The Trials of Love

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Chapter 15

After the incident, Jill and her posse left Sheva alone, but Sheva knew that she was going to bother her again.

After class Sheva went to her locker and got her stuff. She went to where Chris' locker was and waited for him to get out of class. 'I guess we go out early.' Sheva thought to herself.

As Sheva was waiting, Jill approached her but this time she was alone. Sheva sighed as she approached and got ready for the insults she was going to send out.

"Why are you at his locker?" She asked crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. Sheva really wished she would stop doing that. She had a feeling that Jill watched a lot of high school drama movies and probably got all her come backs from them.

"I'm waiting for him to come out of class." Sheva told her irritated.

"Well I'm waiting for him too." Jill said leaning against the locker next to his. Sheva just sighed and tried to ignore the girl next to her who was smacking on some gum.

Just then the class Chris was in got let out and he started walking towards his locker.

Chris was on his way towards his locker when he saw Sheva standing there with an annoyed expression on her face. 'Uh oh…' Chris thought. This was one of the reasons he was afraid to date Sheva. Every girl he has dated since he has gone out with Jill always ended telling him that Jill was bothering them. Chris tried to tell the councilor and the principal but they didn't do anything about it.

"Hey Sheva…" Chris said nervously as he got to his locker.

"Can you hurry so we can go?" She asked with irritation in her voice. Chris nodded his head and reached for his locker to open it, but Jill got in the way.

"Hey, Chris…" She said with a smile on her face.

"Hey Jill, can you please scoot over so I can open my locker?" He asked not in the mood for her little games. Jill looked hurt for a second but moved out of the way.

"Hey Chris, do you remember when we used to date that you would have to give me a kiss to get to your locker?" She asked, looking directly at Sheva with a smirk trying to make her jealous. Sheva had a look on her face that look like she wanted to say "Are you serious?" But two could play at that game.

Chris just got quiet and continued to get his stuff out of his locker. After a couple seconds of awkward silence, Chris finally got all of his stuff and shut his locker.

"Ready to go Chris?" Sheva asked grabbing his hand. Jill glared her eyes at Sheva when she grabbed his hand and Sheva glared back at her.

"Yeah… see ya Jill." Chris said as he was dragged down the hallway by Sheva. They finally got to where the car riders waited for their rides. Sheva faced him and crossed her arms.

"What?" He asked confused, but at the same time knew what she was mad about.

"You know what…" She growled at him.

"So you met Jill, first of all I DO NOT like her anymore. She actually creeps me out now…" He whispered to her because rumors spread quickly in high school.

Then he continued. "Jill has tried to get me to break up with every girl I've dated since her. I have reported her like 1,000 times but you know that they do nothing about it. You will just have to bear with me because I really want this to work between us." He finished pulling her into a hug.

"Aw, I want this to work too, but you should know, when it comes to bullying I'm one of the easiest victims."

"Then tell me when someone bullies you. I'll deal with them. Ok?"

"But I don't want everyone to think I go running to you when I'm in trouble. People will think I'm a wimp."

"I don't care, but just promise me you will come to me whenever you need help unless you can deal with it by yourself." He told her. She looked straight into his eyes and saw he was serious.

"Fine." She agreed as she kissed his cheek. "That's more like it." He said smiling from ear to ear. Then something clicked into his mind.

"Hey Shev, was I your first kiss?"

Sheva turned a deep red and looked down at her black flats.

"I take that as a yes. Oh and just so you know, you're pretty good at it." He made kissy faces at her and she laughed and pushed his face away.

"Not in public!" She laughed as he kept doing it.

"Oh c'mon, you act like it's illegal to kiss in public!" He made fun of her and pulled her close.

"I do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Then prove it!" Chris challenged, then the unexpected came. She took a deep breath, grabbed his face and pressed her lips to his for a quick kiss. She quickly released his face and stepped back before people started to notice.

"Well then, I stand corrected…" He sighed.

"Yes, yes you do." She told him, proud of herself. Just then Sheva's phone started to vibrate. She pulled it out of her pocket and looked at the screen. The bright screen showed a picture of her and her mother smiling for the camera and she automatically knew it was her mom. She remembered she took the picture in Africa while they were on a safari right before they moved. Sheva pressed the answer button and put the phone to her ear.


"Where are you guys! I have been waiting out here for 5 minutes!" Her mother's voice came over the phone. Sheva looked out the glass door and sure enough saw her mother's car.

"Oh, sorry were on our way out now." Sheva said and signaled for Chris to follow her. They ran out the door and both hopped in the car.

"Sheva?" Her mom asked looking behind her.


"Why didn't you hang up?" She asked, gesturing towards her phone. Sheva quickly hung up the phone and buckled up. Chris chuckled at her and quickly got quiet once she glared at him.

"Oh and Chris, can you call your mom to see if it's ok if your late getting home? I need to make a stop at the store to pick up some things…" Nadia asked Chris as she looked through her phone.

"Yes ma'am." He said as he pulled out his phone and called his mom. He hung up a minute later and told Nadia it's was ok.

She drove off and they were on their way to Walmart.

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