The Trials of Love

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Chapter 22

"Love huh?" Nadia asked her daughter who was standing by the door with an expression that looked like fear. Sheva just stood at the door looking at the ground, afraid to look her mother in the eye.

"I asked you a question, young lady." Nadia told her daughter as she began to close the space between them.

"What was the question again?" Sheva asked quietly, still not looking at her mother.

"Did you say you loved him?" Nadia asked once again and for the last time.

"Look at me." Nadia told Sheva when she didn't answer. Sheva let out a small whimper and continued to look down. "Look. At. Me."

These were the moments she feared her mother the most. She knew if she looked at her she would see anger in her eyes that would make her scared and if she didn't look at her she would be in a world of hurt. Sheva decided not to look at her mother and her hands went up to her face to try to hold back the tears.

"Well I guess I need to get the belt…" Nadia said as she began to walk out of the room.

"No! I did say I loved him but he said he loved me first! Please don't get the belt!" Sheva cried out as she chased her mother. Nadia stopped and looked at her daughter for a moment. Yep, the belt always got her to speak.

"That wasn't so hard to admit now was it?" Nadia asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"It was harder than it looked, mama…" Sheva told her as she wiped away her tears glad she stopped her mom from getting the belt out.

"When did this 'love' thing start?" Nadia asked as she led her daughter to the couch and they took a seat.

"This afternoon when we went for a walk…"

"…And how did he tell you he loved you?" Nadia asked another question. Sheva quickly became nervous because if she answered that, she would have to tell her about them talking about having kids. And her mother was not going to be okay with that.

"Can I tell you the truth without you getting mad?" Sheva asked her mother with pleading eyes. She knew it wasn't the smartest thing to ask but she wanted o k now her mother's answer.

"I can't promise you anything but I do want the truth." Nadia told her daughter seriously.

"Well I told Chris he was a family guy when he put Nia on his shoulders, then he asked me something about liking children and I said I did and then we talked about the future and that led to…" Sheva paused and braced herself for her mother's reaction. "It led to us talking about having children together…" She looked down the whole time she told her mother. After a couple moments of awkward silence Nadia spoke up.

"Do I really need to talk to you about the birds and the bees?" Nadia asked Sheva.

"No… I never said that I wanted to have children now but I do later on in life."

"I know that but, truthfully, I don't want you to start planning your future with Chris yet. You guys haven't even gone on a date yet. I just don't want you to be so broken hearted when you guys go your separate ways."

"So, you don't think Chris and I will last long?" Sheva asked with a sad expression on her face.

"I never said that but Sheva, life is not a fairy tale. One day you guys might be the best couple in school and the next you guys will hate each other. This is your first boyfriend, I know this is all new to you and I don't want you to think your first boyfriend will be your only one." Nadia told Sheva as she rubbed her d=shoulder in a comforting, motherly way.

"But I really like Chris and he's been so great to me. I feel a really close connection to him. When I was in the hospital and you guys left us in the room alone, I felt like I knew him forever and he wasn't a boy I just met in school." Sheva told her mother truthfully.

"Now Sheva, I'm not saying you guys are not going to be together forever but just promise me you will not be too upset if you aren't."

"I don't know… He's not like a crush that when I get tired of him, I'll give him the boot, he means so much more to me than that."

"Well I have to go give Nia a bath, but I want you to think about this conversation we had." Nadia said as she got up. She placed a soft kiss on her daughter's forehead and began to make her way up the stairs, leaving Sheva on the couch to think.

"Oh and Sheva, now might be a good time to tell your father about Chris." Nadia told her before she made it to the top of the stairs.

Sheva sighed, the conversation went better then she thought it would but now she was worried about her father. Hopefully he would be reasonable like her mother was. She picked up her phone of the coffee table and dialed her father's number and placed the phone to her ear. It rung a few times before her father's voice came from the phone.

"Hello my baby girl." He greeted her happily through the phone. She just hoped he would keep the same tone of voice when she told him the news.

"Hey dad, I called because I need to tell you something really important." Sheva quietly said through the phone.

"Um ok, is it good important or bad important?" He asked in a slightly worried tone.

"I depends on how responsible you think I am." She replied with a sigh.

"I'm afraid to hear this but go ahead and tell me." He told her.

She sighed once again before answering. "I have a boyfriend."

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