The Trials of Love

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Chapter 17

They arrived home shortly after dropping Chris off and Sheva plopped right down on the couch with a exhausted groan.

"So how was school today?" Sheva heard Clyde ask from the other side of the couch.

"Fine…" She sighed grabbing a pillow and resting her head on it, preparing to take a quick nap.

"Your stuff is still in the car, Rudolph." Nadia told Sheva as she shook her shoulder. Sheva just whined and closed her eyes.

"1… 2…" Nadia started counting; Sheva knew if she got to five she would be in a world of hurt. Sheva got up and ran to the car. She opened the door to the passenger side and grabbed her stuff. She closed the door and walked back inside the house. Her mother was sitting on the couch next to Clyde, who had his arm over her shoulders.

"Can I take a nap now?" Sheva asked, closing the front door behind her.

"No, you need to go bathe, eat dinner and clean room up." Nadia told her, standing up and walking towards the kitchen.

"My room isn't dirty!" Sheva complained as she followed her mother into the kitchen and sat her stuff on the table. Nadia just ignored her and pulled some leftovers out of the refrigerator. Sheva just stood there waiting for an answer. After a couple of seconds of waiting, Sheva knew she wasn't going to say anything so she sat down in the chair and watched her mother preheat the oven.

"Momma?" Sheva asked in a quiet voice.

"What is it, Sheva?"

"Do you love me?" Sheva asked, already knowing the answer. She didn't know why she was asking but she felt like she needed to.

Nadia paused for a second, and then turned around to look at Sheva.

"Sheva, you know that I love you… so why do you always ask me that." Nadia asked looking at Sheva seriously.

Sheva just shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her hands.

"Sheva you know I hate it when you do that. Tell me why you asked me that." Nadia demanded walking towards her daughter.

"You just seem so mad at me all the time."Sheva finally told her and she felt like 1000 pounds were lifted off her shoulders.

"I'm not mad at you all the time, Sheva. I just need to keep you in check because you're getting older and more of a smart mouth towards me."

"How am I being a smart mouth?" Sheva asked quietly looking up at her mother.

"I'm not about to talk to you about this, just go ahead and take a shower." Nadia told her and began to put the leftovers in the oven. When she didn't hear movement behind her she turned around to see Sheva looking back down at her hands.

"Did you not hear me? Go take a shower, right now, I'm not going to tell you again!"

Sheva sadly nodded and ran upstairs to go bathe. Nadia walked over to the chair that Sheva was sitting in before and took a seat, then sighed.

"What's the matter?" Clyde asked, pulling her into a hug.

"She thinks I don't love her." Nadia said into her husband's chest. Clyde rubbed her back and kissed her forehead.

"Did you tell her you love her?"

"Yeah, but then after that I told her I didn't want to talk about something and she got upset, then I did too…" Nadia sighed once again.

"You really need to learn how to control your anger." Clyde joked, earning a punch in the arm from Nadia.

"Shut up Clyde…" Nadia giggled and gave him a kiss.

5 minutes later…

Sheva got out of the shower and wrapped her towel around her body. She looked at herself in the mirror and started to brush the tangles out of her wet hair. This time she didn't cry, she just told herself she would have to learn how to deal with her mother's anger towards her. She really wanted to talk to her mom and get things straightened out between them but she was afraid to get hurt but what her mother had to say, so she just decided to wait and see what happens.

She put her brush down and looked at herself one more time before opening the door to leave the bathroom. Once she opened it, Nia was standing right there with her stuffed animal in her hand.

"How long have you been waiting here?" Sheva asked as she walked past her little sister to her room. Nia didn't answer her, instead she followed her. Sheva reached her room and closed the door behind her, not knowing Nia was following her. She was about to take off her towel and put on her PJ's until she heard crying from the outside of her door. She sighed and opened her door to see Nia standing there wiping her eyes and sobbing.

"You can't come in right now, I have to get dressed!" Sheva told Nia in a baby voice. Nia just continued to weep and wipe at her eyes.

"I will be right out ok?" Sheva asked her as she patted Nia on the head. Nia just looked at Sheva for a second then pushed past her and walk into her room.

