"What? I'm that confident."

Artemis pinched her eyes.

"Look, it sounds like our metahuman is causing collateral damage to the Bay right now." Said Artemis. "You two go ahead and deal with him. I'll try to catch up."

"Right." Replied Dustin and Jackson.

Dustin flies up into the air and quickly darts toward the bay. Jackson quickly jumps into the ocean and swims extremely fast in the sea towards the coast. Artemis sighs in disappointment and hops onto the Jet Ski.

"Sometimes I really hate being the last one to arrive to the fight." Artemis uttered.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA- 4:47

Several civilians at the Golden Gate Park were enjoying themselves on the grass, having picnics and partaking in certain activities. Suddenly, most of the people from the beach come rushing in, screaming off the top of their lungs. Most of the people at the park were confused but then soon discover what everyone was running away from as Solomon Grundy appears by knocking down a couple trees. Then the park civilians react the same as everyone else and began to flee. Solomon Grundy grabs one of the trees he had knocked down and begins swinging it around berserk like. Grundy hits a few civilians with the tree and continues to rampage. A young red headed woman started to run but instantly stops to remember her baby.

"My baby!" She screamed in horror. "Where is she?"

The woman turns around to see her baby's stroller by the pathway and quickly rushes over to get her child. However, as soon as she grabs the child, a large shadow overshadows her and it spooks the woman.

"Karen behind you!" Screamed a man in the distance.

The woman turns around but trips to the ground holding her baby tight and screaming in terror as Solomon Grundy stood over her with his leg ready to stomp on the woman and her child.

"Hey ugly!" Screamed a familiar voice.

Grundy's attention is drawn by the voice and as soon as his head turns, he receives a fat punch from Dustin.

"Boom Shack A Lak A!" Dustin screamed tauntingly.

The force of Dustin's punch was too much for Grundy that he dropped the tree he was holding and flew back a few yards into the grassy lawn. Jackson then appears as well to give Dustin some support.

"That's right bitch! Stay down!"

"Are you all right ma'am?" Jackson said in concern to the women.

Jackson helps the woman and her child up from the ground.

"I am now." The woman replied as she began to run with the other civilians. "Thanks Aqualad and…friend?"

Dustin and Jackson's expressions change from delighted to extremely bothered.

"Aqualad?" Jackson uttered in confusion. "I've never even met Aquaman before."

"At least she called you something!" Dustin whined. "I'm only known as…'the friend'."

Solomon Grundy began to get up from Dustin's punch and points directly at Dustin with an extremely pissed off expression.


"I think he likes you." Said Jackson as he smirked at Dustin.

"Really!? You don't say!?" Replied Dustin sarcastically as he gave Jackson a Nicholas Cage meme glare. "Now lets get serious Nereid and show this meta-freak what happens when he messes with our city!"

Jackson grins and pulls out his water sabers.

"Thought you'd never ask. Lets get him!"

Dustin flies up into the air and flies around to the right side of Solomon Grundy while firing his wraith ray several times at him. The rays were ineffective and it only pissed off Grundy even more. Grundy was about to strike at Dustin but Grundy forgets about Jackson and Jackson quickly creates two hammers with his sabers and clobbers Grundy in the face then stomach.

"ARGH!" Grundy screamed in frustration. "GRUNDY KILL YOU DEAD!"

Grundy uses his arm to try and swat Jackson with a backhand but Jackson dodges the attack by ducking and then strikes Grundy in the chest with a saber attack. Dustin then comes flying in with both his feet out in front and stomps Grundy's face. Grundy got dizzy from the attack and began to feel his head. Dustin then sets down next to Jackson.

"That Nereid." Said Dustin. "Is how you literally stomp the yard."

"Do you ever shut up?" Replied Jackson.

"Only when I blackout…and when Requiem scares me."

Grundy shook his head several times to shake off the dizziness and then glares at Dustin and Jackson.

"Dammit!" Whined Dustin. "Can't you just stay down?"

"Well look on the bright side." Replied Jackson. "As long as we keep our distance, he can't hit us."

