The Trials of Love

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Chapter 14

Nadia, Sheva and Nia finally arrived home and Sheva went straight to the bathroom and go into the hot shower. She felt filthy because at the hospital they didn't let her bathe. As she stood in the shower she thought back to the kiss she and Chris shared. They didn't talk about it after it happened. She didn't know if they were an item or not. Sheva finished bathing and stepped out of the shower. She wrapped herself in a fluffy white towel and walked to her room. She almost dropped the towel when she opened the door.

Nia was on the floor with Sheva's nail polish and makeup putting it all over her face, hands nails, and floor.

"No! No! No! No! Nia, what are you doing!" Sheva asked as she ran to her little sister and snatched the stuff out of her hand. She put it down on the floor and game Nia a smack on the backside like her mother does when Nia usually gets in trouble. Nia started to cry and that caused Nadia and Clyde to come in her room without Sheva even noticing.

"What happened in here?" Clyde asked, Sheva turned around to see Clyde and her mother not looking to happy.

"Look what Nia did to my stuff. She wasted like $20 of makeup and nail polish!" Sheva yelled at them, pointing at Nia who was still crying.

"She's just a baby! Did you hit her?" Nadia asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"Yeah, but she knew better. Now can you leave so I can get dressed?" Sheva asked getting annoyed. Nadia rolled her eyes and left, and Clyde picked up Nia and went to go clean her off.

Sheva threw on some purple silk PJ's and went downstairs to get some stuff to clean her floor that was covered in a bunch of colors of her makeup.

Sheva grabbed the cleaning supplies was on her way back upstairs, her mother stopped her.

"Since you hit her, you're on diaper duty for the rest of the week. I told you to tell me when she does something bad. How would you like it if I spanked you for something you did that you didn't know you weren't supposed to do?" Nadia scolded her.

Sheva just rolled her eyes and continued to walk back to her room and ignored her mother.

"I asked you a question." Nadia growled at her daughter.

"I wouldn't like it…" Sheva quietly responded as she continued to walk upstairs.

"Clean up that mess, then come and eat something, and go straight to bed, young lady! I have had enough of your attitudes today!" Nadia yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Sheva just sighed at her mother once again and got to work on her messy floor. She got most of the makeup off but some of it was still sticking. She decided to forget about it and went back downstairs to eat dinner. Then she brushed her teeth and went to bed.

Nadia, Sheva and Chris were in Nadia's car on their way to school. Nadia agreed to bring Chris to and home from school. Chris and Sheva were in the back seat talking about school until Chris brought up their romance.

"I can't wait to tell everyone that you're my girlfriend." Chris said putting his arms around her shoulders.

"Um, last time I checked no one asked me to be their girlfriend…" Sheva said, giving him a hint.

"My love, Sheva Alomar, we you please, please, please be my girl?" Chris said in a dramatic tone, grabbing her hand and kissing the back of it.

Sheva just laughed and said "Of course I will be your girlfriend."

They both leaned in for a kiss but Nadia stopped them.

"Um… No kissing in my car!" Nadia said, trying not to smile. Chris and Sheva shyly backed away from each other and pretended nothing happened.

"Sorry mom…" Sheva said looking down and turning red.

They finally made it to the school.

"Love ya!" Nadia said to Sheva and she said she loved her too.

The new couple got out of the car and held hands all the way into the school until a hall monitor caught the and told them no PDA. They let go of each other's hands but still walked close to each other.

"So what happened at the pool, Chris told us you were in the hospital yesterday.

"I fell and hit my head and almost drowned, But in ok now." Sheva answered, biting into her sandwich.

"Wow that must have been scary... I would be scared to drown. Does it hurt to drown?" Helena asked interested.

"Um yeah, But the pain only lasted for a couple of seconds before I blacked out."

"Oh my gosh!" Sherry gasped.

"Yeah, but I wish that lifeguard wouldn't have eaten before giving me CPR." Sheva said with a look of disgust on her face.

"Eww, but was he cute?" Helena asked.

Sheva looked over at Chris who was waiting for her answer.

"Well, I didn't really get a good look at him…" Sheva said blushing a bit.

"Oh, you know he was cute!" Sherry said laughing.

"Ok we have something to tell you." Chris said quickly, getting annoyed with them talking about Sheva liking another guy in front of him.

"What is it, Chris?" Claire asked, knowing what was coming.

Chris glared at Claire then told them: "Sheva and I are dating…" Chris said grabbing Sheva's hand and raising it for everyone to see.

Everyone but Claire gasped, surprised.

"I'm so happy for you! I thought something was going on!" Sherry said clapping her hands, excitedly. Helena joined in, squealing in excitement.

Jake and Leon high fived Chris and congratulated him.

"So when did you guys officially start dating?"

"This morning!" Sheva said giggling, remembering how he asked her.

"But… we kissed on Sunday…" Chris added.

"Yeah, you could hear them through a door!" Claire laughed as she made a kissy face and sounds, her brother and Sheva glared at her. Everyone else laughed, and soon Chris and Sheva were laughing along with them.

"Well I'm just happy for you!" Sherry said, patting Sheva on the back.

Sheva was in her last class for the day and thought that it was the best day of her life. That was until a blonde haired girl and her 2 friends approached her.

"Are you Sheeva?" The blonde asked as she slammed her hand on Sheva's desk.

"It's pronounced Sheva, and yes. Why do you want to know?" Sheva asked, slightly insulted by the blondes attitude.

"Whatever your name is… Well I'm Jill and you're messing with my man." Jill told her angrily. So this was Jill, she was tall, beautiful, and had nice clothes. Claire warned her about Jill and Sheva was not looking forward to having her first bully at the new school.

"Excuse me? I have no idea what you are talking about." Sheva told her as she continued her assignment.

"Don't play stupid with me! You know what I mean! You're dating my ex-boyfriend!" She growled at Sheva.

"Think about what you just said, he was you EX boyfriend. What he does and who he dates in not your problem anymore. No can you please leave me alone so I can do my work and not end up working at a gas station like you will?" Sheva told her, rolling her eyes.

Jill and her posse gasped and one of them said "Oh no she didn't!"

"I don't know who you are, but I could ruin your life I a second. So watch your back." Jill said in a deep voice as she flipped her hair and walked away in her hot pink heels. Sheva just rolled her eyes and thought to herself:

'This is going to be a fun year…'

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