The Trials of Love

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Chapter 29

Sheva and her father arrived at the small amusement park after a 20 minute drive of catching up. They got out of the car and made their way in.

After paying to get in they rode almost all of the rides in the park except the ones Sheva was afraid to go on. They went to the arcade and won a bunch of prizes, Jared even won Sheva a giant stuffed panda that stood as tall as her waist. Sheva couldn't remember a time she had this much fun with her father before he left.

When they left the arcade they bought funnel cakes and sodas. While they were eating they talked then Jared brought up a question that ruined the moment and changed the topic of everything.

"So how do you like Clyde?" Jared asked suspiciously, as he watched her expression change.

"He's cool, I guess…" Sheva told him quickly and simply then took a sip from her coke.

"What about Nia?"Jared asked in the same tone.

"…What about Nia?" Sheva asked as she took a quick break from drinking.

"How do you like her?"

"She's fine I guess. Why are you asking me this all of the sudden?" Sheva asked with concern in her voice.

"Well, because I found a woman who I think I want to settle down with soon. Her name is Dalila, she's a great woman and she has a son named Joshua, well he likes to be call Josh for short, he is 18 but such a nice young man." Jared finished with a smile.

"How long have you two been going out?" was all Sheva asked.

"For a few months now, but I knew her for about 3 or 4 years now…" he simply told her. He was very surprised how well she was taking all of it.

"Oh, do you have a picture of her… well them?"

"Yes I do." Jared told her as he pulled out his phone and pulled up a picture of the two and showed it to Sheva.

Sheva took the phone and observed the picture of a woman in a long blue dress with her hand on the shoulder of a young man in a blue dress shirt. Both were happily smiling at the camera.

Dalila was a tall, dark skinned, beautiful woman with long curly hair that looked like it went to her lower back. Her eyes were a beautiful blue that reminded Sheva of the ocean and the necklace she wore brought them out. She was very beautiful to say the least.

Sheva then observed the handsome young man. He had a lot of his mother's features except for her eyes; his were a nice dark brown. His hair was cut short and if fit him perfectly.

"They look lovely…" Sheva observed.

"Yeah, I told them all about you and they can't wait to talk to you. You're taking this a lot better than I thought you would." Jared told her.

"As long as they were not the reason you and mom broke up then I'm okay with it. I can tell how happy they make you." Sheva smiled then handed the phone back to him.

"I can assure you they had nothing to do with it." Jared said with a smile. Sheva smiled back and nodded with understanding. Just then Sheva's phone started to vibrate in her pocket. She pulled it out of her phone and answered it without even looking to see who it was.


"Hey Sheva Bear." She immediately knew it was Chris.

"Oh, hi Chrissy-Poo!" She greeted with a giggle.

"Oh no, not again…" Chris chuckled then continued "did you get the message I sent you, it's my new car."

"Oh my gosh Chris, I am so sorry. I will look at it now if you want?"

"Go ahead!" Chris told her excitedly.

Sheva pulled up the message she received about an hour ago. She clicked the new message she got from Chris and looked at the picture attached to it. The picture was of Chris leaning on a red, shiny Toyota Solara Convertible.

"No way! That is so cool!" Sheva told him as she looked at the picture, amazed.

"I know right?! And guess what the best part is." Chris told her.

"What?" Sheva asked.

"I am going to take you out on a date tonight and we are going to ride off into the sunset with the top down." Chris told her seductively.

"I would love that, what time will you pick me up and what do I wear?" she asked as she twisted her hair between her fingers.

"Six thirty and wear something formal but not too formal. " He told her simply.

"Seen you then, love ya!"

"Love you too!" and with that they disconnected.

"So what are you wearing on this date?" Jared asked his daughter, slightly catching her off guard.

"Oh um… just a nice shirt and some jeans or a skirt, maybe a nice sundress… or something…" Sheva stammered.

"How about some sweats, some slides, and one of my T-shirts?" Jared said in all seriousness.

"Can we just go so I can get ready?" Sheva said stubbornly.

"Yeah, and we will talk about your make-up and wardrobe too." Jared said as he threw everything away and gathered their stuff then they took their leave.

Once they arrived at the house Sheva got out of the car with a loud groan.

"For the last time, I'm just going to wear my red sundress, some sandals, and a little bit of make-up. I might curl my hair too! But that is ALL I am wearing! SO please stop worrying, I will be perfectly fine!" Sheva told Jared as she slammed the car door. Jared followed in suit and slammed his door too. He grabbed all of the stuff from the backseat and followed his stomping daughter to the front door.

"You better wear undergarments too!" Jared warned her.

"Ugh!" was all Sheva said as she banged on the front door and waited. The whole ride home Jared was telling her what to wear, the dos and don'ts about dates, and not to go to Chris' house if he asks. It annoyed her to death because she had to keep telling him that she was a big girl and could handle herself.

Sheva was about to bang on the door again but Nadia quickly opened it with wide eyes and a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong? Are you ok? Why were you banging on the door like that?" Nadia asked quickly. Sheva didn't say anything and pushed past her mother to go upstairs to her room and slam the door.

Nadia looked at the stairs her daughter just went up then down to her ex-husband who was having trouble carrying everything and the stuffed panda at once.

Nadia came out of the house and grabbed the panda away from Jared.

"What did you do?" Nadia asked him as she led him inside the house.

"Did you know she has a date with that boy?!" Jared asked angrily.

"That boy is Chris and yes, she told me this morning. Why is she so upset?"

"She is upset because I'm trying to make sure she doesn't go walking around with a boy I just met!"

"I know Chris and that's enough, he cares for her and will do anything he can to make her happy. He's a good guy; you need to let her go Jared. She's grown since you last seen her and I know it's hard, it took me a little bit to let her go too but she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself." Nadia told him calmly.

"I know, it's just I don't want her to end up doing what we did when we were her age…" he admitted.

"She's smart Jared, she knows better…" she told him with a pat on the back then continued "you should go apologize to her."

"Yeah, I will be right back…" Jared told her as he got up and headed for his upset daughter's room. He knocked on the door and got a muffled reply.

"I'm coming!"

"Ok." Jared replied and took a step back from the door. Just then it opened revealing Sheva wearing exactly what she said she would be.

"Do you have a problem with my outfit?" Sheva asked smartly.

"No, I don't, you look beautiful…" he told her. She smiled at his response and pulled him into a hug.

"Thanks dad." She whispered.

"No problem baby girl. I came up here to say that I'm sorry I didn't trust you." He apologized.

"It's ok…" She told him as they ended the hug.

"Now go get dolled up for your date!" He chuckled, as she punched him in the shoulder and ran off in the direction of the bathroom to do her make-up.

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