A green gas began to spore out of Grundy's back as his veins and eyes began to glow bright. Grundy then stomps the ground extremely hard to cause the ground to shake below Dustin and Jackson. Skeleton and zombie arms then appear from the ground and grabs both Jackson and Dustin tight. Dustin glares at Jackson.

"What was that about he can't get us at a long distance?" He uttered.

"Shut up Phantom and help me get out of this!" Jackson screamed.

Dustin quickly uses his Wraith Ray to blast the arms off of Jackson's legs. As soon as Jackson is freed, Jackson returns the favor by using his water sabers to cut the arms off of Dustin's legs.

"Alright Nereid, let's…"

Dustin is shocked to realize that Grundy disappeared when they were preoccupied and kicks a rock out of frustration.

"Shit!" He rambled. "Where'd he go?"

Jackson looks on the ground to notice footprints heading to the streets.

"He must have slipped away to the city when he had us caught." Replied Jackson.

"Figures." Said Dustin boldly. "Guess he just couldn't handle the bro-namic duo."

Dustin then looks at his arm to notice a zombie arm still latched on to him.

"Ahhhh!" Dustin screamed. "Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!"

At that moment, Artemis had finally arrived to the battle and eagerly rushed over to Dustin and Jackson.

"I'm finally here you two!" She said. "Hope I didn't miss too much."

Dustin then finally gets the zombie arm off of his arm and the arm goes flying into the air, only to land and grip onto Artemis's face. Artemis slowly grabs the arm off of her face, only to realize in horror what it was and screams.

"Aughhhh!" Artemis screamed. "What the hell Phantom!"

"Uh oh…" Dustin uttered.

Fire was engulfed into the eyes of Artemis as she quickly grabbed Dustin by the chest and started shaking him several times.

"What is wrong with you!?" Artemis screamed. "Is your primary function in life to purposely piss me off any chance you get!?"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Dustin replied while also fearing for his life. "It wasn't intentional I swear!"

Jackson rolls his eyes in disbelief.

"Will you two cut it out!?" Jackson yelled. "We still need to stop our meta-human! Remember?"

Artemis stops shaking Dustin and drops him to the ground. Dustin quickly springs up and gives Artemis a dirty look while he fixes his visor.

"Well he couldn't have gotten that far." Said Dustin. "I'll go ahead and slow him down. You two try to catch up."

Dustin flies up into the air and quickly follows the footsteps to try and find Grundy in the city; while Artemis and Jackson quickly try to follow Dustin from behind.

"So Nereid?" Asked Artemis. "What's this meta-human we are dealing with like?"

"To put it into the best way possible." Replied Jackson. "He looks like a roided out zombie?"


"I'm not even joking. Phantom and I seemed to have dealt with him fine but he can be pretty unpredictable, so expect the unexpected from this guy."

Artemis quickly draws her long sword from her back.

"Believe me, unpredictable is nothing new when our leader is the prime definition of that word."

Jackson smirks.

"Not going to argue with that statement."

Market St./Van Ness Ave., San Francisco

The streets were packed with cars and the traffic seemed to not be moving either. A lot of angry drivers were getting heated due to the traffic. Especially one certain Taxi driver that's completely lost his mind.

"Come on!" He screamed. "I want to make it back home before the game starts! Lousy city traffic."

As the driver sat in his cab irritated, in the rear mirror view he notices several people getting out of their cars and sprinting away from something.

"What the he-."

The cab driver began to tremble as his vehicle was lifted into the air. The cab driver sticks his head out the window and looks underneath the car, only to be horrified as it turns out to be Solomon Grundy; trying to clear a path with the cab driver's vehicle.

"Ahh! Put me down! Put me down!"

Grundy then chucks the vehicle and the cab began to make a course towards the nearby Honda dealership center. The cab driver places his hands out in front to not witness the collision but is shocked when the car is suddenly stopped. The cab driver is relieved as the Phantom is revealed to have caught the vehicle before it crashes.

"You alright buddy?" Dustin asked as he ripped the door off the cab.

The cab driver quickly gets out of the vehicle and gives Dustin a dirty look.

"What?! You couldn't have gotten here sooner!" The cab driver screamed as he ran off with the rest of the crowd.

Dustin squinted his eyes at the cab driver.

(Phantom) Well, that's the last time I do that guy a favor. Ungrateful prick.

