The Trials of Love

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Chapter 16

They arrived at the store in less than 5 minutes; the school wasn't that far from it.

Nadia went straight to the medication and picked up a few things. While she was getting the stuff she told Chris and Sheva that they could go out on their own and look around.

Chris and Sheva decided they wanted to look at the electronics first and left automaticly.

"I should ask my mom for a new computer for my birthday. She would probably say no anyway." Sheva chuckled as she looked at the 800 dollar computer.

"Well she could change he mind anytime. Just be good, and don't annoy her to death." Chris said coming behind her and looking at the computer.

"Chris, my mom has been getting upset so easily. I don't think the best child in the world could go a year without being yelled at by her." Sheva told him as she went over to the games.

"Sure…" Chris said following her.

"Oh yeah, Chris can I ask you something?" Sheva asked him, facing his direction.

"Sure." He repeated.

"You don't have to answer but… Where is your father? You talk about him but I have never seen him."

Chris sighed, he hated talking about his father, but since Sheva was the love of his life, he would tell her. He just hoped she wouldn't change her mind about him.

"My dad… is in prison. He killed someone, he was mad so he at someone so he said he was going for a walk and he came home with blood on him." Chris said covering his face.

"Oh my gosh, I had no idea, I'm so sorry." Sheva told him sympathetically, giving a hug. She pulled his hands off his face and gave him a quick kiss.

"Thanks Sheva, I needed that." Chris chuckled pulling her back into the hug.

"Anytime Chrissy-Poo!" She said poking his cheek and laughing at his expression.

"Um, what did you just call me?" Chris asked with a playful but serious expression on his face.

"Chrissy-Poo…" She repeated, trying not to laugh.

"Well if you call me that, then I call you Sheva Bear." He said testing her.

"I don't mind, you can also call me Rudolph, that's my real nickname." Sheva said crossing her arms over her chest. She knew what he was trying to do and it wasn't working. She had so many terrible nicknames that she doesn't even get bothered by any other names anymore.

"Man, you are one tough cookie!" Chris said wrapping an arm around her shoulder. She grabbed his hand and told him: "I know!" as they walked off to another section of the store. They decided that they wanted to go see the fish next.

"Eww, it smells over here." Sheva told Chris as she stepped away from the fish tanks.

"If you think this stinks, wait until I feel comfortable enough to pass gas around you." Chris said laughing at her disgusted expression.

"That is disgusting! Never fart around me! It's bad enough I'm on diaper duty with Nia." Sheva replied as she punched him in the arm.

"I was kidding, gosh. Do you really think I would fart around you?" Chris asked, still laughing at her.

"I actually do!" She said pouting.

"Whatever…" Chris chuckled then pressed his finger to the glass of the tank that held the Clownfish. Sheva watched as one of them came to his finger, but quickly moved away when he moved his finger around the glass.

"Chris, can we look at something else?"

"What do you have in mind?" Chris asked straightening up and facing her.

"Follow me." She told him then took off. He followed her until she stopped and squealed in excitement. They were in front of the make-up isle.

"I need some more make-up; my little sister got into mine and wasted all of it." She told him as she grabbed his hand and pulled him deeper into the isle. She picked up some brown eye shadow and studied it. Then out of nowhere Chris took it out of her hand and held it to where she couldn't reach it..

"What are you doing?" She asked him trying to get the make-up back.

He put it back where she got it from and stopped her from reaching it.

"You don't need any make-up. You look beautiful without it." Chris told her as he pushed some hair off her face. Sheva smiled at him and thanked him.

"Thanks Chris, but I still WANT some. And besides, my face looks weird without make-up. It looks like I have bags under my eyes." She told him, pointing at her eyes.

"I know I can't stop you from getting some make-up, but I just want to tell you because I have seen you without it and you look beautiful."

Sheva thought for a moment on what he just told her then asked:

"When did you see me without make-up?"

"At the sleepover." Chris said then quickly got nervous, he thought back when he carried her to bed that night and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He didn't want her to get mad at him or feel like he was a creep who watched her sleep or anything.

"Chris, I know what you're thinking and I know you kissed me goodnight. I'm not mad at you so there's no need to be nervous." She said not looking at him and picking up some eye liner. Chris jus looked at her with wide eyes. 'Man, what a girl!' he thought to himself.

"I got everything I needed. Let's go find my mom." She said walking off. Chris once again followed her back to where they left her mother. She was still there when they got there with a basket full of some snacks, hygiene stuff, and some dolls for Nia. Sheva dropped her make-up in the basket next to all the stuff.

"You got Nia something, now where is my present?" Sheva playfully asked her mother, knowing she didn't get anything.

"Here you go!" Nadia said reaching into the cart and handing Sheva a small box of pads (You know what kind I mean!).

"Mom!" Sheva screeched and threw the box back in the basket.

"What? You asked me for some the other day so I got you some!" Nadia said trying not to laugh at her daughters beet red face.

"You could have got it another time!" She said pouting.

"Sheva, are you really pouting?" Nadia asked, crossing her arms. Sheva just stood there and looked down at her feet.

"Sheva, he has a sister. I'm pretty sure he knows about this stuff." Nadia told her chuckling a bit. Sheva just mumbled something about going home so they went to check-out. After they were done, they all got in the car and went to go take Chris home.

On their way there way there Nadia heard them talking about their friends faces when they told them they were dating.

"You know, for you guys to be as comfortable as you are towards each other you still have not tried to plan single date. And I mean real date." Nadia told them butting in the conversation.

"Mom, today is the first day we are officially dating, so we have lots of time to plan a date." Sheva said to her mother.

"Whatever…" She said and kept on driving. Not even 2 minutes later they arrived at Chris' house.

"See ya tomorrow!" Sheva said as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek that didn't go unnoticed by Nadia.

"See you later Chris, remember to be ready at 7!" Nadia told him as he got out.

"Ok, see you guys later!" Chris said as he was about to close the door. He closed it and ran to the door of his house and opened the door. 'They must have left it unlocked for him.' Sheva thought. She got out of the back seat and went to the front seat.

"I thought I told you no kissing in the car." Nadia reminded her as she drove off.

"Sorry…" Sheva mumbled and slouched in her seat.

"Doubt it…" said Nadia as she drove home.

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