The Trials of Love

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Chapter 19

"Come on, Sheva! Come out!" Sherry asked once again, softly knocking on the bathroom stall.

"No, I'm going to stay here for the rest of my stupid, high school, LIFE!" Sheva sobbed from the other side of the stall door.

"Come on, you don't look that… bad…" Helena told her.

"Yeah, you're still really pretty…" Claire added on.

"No, I'm not, your just saying that so I will come out and it's not working!" Sheva told her and continued to sob. This wasn't the first time she was embarrassed by a bully at her new school. The same thing happened to her in 8th grade and this brought back bad memories.

Sherry was about to make another attempt to get her friend out of the bathroom but interrupted as woman who worked at the front desk came into the bathroom, yelling at the three girls to leave the bathroom and go back to the lunch table. They sadly left without a fight.

Sheva heard a knock on the stall door and quietly asked: "Who is it?"

"It's Ms. Owens, are you okay in there? You need to come out." She told her, and Sheva knew better then to disobey an adult. She slowly undid the lock and opened the door to see a young woman with red hair smiling at her. He smile quickly turned into a small frown as she saw Sheva covered in food.

"What happened to you?!" She asked as she reached for Sheva's arm.

Sheva didn't want to get the title snitch for telling on Jill, but she knew it would keep happening if she didn't tell. She decided she would just tell her mother what happened and hopefully, she would keep it between them. But truthfully she wanted to tell, just to see the look on Jill's face when she gets in trouble.

"I bumped in to someone…" She lied.

"Oh ok, well we need to get you some more clothes. Do you have a parent we can call to bring you some more clothes?" She asked as she wet up some paper towels and handed them to Sheva so she could get as much sauce off her as she could.

"Yeah, my mom…" Sheva told her as she grabbed the paper towels and began to wipe herself off.

"Come with me." Ms. Owens told her as she grabbed her arm and led her to the office. Once they got there, Ms. Owens went to the phone and asked Sheva for her name and mother's phone number. Sheva told her all the information she needed and she dialed it in and put the phone to her ear. Sheva stood in the corner of the office and listened to their conversation.

"Hello, is this Mrs. Alomar?" There was a pause then she began to talk again.

"I'm Ms. Owens and I have your daughter here who had a little accident with some food at lunch and I was hoping you could bring some clothes for her… Uh huh, ok thank you! Have a nice day." She ended the call then looked at Sheva.

"Your mother will be here soon with some clothes for you."

"Ok thank you…" Sheva said quietly.

It took her mom about 7 minutes to get there, but Sheva was just grateful to have someone who she knew well around her. Nadia walked through the front doors and into the office with a brown plastic bag in her hands.

"Oh goodness, what happened to you?!" Nadia asked with a small smile on her face.

"Someone bumped into her and got spaghetti all over her." Ms. Owens told Nadia.

"Oh really?" Nadia asked looking at Sheva. She knew there was more to it but Sheva didn't want to tell. Sheva just stayed quiet and looked at her hands. Yep, Nadia knew that there was more to it than that. Ms. Owens couldn't see it but Nadia knew when Sheva didn't want to tell the whole story, but she would get it out of her one way or another. But she would go with it for now.

"Ok well, I have your clothes so go ahead and change. I'll be waiting right here when you get back." Nadia told Sheva as she handed her the clothes. Sheva took them and went back to the bathroom with a quick "Thank you!"

She came back out minutes later wearing another T-shirt and some jeans with her black flats.

"That's better!" said Nadia with a smile.

"Thanks mom." Sheva said walking over to her mother and giving her a hug.

"You're welcome, but what are we going to do about your new hair color?" Nadia asked her after the hug. Sheva pulled on a part of her hair and sure enough, there was some red from the sauce there.

"I can just go wash it off?" Sheva offered as she was about to leave the office.

"But then you would be walking around with wet hair. That could get you sick and you know when your hair dries it gets crazy."

"Oh yeah, then what will we do about it?" Sheva asked, running out of ideas.

"How many more classes do you have left today?" Nadia asked her as she crossed her arms.

"I have… 4 more," Sheva told her mother.