Dustin looks over to see Grundy in the middle of the intersection swatting all the vehicles around him. Dustin then whistles.

"Hey you overgrown gorilla!" Dustin screamed as he waved his hands around. "Come at me bro!"

Grundy grunted while also grinding his teeth and grabs a nearby street light post. Dustin quickly flies into the middle of the intersection and sets down to face off with Grundy. Grundy roared aggressively and swung the street pole at Dustin. Dustin smirks and uses his intangibility to let the pole go through him.

"Nope." Said Dustin.

Grundy swings again.


Grundy got even angrier and began to swing consecutively but every time he did Dustin would just use his intangibility and say some smart-ass remark after.

"Strike one. Strike two. Strrrrr-ike three! You're out of there!"

Dustin then strikes at Grundy and uppercuts him in the chin to cause Grundy to land on his rear. Dustin began to laugh.

"Come on man, it's like you're not even trying right now."

Grundy growled at Dustin, grabbed a car that was by him and chucked it at Dustin. Dustin shook his head and let the car go right through him by using his intangibility.

"Like I said. It's like you're not even…"

Dustin realized at that moment there was a woman behind him trying to get her toddler out of the car but the other cars around them had trapped them inside and the car that Grundy threw was about to land on them.

"No!" Dustin screamed.

However, before Dustin could try to his Wraith Ray on the car, Grundy quickly uses the distraction to his advantage, grabs Dustin by the arm and slams him into the concrete.

(Phantom) Like that, I felt helpless. Useless even. One moment I think I'm at the top of my game, the next I forget to check my surroundings and now I'm watching in distraught as a car is about to smash a poor mother and her child and there's nothing I can do about it. Have to fight harder!

Dustin gets a hold of Grundy's chest and quickly head butts Grundy's face. Dustin quickly gets his free arm steady for his Wraith Ray but realizes it's too late.

(Phantom) Too late, I failed.

The woman and the toddler screamed for their lives as the car was about to hit them but then at the last minute someone appeared on the hood of their vehicle with a long sword drawn out and sliced the vehicle in half. The person was revealed to be Artemis and she sighs in relief.

(Phantom) Yes! Thank you Artemis! Definitely going to make it up for her later. With that done, now I just need to figure out how to stop getting my ass kicked by this stupid zombie.

Artemis quickly turns around to use her strong Amazon legs to leg press one of the vehicles away from the door and then uses her super strength to rip the door off.

"She's strong momma." Uttered the toddler.

Artemis helps the woman and her toddler quickly get out of the car.

"You alright sisters?" Asked Artemis.

"Yes we're fine." Replied the woman as she grabbed her toddler and ran to safety. "Thanks Superwoman!"

Artemis's happy attitude goes away and her right eye began to twitch.

"Superwoman…? I'm not even Kryptonian!"

Jackson then appears next to Artemis.

"Hey. At least you didn't get called something as lame like Aqualad." Said Jackson. "Or in Phantom's case 'the friend'."

"Uhh…Guys!" Screamed Dustin as Grundy continued to swing him around. "Little help?!"

Artemis and Jackson roll their eyes and enter the intersection to help Dustin out.

"Okay Nereid." Said Artemis. "You take the left and I'll take the ri-"

Before Artemis could finish, Grundy finally lets Dustin go and Dustin ends up colliding into Jackson.

"Or I'll just go ahead and take him on my own till you two decide get up."

Artemis began to sprint towards Grundy while also dragging her long sword on the street to create sparks. When Artemis got close enough, she then gets a hold of her sword to strike.

(Requiem) Okay, have to time this right. As soon as he strikes, go for the big hit.

Grundy tries to punch Artemis but Artemis rolls on the street to dodge the punch and then quickly jabs her sword into Grundy.

(Requiem) And like that, it's over.

However, Grundy smirks at Artemis's stab attempt, grabs the sword and reels the sword even deeper into his body.

(Requiem) What!?

Artemis's eyes opened wide as she was shocked by Grundy's abilities.

"What in Hades are you?" Asked Artemis.

"DIED ON A SATURDAY!" Screamed Grundy as he swatted Artemis away from him.

