The Trials of Love

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Chapter 13

Sheva was still in the hospital and it seemed like she was going to be here forever. She was going to be released around 6 today. Sheva looked at the clock once more and saw that only a minute has passed. She sighed and fell back on the bed. Nadia was talking with Sheva's doctor about something but she couldn't understand what they were saying.

Nia sat right next to Sheva and was playing with her gown. Sheva looked over at her little sister and ran a hand through her soft baby hair. Nia stopped playing with Sheva's gown and her hands started to roam over Sheva's face. Sheva just laughed and grabbed one of Nia's small hands and pretended to be eating it.

"Nom Nom Nom, I'm going to eat you!" Sheva said as she sat up and started to tickle her little sibling. This caused Nia to laugh and drool, but Sheva still thought it was cute. She just laughed and held her little sister close. Nia instantly wrapped her small arms around Sheva's neck.

Nadia finished talking to Sheva's doctor and walked to the side of the bed her two daughters sat in. She watched them hug each other and smiled. She waited until Sheva realized dhe was being watched.

"What were you and the doctor talking about?" Sheva asked as she sat Nia in her lap.

"Something you will not be so excited for…" Nadia said as she sighed. Sheva quickly got nervous and dared to ask why. She just sat there and watched Nia play with her fingers, expecting her mother to say something.

"What is it mom?" Nadia said is joking tone, trying to lighten the mood, knowing that Sheva was going to have a fit once she said what they were talking about.

"Ok, I'm just going to come out with it. You need a shot before they can release you because they checked your records and saw that you missed getting one of your shots."

Once she said that, a tear rolled down Sheva's cheek and she started to sniffle and protest.

"I don't want a shot, I don't need one! I went this long without it and I'm perfectly fine!" Sheva whined as she covered her face with her hand. Nadia sighed and took Nia off of Sheva's lap. She didn't want Sheva to end up knocking her in the head.

"Sheva, I hate having to deal with this every time you get need to get a shot. Your 16, for goodness sakes!"

"But… but you know I'm, I'm afraid of sharp things." Sheva stuttered as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and part of her forearm.

"Sheva, your getting way too old for this." Nadia told her as she watched more tears roll down her cheek.

Just then there were soft knocks at the door then a nurse came in. She smiled and told them she was here to give Sheva her shot. That caused Sheva to cry even more. The nurse frowned and asked in a sympathetic voice:

"Aw, you're afraid of shots, aren't you?" Sheva just nodded and wiped at her eyes again.

"Well don't worry, honey. This will be quick and you'll see you had nothing to worry about, ok?"

"That's what I was told last time but it hurt still!" Sheva whined once again.

The nurse walked over to the sink, washed her hands, put on gloves and got the stuff ready. She brought the needle over and a few cotton swabs with some alcohol on them.

Nadia pulled Sheva into a hug while the nurse cleaned Sheva's shoulder with the cotton swabs. They always did this and Sheva knew what was coming next and tried to get away from her mother. That just caused her to hold on tighter, Sheva started to cry really hard because she knew there was no getting away. He mother might have looked small and petite, but she was strong.

The nurse picked up the needle and positioned it to Sheva's shoulder. The next moment Sheva felt the needle pierce through her skin and the liquid following behind it. Sheva just cried and howled into her mother's shoulder. Then it was over, and it wasn't as bad as Sheva thought it would be. The nurse put a band aid on her shoulder. She patted Sheva's backs and told her she was sorry she had to go through that. Sheva said nothing as she sat up and wiped her eyes which were now red along with the tip of Sheva's nose. Ever since she was young her nose always turned red when she cried, that's how she got her nickname Rudolph.

There was another knock at the door and it opened, revealing Chris and his mother. Sheva's eyes widened and she immediately stopped crying she saw him. Chris ran over to her bed and wiped the last tears she had shed.

"What's the matter? Is everything ok?" Chris asked, concerned. Sheva didn't say anything and just stared at him, embarrassed.

"She upset because she just got a shot. She's ok."

Chris looked at the nurse and saw that the nurse was disposing a needle. Chris cringed and felt bad for Sheva. Chris wasn't a fan of shots either. Chris looked back at Sheva and pulled her into a hug.

"It's ok, I hate shots too." Chris said then smiled at her.

"Yeah, he does. He punched a doctor last time he had to get one." Mrs. Redfield told Sheva, trying to make her laugh. It worked and Sheva giggled a bit. Chris just smiled at her.

The doctor walked in and announced that Sheva was ok to go home. Sheva want to go change into the clothes her mother brought with her. Once she was done she packed up her stuff and they all left the hospital. Sheva was glad that was over.

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