The Trials of Love

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Chapter 12

Sheva was shocked. She thought she got away with it but she had been caught. She felt like crying but she knew that her mother would only make her upset and annoyed with her.

"Momma, I… I'm so sorry. He made the first move and I didn't want to turn him down and… and you guys left the room to give us some privacy and at the sleepover you were pushing me to him and-" Sheva said really fast until she was cut off by her mother calling her name.

"Sheva, I'm not mad." Nadia said simply.

"What?" Sheva asked. 'Did she just say what I thought she said?' Sheva thought, because if she did then she was going crazy.

"I'm not mad." Nadia said once again with a shrug of her shoulders.

"So… you're NOT mad?" Sheva asked again.

"No I'm not. Why is that so hard for you to understand?" Nadia asked.

"It's just; I thought you would be mad because you didn't want me to date a boy I just met…"

"I would have been if it were someone else. But… Chris, he's a good guy. He was so worried about you. I can tell he really cares about you," Nadia told her as she tucked one of Sheva's loose bangs behind her ear. Then she continued.

"And…then I was thinking, your old enough to make you own decisions and I think you made the right one with Chris."

Sheva pulled her mother into and hug and said:

"Thank you momma…"

"No problem my little shujaa…" Nadia said as she hugged her daughter back.

Meanwhile in the hallway…

"So…" Claire said as she nudged her big brothers arm.

"What Claire, what do you want to know? You are annoying me to death right now." Chris asked his sister angrily. Claire has been asking Chris what really went on in the room.

"You know what I want to know! I mean come on, Chris! Use your head for once!" Claire harshly whispered at her brother.

"I told you, we were just talking…" Chris said, getting very annoyed with her.

"Oh really? Because you have a weird way of talking to girls…" Claire said, knowing she was getting him really upset.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I know you kissed her. You guys are so obvious!"

Chris' eyes widened as he looked at his little sister.

"Yeah, I know everything." Claire said with an evil smile on her face.

"How did you find out…?" Chris asked Claire, fearing what she would say.

"Well it's kind of obvious. You guys were sitting so close, Sheva was laughing, then all the sudden it got quiet and I thought I heard some, you know. Lip smacking, if you know what I mean…" Claire said wiggling her eyebrows and laughing.

"Claire, that's not funny. You always want me to respect your privacy, why can't you respect mine?" Chris asked Claire in all seriousness. He didn't want to be too strict with her because she could tell anyone she wanted. So he would be nice to her… for now.

"Well, I'm sorry. What was heard can't be unheard. Just like that time you went into mom and dad's bedroom without knocking, Haha." Chris shuddered at the thought. He was only 5 at the time and didn't know what he heard OR saw. But now he knew exactly what was going on that night.

"Don't even remind me of that. I still have nightmares about it…"

"Well anyway, you know you were her first kiss right?"

"Really and how do you know?" Chris asked Claire rubbing the back of his head.

"She told me. At the sleepover we talked about lots of things about boys. Did you know Piers made a move on her on her first day at school?" Claire told Chris. She knew he would get really jealous.

"Really, and what did she say?" Chris asked, surprisingly calm.

"She said he was handsome, but she never said she like liked him."

Chris' blood was boiling. He wanted to punch Piers for trying to take his girl. Well, she just now became his girl but he still didn't want her to talk or not even look at Piers.

"I see…"

"Hey Chris?" Claire called to her brother.


"I think you should tell mom. She really likes Sheva and she shouldn't be mad. I told mom when I had my first kiss."

"Yeah, but that wasn't my first kiss." Claire admitted.

"So what, but I think you should still tell mom. It's the right thing to do."

"And when do you ever do the right thing?" Chris asked as he crossed his arms over his toned chest.

"Oh shut up!" Claire laughed as she punched his arm lightly. "Just go tell mom. I bet she would be happy for you." Claire finished as she pushed her brother's shoulder towards their mother's direction.

"Fine, you owe me if I get in trouble." Was all Chris said, as he got up from the chair he sat in and walked over to his mother.

"Hey Chris" She said once he got close enough.

"Mom I need to tell you something."

"Will it make me hurt you, because we are in the hospital right now?" Chris chuckled then continued.

"No, you won't need to hurt me," Chris said as he sighed and then continued.

"While you guys left me and Sheva in the room together, I kind of… you know…"

"Spill it Christopher." She said crossing her arms. He knew he would be in trouble if he didn't say anything soon so he came out with it.

"I kissed her." Chris said looking down. After a moment of awkward silence he looked up to see his mother with raised eyebrows.

"Is there anything else you guys did that I need to know?" She asked seriously.

"No that's all…"

"So you kept your hands to yourself?"

"Yeah…" Chris sighed.

"Excuse me?" Mrs. Redfield asked. She was strict about them being polite to their elders.

"Yeah ma'am…" Chris sighed.

"That's better."

"So, how do you feel about it?"

"I feel like she's a great girl and if you break her heart there will be severe consequences." She told him as she walked away.

"I don't plan on it…" Chris told himself before walking back to his sister.

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