Meanwhile, Dustin was on top of Jackson and was getting up from the collision he had suffered earlier.

"Uhn…" Uttered Dustin. "Thanks for breaking my fall Nereid."

"(Cough) Anytime Phantom." Whimpered Jackson.

Right when Dustin and Jackson got up, Artemis came flying in towards the two and lands on both of them. Jackson quickly gets up in concern for Artemis.

"You okay Requiem?" Asked Jackson.

"I'm fine." Replied Artemis. "You okay Phantom?...Phantom?"

Artemis looks down to notice Dustin's face was in her breasts.

"Mmmmm…." Dustin moaned. "Requiem's dirty pillows."

Artemis then got pissed off and socked Dustin in the head to get off of him.

"Forget I even asked." She uttered. "Where's he heading now?"

"Judging by the trail he's left." Replied Jackson. "He's heading to the police station."

"Why the hell would a zombie with anger problems be interested to the police station?" Asked Dustin as he rubbed the bump on his head.

"You want to go ask him?" Replied Artemis. "Or should I?"

"Nah, I'll do it." Dustin said as he flew up into the air. "Oh, and Requiem. Where's your sword?"

"You mean my dagger? It's right…"

Artemis notices her long sword is nowhere near her.

"Oh Hera…" Artemis uttered.

"What?" Asked Jackson.

"I left my sword in that stupid zombie."

SFPD Station

Several SFPD officers in tactical outfits were piling out of the police station with heavy weaponry. Roadblocks were dispersed everywhere on the street as officers prepared themselves for Solomon Grundy. Inside the station's cells, Bryce Harrison was in one of them, curious as to what was going on.

"Hey dummy!" Bryce shouted at one of the officers. "What the hell is going on out there?!"

"Not sure!" Replied the officer. "But something big if they're making me put on this much armor!"

Outside of the station, most of the officers were lined up at the roadblock and ready to take down the threat. One of the officers holding a megaphone gets on top of the roadblock to speak to Solomon Grundy, who was slowly making his decent to the police station.

"Metahuman!" The officer screamed in the megaphone. "This is your final warning! Stand down or feel the full wrath of the San Francisco Police Department!"

Grundy war cried loudly as a response and began to charge at the SFPD policemen.

"You've been warned! Open Fire!"

All the police officers open fired onto Solomon Grundy who reacted by covering his face from the barrages of bullets and then leaps into the air to hop over the roadblock. The police looked up in awe as Grundy glided over them and then lands on top of a police car to crush it. One SWAT officer pulls out an anti-tank launcher and launches it at Grundy. However, Grundy saw the rocket come at him and with his lightning quick reflex caught the rocket with his two fingers.

"Whoa…" Uttered the SWAT officer.

The officers stood there in awe as Grundy flicks the rocket and blows up two police cruisers. Grundy sets his sight onto the police station and breaks into the entrance. A few officers that were inside the station, open fire on Grundy with their handguns but Grundy swats a nearby desk to knock them out. In the jail cells, Bryce Harrison began to worry due to the commotion going on in the station.

"What the hell is going on out there?!" Bryce demanded.

Solomon Grundy then appears in front of Bryce's cell and Bryce reacts by being extremely spooked and terrified. Grundy grabs the cell bars with his gorilla hands and rips the cell door off like it was nothing. Bryce crawled into the corner of the cell while on top of his bed as Grundy slowly lurked toward him.

"Wait! Wait!" Bryce screamed. "Please! Don't hurt me! I'll give you anything you want in the world…like gold. Yeah, everyone likes gold. You like gold…right?"

At that moment, Solomon Grundy growled out of irritation from Bryce's plead and grabs Bryce from the bed with one arm.

"SOLOMON GRUNDY! NO WANT GOLD!" He screamed as he brought Bryce closer to his face. "JUST…HARRISON."

As Grundy held Bryce in front of him, Bryce at that moment began to recognize who Solomon Grundy was, just by looking at the business suit he was wearing. Chills began to consume Bryce everywhere around his body as he slowly hesitated to try and utter something to Grundy.

"Cy-…Cyrus?" Bryce uttered. "…Boss?"

