The Trials of Love

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Chapter 28

The next day Sheva woke up on her bed. She didn't remember coming up there, the last thing she remembered was dropping her dad off at his hotel. Sheva rolled onto her side and looked at the clock on her nightstand. It was 12 in the afternoon. She reached for her phone and turned it on. She groaned once she did, forgetting she was in the dark and how bright her phone was. Her eyes finally adjusted to the light of the phone and she looked at her notification bar to see a red phone symbol, signaling she got a missed call.

Sheva unlocked her phone and dragged the notification bar to see who she missed a call from.

'2 missed calls from Chris at 11:32am'

She decided to call Chris back and see why he called her. She clicked on Chris' number and put the phone to her ear. It rung a few times and the he picked up.

"Hey babe, good afternoon." he greeted.

"Good afternoon to you too." she said in a scratchy voice. Her face scrunched up in displeasure at her voice. She forgot how it sounded in the morning when she first woke up. Sheva cleared her throat a few times and Chris was laughing on the other line.

"Did you just wake up?" Chris asked her once his laughing died down.

"Maybe…" she giggled then continued. "Why did you call me?"

"Because I have some great news, take a guess." he told her.

"Ok, let's see. Did you get something new?" she guessed.

"Well yes, can I just tell you?" he asked, Sheva could tell her was very excited about something and it made her laugh.

"Sure Chris."

"I just got my… DRIVER'S LICENSES! My mom is also taking me to get my own car!" Chris cheered from the other line.

"That's great, I'm so proud of you! Congrats!" Sheva congratulated her boyfriend.

"Thanks, it also means that I can take you on a date." Chris said seductively over the phone.

"I would love that." Sheva shyly giggled.

"Well I have to go pick out my car. I'll send you a picture of it when I get it. Talk to you later, love you!"

"Love you too Chris." and with that they disconnected. Sheva got from under her covers and went down the hall to her mother and Clyde's room and gave the door a knock.

"If you're looking for your mother she is downstairs with Nia." Clyde's muffled voice came through the other side of the door.

"Oh ok." Sheva said and made her was downstairs. She went into the living room and saw her mother sitting on the couch and Nia on the floor playing with some toys.

"Good morning… or afternoon I mean. How did you sleep?" Nadia asked her disheveled looking daughter.

"Good I guess. Did you bring me to my bed last night?" Sheva asked as she took a seat next to her mother.

"Um, no. I don't think I could pick you up. Clyde was at home by the time we made it back so he came out and carried you in."

"Oh…" that made a lot more sense instead of her mom carrying her in. "Hey mom, guess what?"


"Chris is getting his own car! He said he would take me on our first date! Isn't that awesome!" Sheva told her as she bounced up and down on the couch.

"Yes, it is." Nadia said calmly.

"Oh and your dad called, he wants to take you to this little fun park he saw. He is going to be here in two hours so you better go eat and get ready. And get out of those clothes and shower too." Nadia added on. Sheva looked down at what she was wearing and realized she didn't have a chance to change into her pajamas last night so she slept in her clothes.

"Ok…" Sheva said and with that she ran into the kitchen to get something to eat.

By the time Jared came to the house to pick Sheva up she was all ready to go.

"You two have fun and be safe!" Nadia told them as they walked out of the door.

"We will see you later mom!" Sheva told her then closed the door. The two made their way to a black car parked on the side of the street.

"Is this a rental?" Sheva asked her dad as they hopped in.

"Yep, it's cool huh?"

"It actually is." Sheva giggled. They buckled their seatbelts and Jared began to drive.

"You say that like it's the first cool thing I have ever done." Jared observed.

"Maybe because it is." Sheva giggled again.

"Oh hush, you know I'm the coolest dad around!" Jared told her as he grabbed his sunglasses and slid them on his face like the people in the movies do.

Sheva just laughed at her dad as he tried to make himself look cool. Eventually the laughing died down and Jared grabbed his daughter's hand in his own and gave it a squeeze.

"I missed your laugh so much…" He sighed.

"And I missed you making me laugh…" Sheva told him sadly. But she quickly snapped out of it. She wasn't going to ruin their day with memories that made them sad. She was going to make the most of seeing her dad.

Today was going to be a great day…

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