"Nia…" Sheva groaned as she walked in like it was her own room. Nia climbed on the bed and played with Sheva's phone. Sheva just sighed and grabbed her pajamas and went to the bathroom to change while Nia was distracted.

Sheva got dressed quickly and came back into her room to see Nia crying again.

"Ok, you are going to mom!" Sheva sighed as she went to pick Nia up off her bed. Once she picked her up Nia started to scream, kick and yell "No no no!" as she was carried down the hall to her mom and Clyde's room. She knocked on the door and her mother quickly answered.

"Why is Nia crying?" Nadia asked as she opened the door. She saw Nia kicking and wiggling and the annoyed look on Sheva's face.

"She won't leave my room." Sheva told her mother annoyed.

"First of all she doesn't want to be carried, so put her down." Nadia told her. Sheva put Nia down just for her to run back in the direction of her room.

"See!" Sheva told her mom as they watched Nia go into her room and get back on her bed.

"She probably wants to sleep with you." Nadia guessed as she walked towards Sheva's room.

"I don't want her to sleep with me, she's too small and will fall off the bed and she wakes up in the middle of the night which will wake me up." Sheva said as she followed her mother to her room.

Nadia turned back around to her daughter with a tired look on her face.

"Sheva, please let her sleep with you for tonight…" Nadia practically begged Sheva. Sheva looked at the red-faced Nia playing on her phone then back to her mother's tired face. She knew it would be a pain in the butt (literally) to have Nia sleep with her but she wanted to help out her mother. And it could help her get on better terms with her mother.

"She can sleep with me…" Sheva sighed. Nadia smiled and thanked Sheva before walking towards the door. She turned around and asked for one more thing.

"Oh and can you feed her tonight? I have some food for her already in the fridge, all you have to do is heat it up."

Sheva smiled at her mother and said "I guess so…" Nadia smiled back and left the room. Sheva turned back to look at Nia who was now smiling because she got what she wanted.

"Well let's go eat dinner then…" Sheva said as she motioned for Nia to follow her. Nia did and Sheva picked her up and walked downstairs. Sheva put Nia in her highchair and went to the fridge to get her food. She heated it up and gave it to Nia along with her cup and a baby fork. Then she ate the leftovers her mother heated up. After they were both done, Sheva cleaned up the kitchen… and Nia then they went upstairs so Nia could go to bed. It was only 7pm and Sheva didn't have to go to bed until 9:30pm but it was way past Nia's bedtime. They made it upstairs to Sheva's room and Sheva changed Nia into her PJ's and laid her down while she was on her phone. Nia started to whimper after a while so Sheva lay down with her and eventually both of them fell asleep.

The next morning Sheva woke up to two little feet in her back and a tiny hand on her face. She turned her head to look at her clock, 5: 37. 'Great…' She thought another hour before she had to get ready for school. She decided to just watch some TV and wait for the time to pass by but then she remembered who was sleeping with her. She turned over to look at Nia who had a pacifier in her mouth and looked peaceful and adorable while she was sleeping. She only woke up two times last night, and Sheva was very thankful for that.

Sheva moved around a bit to get the feet from her back. Nia must have sensed she was awake because her eyes shot open and she grabbed on to Sheva's nose with the hand that was on her face and dug her nails in.

"Ouch! Nia!" Sheva gasped as she snatched Nia's hand from her nose. Nia just sat there, looking tired as she rubbed her eyes. She started to whine because she didn't like the dark so Sheva turned on the lamp on her nightstand so Nia could see. Nia got from under the covers and tried to climb off the bed but was stopped by Sheva grabbing her arm and pulling her back up.

"It's not time to get up yet, do you want to watch some TV?" Sheva asked Nia when she started to whine again for not being able to leave the room. Nia nodded and settled down in Sheva's lap as she grabbed the remote and turned the TV on.

They watched television for an hour then Nadia came into the room to wake Sheva up but was surprised to see Nia and Sheva wide awake watching TV.

"How long have you guys been awake?" Nadia asked leaning against the doorframe of Sheva's room.

"About an hour…" Sheva replied grabbing the remote and turning off the TV.