"Do you just want to come home? Actually, you are coming home because I will not let you walk around with spaghetti sauce in your hair." Nadia told her, and then she told Ms. Owens that she was going to leave school early.

"Ok it will be an excused absence so you don't have to worry about your attendance. Go ahead and get your stuff from you locker." Ms. Owens told Sheva as she typed on her computer.

"I'll go with you…" Nadia told Sheva as she followed her down the hall.

Sheva quickly grabbed her stuff from her locker then asked her mom if she could say a quick goodbye to her friends.

"Hurry up, I'll be waiting in the car." Nadia told her as she walked out the front doors. Sheva quickly ran outside to where her friends were eating lunch.

"Hey guys, I'm leaving for the day…" Sheva told them as she sat on the edge of the table.

"Aw, why?" Claire pouted, upset that Sheva was leaving.

"Because some sauce got in my hair and my mom wants to get it out and I told her I would wash it here but she said my hair would get crazy when it dries so I have to go home and wash it. She didn't really give me a choice…" Sheva told her friends.

"Oh, well your allowed to leave." Leon told her.

"Wow, I didn't know I needed your permission to leave." Sheva laughed.

"Well I really have to go but I will be back tomorrow. See ya!" Sheva told them as she gave them all hugs one at a time then came to Chris.

"See you later Chris…" She told him planting a soft kiss on his cheek. He didn't move at the gesture.

"What's wrong?" Sheva asked once she noticed this.

"Jill has gotten out of hand; I'm tired of her selfishness." Chris told her as he picked his water bottle off the floor.

"Chris I really have to go but call me after school and we will talk then, ok? And please lighten up, don't let what happened to me ruin your day." Sheva told him as she gave him another kiss on the cheek. This time he responded and kissed her back.

"See ya!" She said one more time before running out of the building and hopped in her mother's car.

The ride home was nice and peaceful and Nadia turned the radio on. She was singing along while Sheva listened to the soothing sound of her mother's beautiful singing. It reminded her of when she was younger. She rested her head on the back of the seat and thought of the memories.

Sheva was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework and her mom was dancing and singing in the kitchen making a meal. She was only in 1st grade at the time and still needed help with homework and she would always ask her mother.

"Mommy, what's 10-5?" She would ask her, and then her mother would turn down her music and help her with the one problem, which would always end up with her helping her figure out the rest of the problems. After that she would continue to cook and sing. Sometimes she would pick Sheva up and dance with her. She would spin her around and throw her up in the air and catch her as they laughed and Sheva would scream with delight. Then her dad would come home and say:

"There are my two favorite girls!" and give them both hugs and kisses. Sheva always made a face that would make the young couple laugh when they would kiss.

"Why do you kiss each other like that?" she would always get the same answer.

"You will understand when you're older…" they would give her the same answer. She would just let it be and ask again when she saw them kiss the next time.

"So… what movie are we going to watch tonight?" He would ask and Sheva would get all excited and yell "LION KING!"

Then a couple hours they would all be sitting on the couch with Sheva in the middle watching The Lion King and reciting every line.

"We're home." Nadia told her daughter as she turned off the car. Sheva stopped remembering the good memories and grabbed her stuff. They both left the car and Nadia unlocked the door then Sheva ran right in, dropped her stuff on the living room couch and ran to the bathroom. She hopped into the shower and washed the sauce out of her hair. She was done bathing in less than 7 minutes.

She stepped out of the shower, wrapped the towel around her body and hair, the rushed out of the bathroom to her room before Nia could notice and have to sleep with her again. She made it to her room and quickly put on a large T-shirt and some pajama pants then went downstairs to get her stuff.

She made it downstairs and was about to grab her things but her mother called her.

"Yes ma'am?" Sheva yelled to her mother. Nadia yelled back and told her to come upstairs. Sheva followed her mother's orders and walked into Nadia's room where she was seated on the bed with hair supplies.

"Is that for Nia?" Sheva asked, already knowing it was for her.

"No, come and sit down so I can do something to your hair." Nadia told her and patted the chair Sheva sat in when she got her hair done. Sheva always hated getting her hair done, since she had so much it took hours for her mother to flat iron all of it. She usually does it by herself, but Nadia always jumps in when it needed to be flat ironed since Sheva burned herself not too long back.