Grundy roared loudly after hearing Bryce's statement and slammed him into the cell floor. Grundy lifts his two fists into the air and tries to smash Bryce. However, at the last minute, someone grabs Grundy from behind and began to lift Grundy up above their head. Bryce was shocked and looked up to see who it was. The visor on the shadowy figure lifting Grundy above him shines in the light and it is revealed to be the Phantom.

"Forget about me already?" Dustin screamed. "I'm hurt."

Dustin throws Grundy into the air and then quickly uses his Wraith ray to blast Grundy out of the building again.

"Then again, I didn't expect much from an ugly ass zombie!"

(Phantom) Ha! Got'em!

Dustin was rubbing his hands together to get the dust off when he notices Bryce slowly trying to sneak out of his cell behind him.

(Phantom) Seriously? Hope the SFPD doesn't mind me doing this.

Dustin rolls his eyes in disbelief and quickly does a spin kick to put Bryce back into his cell unconscious.

(Phantom) Oh whom am I kidding? I was going to do that anyways.

Outside of the police building, Grundy was recovering from the Phantom's wraith ray attack when Nereid and Requiem appear right above him. With lots of aggression, Jackson pulls out his two hydro sabers and slashes Grundy's chest twice before kicking him in the face. Artemis lands on Grundy right after the attack and swipes her long sword out of the zombie's stomach.

"This belongs to me, thank you very much." Artemis roared as she held her sword high into the air with a devilish grin. "Feel the wrath of AMAZONS FURY!"

Artemis viciously slashes Grundy's chest eight times in her state of fury. When Artemis was finished, large gashes left Grundy's body scarred. Grundy roared a bone chilling scream and looks at Artemis and Jackson with intent to kill.


Before Grundy could finish his threat, Dustin came flying in and socked Grundy in the face to knock him down to the ground.

"Ohhhhhh!" Dustin screamed. "World Star! World Star! Oh come on you two! You have to admit that was TOTALLY World Star Hip-hop material!"

Artemis and Jackson giggle a little to Dustin's reaction but also try their best to keep a straight face on the situation.

(Nereid) Must…Resist…Laughing.

(Requiem) I'll admit it. Despite Dustin being a complete moron most of the time…he does know how to make Jackson and I crack a smile.

As Solomon Grundy slowly got up, the Rejects got together and stood in front of the creature.

"It's over ugly." Said Dustin so boldly. "Nothing you do at this point is going help you win this…"

Solomon Grundy completely ignores Dustin, grabs a fire hydrant and chucks it at the three.

(Phantom) Sigh. I hate when people never listen to me. But then again, who actually does?

Artemis and Jackson quickly evade the fire hydrant by jumping out of the way while Dustin just stood there allowing the hydrant to go right through him by becoming intangible.

(Phantom) Thank something for my intangibility, otherwise that looked like that would have hurt way worse then being punched in the face by Artemis during that certain time of the month…Did I also mention I'm atheist?

Dustin turns around to see the hydrant heading into the direction of a gas truck.

(Phantom) That doesn't look promising.

The gas tank is impaled by the fire hydrant and the gas inside the tank began to flow into direction of a fire that was near the SFPD Station.

(Phantom) Okay, that definitely does not look promising.

The flame ignites the gas and the gas truck explodes to cause everything within its radius to be destroyed and catch on fire. Dustin stood there in awe, with his left eye slightly twitching.

(Phantom) What the shit? Seriously? What are the honest odds of that happening? I mean come on! Do I ever get a break from f #$ing things up?

Artemis and Jackson both get up and also stare at the fire that was caused by the fire hydrant in disbelief.

"I hope that wasn't expensive." Dustin uttered.

Jackson and Artemis glare at Dustin.

"What? I'm not paying for it. Not my fire hydrant. Not my problem. That's what I always say."

Artemis looks behind and is shocked.

"Hey boys?" She said. "I think our Meta slipped away while we were distracted by the fire."

"Augh!" Dustin screamed with frustration. "ARE…YOU…FISTING…ME?!"

Dustin got on his knees and placed his hands on the sides of his head.

"How do we lose sight of a giant ass zombie?! Please, somebody enlighten me."

