The Trials of Love

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Chapter 18

At lunch Sheva was very quiet. Piers told her about all of Chris' ex girlfriends that he knew of. Five, he dated five girls before her. I didn't seem like a lot, but it still bothered her. Sheva couldn't get the thought out of her head that they would break up one day and he would go off to another girl once they did.

"Sheva how is the project in Language Arts going?" Sherry asked when she noticed her friend was quiet and not laughing with the rest of them.

Sheva just stayed quiet and moved her spaghetti around on her plate.

"Shev, what's wrong?" Chris asked once he noticed her attitude. She looked at him for a second then went back to moving her food around.

"Sheva, please tell us what's the matter." Helena begged, the silence making her uncomfortable.

Sherry thought about the reasons she could be upset and one person came to mind. Piers.

"Hey, Sheva? Can you come here really quick?" Sherry asked, standing up and walking away from the lunch table. Sheva sat for a second, but slowly got up and followed Sherry. She got there and Sherry asked her what was wrong one more time and when Sheva didn't answer she told her what she thought it was.

"Did Piers do or say something that made you mad or sad or something?" Sherry asked hoping that she was right.

"He said something about Chris…" Sheva told her quietly.

Sherry sighed, Piers has tried to ruin Chris and everything he had and loved ever since Chris "stole" a girl named Kelly from him. Piers and Kelly were one of the biggest couple last year. Then Chris came to school and Kelly left Piers for him. That day Piers swore that he would ruin Chris' love life, no matter what.

"Sheva, Piers doesn't like Chris." Sherry began, "he swore he would ruin Chris' life after Chris "stole"," and Sherry did the quotation fingers then continued. "A girl named Kelly from him. He's just trying to get you to break up with Chris because he wants to ruin everything Chris loves and cares about." Sherry finished putting a hand on Sheva's shoulder.

Sheva smiled and asked "He said he loves me?"

"Well, no, but I can tell. We have been a group of friends for a long time and really have gotten to know each other really well so I know when he is really in love. And you," Sherry poked her then continued "have him wrapped around your finger." She finished laughing.

"I had no idea…" Sheva said surprised but happy.

"Now anything else Piers tells you, don't believe it. He just wants to ruin Chris' life, haha." Sherry told her, patting her on the back. Sherry was about to walk back to the table when Sheva grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"I have one more question." Sheva told her, Sherry nodded her head signaling for her to continue.

"Since you guys have known each other for so long, how many girls has he dated before me?" Sheva asked slightly fearing the answer.

"Um… I think about 3 to 5." Sherry answered truthfully.

"Oh…" Sheva said getting worried again. Sherry saw this and pats her back again.

"Don't worry, Sheva. They mean nothing to him now." She told her and they both walked back to the table and took their seats.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong now?" Chris asked Sheva once she was sat down.

"It doesn't matter now, everything's ok…" She told him and began to eat her food.

Chris sighed "It was Piers, wasn't it?"

"Yes, but now I know not to listen to him now." Sheva told him squeezing his cheek.

"Good because I don't want to lose you." Chris told her, leaning in for a kiss. She also leaned in and their lips met.

"OMG Jill look!" Excella, one of the girls from Jill's posse poked Jill and told her to look in the direction of her finger. Jill looked and gasped out loud causing the people from the table she sat at to look in her direction which made them gasp too. Jill saw Chris KISSING the girl she hated, ON THE LIPS, IN SCHOOL!

Jill grabbed her tray angrily and got up from her seat. She walked over to Sheva and stood there waiting until they stopped kissing. Once they did Jill came right behind Sheva and tapped her shoulder. Sheva turned around with a nervous look on her face.

"Oh, hi Jill…" She said with a shy wave.

"Hey Sheva! About the other day, I'm sorry about how I acted…" Jill said, pretending to be sorry. And Sheva fell right into her trap.

"Oh… well its ok. Sometimes high school is tough so I understand…" Sheva said actually thinking she changed.

"Oh, you thought I was sorry for being mean. Um no, I was sorry for not doing this!" As Jill finished she tossed her tray over Sheva's face, causing spaghetti and some other food to get of her face, hair, and clothes. Even some on her lap. Everyone outside got quiet and watched as Jill moved the tray from Sheva's face. Sheva sat there looking like someone was giving her a spa treatment with spaghetti sauce which caused everybody but the people at her table to laugh at her.

"Oh you poor thing! You must be so embarrassed! Here, let me help you clean some of that off!" Jill said pretending to feel bad for her as she grabbed Chris' water bottle, took off the lid, aimed it at Sheva's shocked and embarrassed face, and gave it a big squeeze causing water to splash all over Sheva, making her look even worse.

"Much better!" Jill said as she dropped the water bottle at Sheva's feet and walked off, looking happy at what she just did.

People were still laughing at Sheva and before Chris could reach her, she ran off towards the bathrooms, crying her heart out.

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