The Trials of Love

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Chapter 2

Sheva walked into the large building and went straight towards the office. Sheva toured the school last week with her mother so she would know where some places are and to meet her teacher. But there was one problem; she forgot where her hallway was! Once she got into the office she looked at the clock, it was 8:30. 'Great I'm already 5 minutes late to class on my first day! Great first impression Sheva!' She thought to herself and walked to the front desk.

"What do you need, young lady?" A tall and skinny woman asked walking towards Sheva. She was basically towering over her.

"Oh, um, I'm new here, I was just wondering if you could tell me where I need to go?"

The woman looked at Sheva for a second and then walked to her computer.

"Didn't they give you your schedule when you enrolled?"

"They did but I just need to find my hallway and I think I could just go from there. This is a big school after all." Sheva said with a small smile.

"Oh. Well what's your name honey? I'll walk you down there." The woman asked with a smile.

"Sheva Alomar."

The woman's hands went flying over the keyboard.

"11th grade?" The woman asked turning to Sheva

"Yep." Sheva said biting her nails and turning her body from one side to another. Her mom got annoyed when she did that, she couldn't keep still, it was a habit of hers.

"Okay… You're in Language Arts right now. Follow me and I'll take you there." The woman said coming from behind the front desk.


Sheva followed the tall woman out of the door and through a couple hallways before the woman asked her:

"Are you nervous about your first day? You seem to be."

'Oh great, she can tell.' Sheva thought embarrassed. Sheva looked down at the ground.

"I kind of am, I'm just not good with making new friends so easily…" She admitted.

"Well, Sheva don't be afraid, just be you. I'm sure people will like you" She told Sheva with a smile. 'You get paid to tell kids that…' Sheva thought.

"Well this is your hallway. Do you think you can handle it from here?" She asked concerned.

"Oh yeah, Thank you Ms…. Um..."

"I'm Mrs. Lemons, and you're welcome." She said walking out of the hall. Sheva walked down the hall until she found the Language Arts room, she opened the door a bit and saw the teacher at the front of the room pointing at the Smart board. The teacher turned to look at who just opened the door.

"Well hello, Sheva. I thought you weren't coming back!" The teacher said happily as she put her pen down. Sheva remembered this teacher from the conference, her name was Mrs. Jefferson. The whole class got quiet and stared at the door. Some even got halfway out their chairs to see who was at the door.

"Come on in, don't be shy!" she beckoned her in. Sheva walked in to the classroom and all eyes followed her.

"Ok everyone, this is our new student, Sheva and she is from Africa." She told the class with a smile.

"Hi!" One girl shouted from the back of the classroom. This caused other people to say hi too. Most waved though.

"Ok, Sheva since you came in the middle of the year; it's going to be hard for me to catch you up. So do you just want to try to get caught up on the new project, we just started it last week. Or do you just want me to get you something else to work on?"

Sheva thought for a moment before saying "I'll just work on something else." Mrs. Jefferson nodded and told Sheva:

"Ok, let me get them started then I will get you something to do. Can you go sit at that empty desk for me?" Sheva nodded her head and walked to the desk she was to. As she sat down she remembered that she had her backpack on still. She raised her hand and asked if she could go put it in her locker.

"You can just keep it in here until it's time to go. I'm not going to make you mess around with those lockers, they're tricky." She told Sheva with a smile. A blonde girl with short hair next to her said "Heck yeah they are." In agreement, Sheva smiled at this.

Sheva decided while the class was being lectured on what to do she would read her favorite book; The Outsiders. While she was enjoying the book, the girl that sat next to her whispered to Sheva "Oh my gosh, is that 'The Outsiders'? That's my favorite book in the world!" She said excitedly.

"No way, its mine too! What's your name?" Sheva said turning in her seat to face the girl with a smile.

"Sherry Birkin."

"You have a nice name, Sherry."

"Thanks you too." Sherry told Sheva. She thought it was so unique that Sheva was from Africa. Sherry studied Sheva for a short period of time before she changed the topic back to the book.

"Have you seen the movie?"

"Yeah about a million times!" Both girls laughed.

"I almost cried at the end." Sheva admitted, she was always sensitive when it came to movies and books. She remembered the times when she was younger, her and her dad would always watch 'The Lion King" after he got home from work on Fridays. She missed those days.

Unknown to Sheva her happy expression turned into a sad one. It didn't pass by Sherry. She was about to say something when a boy sitting in the desk behind her leaned forward a bit and whispered "Hush Sherry" In a playful tone.

Sherry turned back in her chair and said "Oh put a sock in it Chris!" playfully back to him but not so quietly. The teacher stopped lecturing the class and cleared her throat at her and Chris.

"Is there something you would like to share to the class Ms. Birkin?" Mrs. Jefferson asked looking between Chris and Sherry.

"No." They both said.

"Then I suggest you stop chatting and pay attention. Oh and Sheva," She said. Sheva was snapped out of her good memories and replied "Yes ma'am?" looking at the teacher trying to get the thoughts out of her head. "Tell me if they bother you." She said referring to Chris and Sherry.

"Oh they're not bothering me." Sheva said smiling at Sherry, she smiled back.

"Ok then." She went back to lecturing the class.

The rest of that period and Science (her second period) went by without anymore distractions. Then it was time for lunch.

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