As Dustin continued to rant and complain, Artemis was looking around to see if there were any leads. Artemis then notices that a sewer lid was ripped off and a reasonably large hole was left in the street.

(Requiem) I highly doubt that hole was always there.

While Artemis pursued the hole and Dustin still continued to complain; Jackson decided to take the wild fire that was about to erupt into his own hands and uses his hydro-kinesis to gather up all the water coming out of the spot the fire hydrant use to be.

(Nereid) Okay, am I the only one who's realized that fire needs to be put out? I mean that fire is spreading like no other right now and not once has it occurred to Dustin nor Artemis yet that it needs to be put out. Jeez, do I always have to fix everything?

Jackson controls the massive amount of water he had gathered up above the fire and extinguished the problem by dropping it all on it. Jackson started to walk back to Artemis and Dustin when out of nowhere Dustin sprang up onto his feet.

"The fire!" He screamed. "We gotta put out that fire!"

(Nereid) Wow. I'm actually surprised he remembered. But a little too late, don't ya think?

"Already taken cared of." Said Jackson. "But it's the thought you remembered is what counts Phantom."

Dustin smiles at Jackson by showing off his pearly whites.

(Phantom) Ass hat.

"Ahem." Artemis uttered to get their attention. "If you two are done bickering over there, we still have a certain zombie to hunt."

Dustin and Jackson glared at Artemis while they walked toward the hole she was standing in front of.

"I take it are friend decided to hide in the sewers." Said Jackson.

"Looks that way." Replied Artemis.

"I'm not going down there." Dustin uttered.

Artemis and Jackson stare at Dustin.

"Are you kidding me you two? We don't know what's been down there. There might be disease for all we know. And for something's sake it reeks worst than my asshole on wing night."

(Nereid) I'm not going to argue that statement.

"Quit being such a pansy Phantom." Replied Artemis. "Unless you got a better plan to go with at the moment?"

"As a matter in fact I do, Requiem."

(Requiem) Oh, this aught to be interesting.

(Nereid) Please just stop while you're ahead Dustin.

"I get it, you two are probably thinking right now 'Oh, what's good old Phantom going to pull out of his ass this time?' Well let me tell you two, I have been actually paying attention today. And as far as what I have analyzed, this is what I got."

(Requiem) Here we go.

(Nereid) Dammit.

"It seems our zombie friend use to be apart of the drug cartel that we just busted the other day and as a matter in fact I'm willing to bet money he use to be the leader. How he died and became all roided up I still have no idea. But I'm willing to assume that our friend Harrison will know because when I interfered inside the Police Station, he actually recognized the zombie as a person he use to know named Cyrus. Plus, if you really think about it, that mother f*%^er went straight to the Police Station and tried to kill Harrison…Am I not wrong?"

Artemis and Jackson stood there in shock after Dustin's mind-blowing analysis.

(Nereid) Whoa. Did he really just figure that all out on his own?

(Requiem) How in the hell did he figure all that out by such small observations? Seriously, I really want to yell and call him an idiot right now but everything he said just now was spot on…How does he do it sometimes?

"I bet you two are probably thinking right now, 'oh my god, did good old Phantom just figure it out on his own?' If you did, go f#$% yourself! I'm not that big of an idiot you two are always thinking I am…smucks."

(Artemis) I really hate it when he uses that word. Gets under my skin every time.

"Okay Phantom, since you OBVIOUSLY figured out the mystery of our zombie companion. What's your plan to stop him?"

Dustin rolls his eyes to look back at the SFPD Station.

"I think it's time we revisited someone." Said Dustin with a smirk on his face.


Sewers, Underneath San Francisco

Solomon Grundy was recovering from the attack he had suffered from earlier. The giant scars that were left on Grundy's chest began to regenerate as several amounts of green gas began to disperse all around the sewers. Inside the sewer that Grundy was in, were several dead bodies that have dead for what looks like to be centuries. The green gas that came out of Grundy suddenly began to be absorbed by the dead bodies and soon enough the bodies began to rise as if they were reanimated. The zombies began to horde around Grundy as Grundy roared loudly that would echo all the way out of every sewer in San Francisco.


Grundy's got an army!

What will the Rejects do?

Next Issue: Putting the nail on the Coffin

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