The Trials of Love

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Chapter 23

"I have a boyfriend."

There was silence, which made Sheva very uncomfortable.

"Dad?" She asked him after she couldn't stand it anymore.

"When did this happen, Sheva?" His stern, deep voice came through the phone.

"Not too long ago, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to tell you earlier…" She said quickly into the phone.

"You could have told me when it happened. Your mother told me the day it happened; she even told me when you went to his house. Why are you just now admitting to this?" He asked in an even more strict voice.

"I didn't want you to be mad I went over a boy's house…" Sheva said in her quiet voice.

"Well apparently it didn't work because I am very disappointed with you." Sheva felt tears coming to her eyes when her father told her that. She couldn't remember the last time he was disappointed with her.

"I'm sorry…" She said sadly.

"You broke the promise you made to me. I taught you better then that young lady."

"I never promised I wouldn't date, I promised I would make the right decision."

"That's true, but I'm still disappointed you didn't say anything sooner. I'm actually more hurt than I am disappointed." He admitted. That did it for her. Sheva let some tears slide down her cheeks and tried to sniff them up quietly so her dad wouldn't know, but unfortunately the small sniffle didn't go unnoticed by her once furious father.

"Sweetie, are you crying?" He asked in a softer voice.

"No, my nose is… just runny." Sheva said as calmly as she could. But he knew her better than that.'

"Don't cry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry sweetie. You just need to know what you did wasn't right. I deserve to know when my daughter has a boyfriend that she LOVES, right?" He asked, putting emphasis on love.

"Yes…" Sheva sniffled.

"Ok then, now that we got past that I have some exciting news." He said back in his regular happy voice.

"What is it?" Sheva asked as she reached over to the end table by the couch to get some tissues.

"In two days, I'm coming to visit you!" He said cheerfully. Sheva nearly dropped her phone and the tissue she was currently dabbing at her eyes with.

"Are you serious?" Sheva asked with a large smile on her face.

"Yes, my flight leaves later tonight so I will be there on Friday before you get out of school. I can't wait to see my baby girl. It's been too long." Indeed it has. The last time they saw each other was when Sheva was in 7th grade.

"I can't wait to see you, too. But where will you stay. You and momma aren't on the best terms right now. And you know who else is here…" Sheva said, not wanting to mention Clyde's name.

"I will be staying at a hotel not too far from where you guys live." He paused then continued. "Well I have to go get ready, see you soon! Love you!"

"Love you too dad!" And with that, they hung up. Sheva was elated right now. Her dad didn't go as crazy as she thought he would about Chris and now she was coming to visit her. She couldn't be any happier. Sheva looked at her phone and hugged it to her, then fell back on the couch, squealing away.

"I guess he told you the news, huh?" Nadia asked as she came downstairs with Nia in her arms. Sheva immediately sat up, nodded her head and smiled at her mom. Nadia looked at her daughter for a second and noticed her nose was red.

"Have you been crying, Rudolph?" Nadia asked as she put Nia down, who ran to the kitchen.

"A little, but I'm okay now." Sheva told her with a smile.

"Well I'm glad. Come on and let's go eat." Nadia told her as she walked into the kitchen. Sheva followed her mother into the kitchen to see Nia trying to get into her highchair.

"Nia! Come here!" Sheva said as she crouched down to Nia's level. Nia turned around and ran as fast as she could on her tiny feet to her big sister. Sheva picked her up and walked over to her mother.

"Who's that?" Sheva asked Nia in a baby voice and she turned her towards their mother.

"Mommy!" Nia yelled and smiled.

"Yeah, that's mommy. Good job!" Sheva said as she clapped her hands. Nia clapped her hands also and giggled. Sheva put her down and stood by her mother. She watched as she heated up some boiling water on the stove to put some noodles in.

"Whatcha makin'?" Sheva asked in a singing voice as she scooted closer to her mother and bumped her hips with hers.

"Stroganoff." Nadia replied in the same tone of voice as she bumped her hips to her daughters, sending her in the other direction to the other end of the counter.

"Gosh momma, you could have killed me!" Sheva laughed.

"Yes, I have killer hips!" Nadia joked and bumped her daughter once again, but this time sending her into the fridge.

"Oh it's on!" Sheva laughed and bumped into her mother. This went on for about 30 seconds before Clyde came into the kitchen to see the girls bumping into each other.

"Well, I guess you guys are having fun." He said as he watched them. Both girls stopped and looked at him for a moment. Then the unexpected came. Sheva ran and jumped into his arms, surprised he didn't let her go.

"Oh my gosh, it's like lifting 1,000 pounds!" Clyde said dramatically as he swayed side to side which gave Sheva the feeling he was going to drop her.

"No put me down!" Sheva screeched. He didn't do as she requested and swayed all the way into the living room then threw her on the couch. She laughed and rested her head on the couch, still smiling.

She couldn't wait until she could have fun like that when her father came.

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