The Trials of Love

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Chapter 10

After the tubes the gang went on the other slides around the pool. After about 15 times of going down the slides they decided t take a break and grab some food.

They all sat down at a table and ate their food. Chris had 2 hot dogs so did Leon, Claire just had a bag of chip because she was not really hungry and Sheva had some nachos. While they ate they talked about the sleepover and how they wanted to hang out again.

"Next time we hang out, we should go to my house. I have some cool video games we could play." Sheva told them while she picked up a nacho.

"That sounds great…" Chris said as he reached for her nachos and took a couple. Before Sheva could smack them out of his hands, he shoved the nachos in his mouth. Sheva pouted as he munched on the nachos, smiling at her expression.

"You jerk!" Sheva told him as she puffed her cheeks out once again.

"Oooh, free nachos!" Leon said as he grabbed some nachos too. Claire followed what the two guys did and took some nachos too.

"Really? Now you guys owe me, big time." Sheva said laughing a bit but still being serious.

"Yeah guys, that wasn't cool." Chris said, acting like he didn't start it all.

"Oh shut up…" Sheva told as she pushed his arm and laughed out loud with everyone else. After the laughing died down Sheva told them she was going to go back on the slides. Mrs. Redfield came right when she said that and told Sheva and the rest of them:

"Oh no you don't, you all need to wait an hour before you go back into the pool or you will get a cramp and drown."

"Mom, that's just a myth. But if it is actually true the lifeguards will help us out before we can even take in any water…" Claire protested.

"I am responsible for all of you guys and I will not let you get hurt. Do I make myself clear?" She asked all of them. They all mumbled "Yes, ma'am…" then she left to go sit down on one of the chairs.

"Well, I'm just going to walk around the pool, want to come Shev?" Claire asked walking away from the table.

"Sure." Sheva said standing up and following Claire. Claire looked back to see Sheva rushing towards her. Claire slowed down her walking and let Sheva catch up. Sheva caught up and then Claire said "So…"

"So…" Sheva copied, she waited a second before asking:

"Does Chris have a girlfriend?"

"Where did that come from?" Claire asked her giggling a bit.

"I don't know, I was just wondering…" Sheva admitted.

"No, he doesn't have a girlfriend." Claire told her. Sheva smiled and said "Cool…" trying to act like she didn't really care but she did. And Claire knew that, and she was going to get Sheva to admit it before the hour was up and she was going to do that be making her jealous.

"But… there is his ex-girlfriend Jill who was obsessed with him and still likes him a lot. He broke up with her but she still puts love letters in his locker almost every week. He is so annoyed with her and he said he wished he never asked her out."

"Oh, poor guy…" Sheva said sympathetically.

"Sheva, can I ask you something?" Claire asked Sheva. She was just going to come out with it. She didn't want to take all day just to get Sheva to admit she liked her brother.

"Sure..." Sheva replied slowly fearing what she was going to ask her. Claire sighed and asked.

"Do you like my brother?" Yep, the one question she didn't want to answer.

"Of course I do, he's my friend." Sheva said trying to avoid the truth.

"You know what I mean!" Claire laughed as she lightly punched Sheva's arm.

"Claire… just don't tell anybody, please…" Sheva sighed defeated. She hoped Claire wouldn't tell anybody, especially Chris.

"I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" Claire jumped and yelled out loud. Sheva was already having second thoughts telling the happy redhead her secret.

"Claire, just please don't say anything to anyone. Don't even give a hint. I don't want him to think I'm weird because we JUST met and I just-"Sheva said really fast but was cut off by Claire shushing her.

"You know, I think he likes you too…" Claire told her trying to calm her down.

"Really! Did he say he did?"

"Well… no, but I can tell when my brother has a crush on a girl. I mean the handholding thing was kind of a giveaway…"


"But I totally ship you two!"

The two girls laughed and made it to the other side of the pool, just then two boys with water guns came running past the two girls. One of them accidently pushed Sheva into the pool, causing her to hit her head on the side of the pool.

Everybody who witnessed the scene gasped and got quiet.

"Lifeguard, someone, help her!" Claire yelled. A lifeguard got up from his high seat and jumped into the water.

Chris and Leon were sitting in the same spot, still talking when they saw everyone gathered at one side of the pool. They both got up and quickly walked to where all of the worried people were gathered. Chris found his sister in the big crowd of people and saw the worried expression on her face. She even looked like she was going to cry.

"What happened?" Chris asked her putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Sheva…" was all she could say. Just as she said that, the lifeguard emerged from the water with Sheva's limp body in his arms. Chris watched with all the others while two other lifeguards helped lift Sheva out of the water. They carefully sat her down on the ground.

"Call an ambulance! She's not breathing!" One of the lifeguards yelled as he began to do CPR.

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