"Well you need to get ready for school and Miss Nia," Nadia began coming to the bed and picking Nia up "you need to be changed and get ready to go to Auntie's house!" Nadia said walking out of the room.

Sheva got up, made her bed and did the usual routine. She decided to wear less make-up and put her hair in large curls. She threw on some shorts and a T-shirt. She was all ready to go by 7 and went downstairs to wait for her mom and Nia. They came down seconds later and they all left to go drop Nia off and pick Chris up.

They finally arrived at school after dropping Nia off at their Aunt's house and picking Chris up.

"Have a great day you two!" Nadia yelled from the car. Chris and Sheva both waved back and headed to their first class of the day.

"Ok, class. Today we will be starting a project. You and the partner I choose for you will be writing an essay on a person who changed the word for the better or worse. Any questions so far?" Mrs. Jefferson started the class once everyone was seated.

A young pretty redheaded girl raised her hand shyly.

"Yes, Emily?"

"Um, do you have to choose our partners? I mean… what if you pair us up with someone who isn't nice to us or something?" She asked in a quiet voice.

"Then you will come and tell me after class and we will fix it…" Mrs. Jefferson told her.

"Any other questions?" she asked once again.

Another person raised their hand.

"Can you just tell us our partners already?" The boy asked without even being called on. Mrs. Jefferson sighed and started to call off the names of the partners.

"Ally with Jake, Emily with Raven, Chris with Carlos…" She went through the whole class and called Sheva and her partner last.

"And… Sheva with Piers!" She finished on a happy note. Sheva's eyes widened, she knew that name from somewhere. She looked around the room to see if anyone was looking at her and surely she saw the one and only Piers Nivans looking at her with a mischievous smile on his face. She nervously smiled back at him then turned back to look at Chris who was glaring his eyes at him. 'This is going to be interesting…' Sheva thought to herself before turning back around and looking back at the teacher.

"Ok, for the rest of the class period you will meet up with your partner and figure out how you will do this presentation. I will write the requirements on the board. Go ahead and get started." Mrs. Jefferson said then started to note down the requirements on the board. Everybody got up and started chatting to their partners about anything but the project.

Piers got up and walked towards Sheva, and so did Chris.

"Uh oh…" Sheva heard Sherry say beside her before she got up and ran to her partner, not wanting to witness what was going to happen. Sheva just sat in her seat nervously, preparing herself.

Piers reached her first and took a seat on the corner of her desk.

"So, we meet again." He said with a flirtatious smile.

"Yeah…" Sheva nervously said without making eye contact with him and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen.

"Hey babe," Chris said once he reached Sheva and Piers. Sheva eyes widened at the little nickname he called her. She straightened herself up in her seat and told him hi.

"Hey big shot, aren't you supposed to be working with your partner right now?" Piers asked crossing his arms over his chest. Sheva sighed and knew that a fight was going to begin. To admit, she never had two guys fight over her before and actually was excited to see how far they would go.

"And aren't you supposed to be talking about the project and not flirting?" Chris shot back. Piers just stayed quiet and glared at him. Chris just ignored him and told Sheva:

"If he gives you any problems, tell me. Ok?" Sheva knew that wasn't supposed to answer that because he wouldn't even take no for an answer. Before she could even say anything, Chris quickly pressed his lips to hers, earning a gasp from her, Piers and other classmates who witnessed it. He removed his lips from hers, leaving her in shock, took one last look at Piers, and went to his partner.

Sheva looked at Piers who was in just as much shock as her, and apologized.

"Sorry, I think he thought you were trying to flirt with me or something. He's kind of one of those over protective boyfriend… Let's just work on the project." She told him as she picked up her pencil and began to write. She knew he was trying to flirt with her, but wasn't trying to make it seem like it. She didn't want to hurt his feelings or make it any more awkward then it was before.

"You're his girlfriend?" Piers asked in disbelief.

"Yeah… Why are you so surprised?" Sheva asked as she paused her movements.

"I thought he was dating another girl. He gets a new girlfriend every month…" Piers told her, watching the worried and confused expression on her face.

Chris Redfield ruined his love life once, and now he was going to do everything he could to ruin his…

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