Sheva grumpily sat down in the chair and waited for her mother to begin. After she didn't for a while Sheva looked back at her and saw the serious look on her face.

"What?" Sheva asked.

"Don't start, Sheva. I don't like doing your hair as much as you don't like getting it done."

Sheva turned back around and said quietly "Doubt it…"which didn't go unheard by her mother. Sheva felt the comb hit the back of her head and let out a small yelp.

"What was that for!?" Sheva asked as she looked at her mom and rubbed the back of her head.

"You know what, now turn around!" Nadia told her as she began to comb out her wet hair.

There was a long period of silence between the two, both mad at each other. Nadia thought it would be a great time to ask her about what really happened at school.

"So, how did everything start at school, with the 'tripping' spaghetti to face incident?" Nadia asked, putting emphasis on tripping.

"Why did you say tripping like that?" Sheva asked as she played on her phone.

"Because I know that there's more to it than what you said so out with it." Nadia told her as she watched the steam come up from the flat iron as it made contact with Sheva's hair.

"There's nothing more to tell…" She lied.

"Sheva I was a teenager before, I know you're not telling me everything."

"If I tell you, promise not to blame Chris?" She asked her mother with a pleading voice.

"Chris did this?" Nadia asked, getting the wrong idea.

"No… it was his ex-girlfriend Jill. She hates me because I'm dating Chris. I did nothing to her. So she came up to me at lunch, PRETENDED to apologize then decided it would be funny to throw her tray in my face then to top it all off, splash water in my face." Sheva told her mother quickly and became angry.

"Sheva, you do ths all the time! Why didn't you tell Ms. Owens the truth, or throw your tray in her face?" Nadia asked, also getting angry.

"Chris has already tried to-," Sheva began but was cut off by her mom.

"We are not talking about Chris, Sheva. We were talking about you." Nadia told her daughter.

"Whenever I try to tell on someone, nothing gets done or they threaten me to not to tell! I want to but I'm scared I will just get bullied more!"

"That's when you tell me. I will go up to the school and I will not leave until something is done. Tomorrow I am going to your school and I will tell someone about this Jill girl." Nadia told her.

"But then I will be called a snitch!" Sheva complained.

"I. Don't. Care. You shouldn't care either."

"Ok…" Sheva gave up trying to talk to her mother. They sat there quietly once again. Sheva went back on her phone and Nadia went back to doing Sheva's hair.

Sheva's phone began to vibrate, indicating she was getting a phone call. The screen showed a picture of Chris so she knew it was him calling.

"Can I answer it?" Sheva quietly asked her mom.

"Put it on speaker." Nadia told her. Sheva sighed and answered the phone then put it on speaker.

"Hey, Chris. You're on speaker and my mom's in the room…" Sheva quickly told him before he could say anything.

"Ok… so anyway, what are you doing right now?" Chris' muffled voice came through the phone.

"I'm getting my hair done. How about you?"

"Oh, cool. Well me, I'm listening to Claire talk to Helena and bored as heck."

"Oh, well sorry to hear that." Sheva told him with a small giggle.

"Yeah, hey, um… do you think I could come over so we can talk about… you know… Jill." Chris asked her. Sheva looked back at her mom with pleading eyes.

"Do you even know where we live, Chris?" Nadia asked.

"No ma'am…"

"Well you can come over, but you can't stay for too long. Did you even ask your mom? I need her permission before I give you our address."

"I will go see… Hold on a sec." Chris said then went to talk to his mother.

Nadia and Sheva could hear them talking in the background. The conversation they were having was just live the one they had with Nadia. After a couple moments of back and forth with Chris and his mom, she finally agreed to take him to their house.

"She said it was ok." Chris told them through the phone. Nadia gave him their address and told him we would see him when he gets here.

Sheva was grinning ear to ear when she hung up the phone and luckily Nadia only had one more part to do. She quickly finished with that part and told Sheva to change out of her pajamas. She did so and waited downstairs in the living room for them to arrive.

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