The Trials of Love

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Chapter 3

"So Sheva, I was going to eat outside with some of my friends, do you want to come and eat with us?" Sherry asked while she and Sheva were going through the lunch line.

"I don't know. I don't want to get in the way…" Sheva said grabbing an orange and putting it on your tray. Sheva never liked being introduced to new people. She felt like she was being forced to be friends with strangers just so she could still stay friends with that person.

"Oh come on Sheva, they will love you. Please…?" Sherry begged Sheva once they got out of the lunch room pointing towards the door that lead outside.

Sheva sighed and finally said "Fine, if I must…" jokingly to Sherry. She squealed with excitement and grabbed Sheva's hand pulling her along. They finally made it outside and Sheva was a nervous wreck. After a bunch of twists and turns around other tables, they finally made it to the table Sherry sat at. It was right under the shade of a tree. Sheva thought for a moment if she was comfortable eating under a tree that could shed into her food and bring other 'little surprises'.

Once they got close enough to the table Sherry said "Hey guys, I brought a friend with me! This is Sheva, and she's shy so don't make her uncomfortable." She finished pointing at a boy with long blonde hair. "I mean you Leon."

Leon shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something under his breath that caused a boy next to him to smirk. Sheva and Sherry took their seats next to each other then Sherry started to introduce everyone to Sheva.

"Ok Sheva, this is Leon, as you know. He is the big flirt," Leon rolled her eyes at her and to a big bite out of his ham sandwich. He looked up at Sheva and waved to her. Sheva smiled back and waved too.

"This is Claire and Helena." Sherry pointed to each of them as their names were said. They both said hi to Sheva, she said it back to them shyly.

"Aren't you forgetting someone special?" A boy sitting on the opposite side of Sherry asked nudging at Sherry.

"How could I forget you Jakeie-poo?" Sherry teased grabbing at his cheeks. Sheva assumed that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Sherry turned to face Sheva and said "That's my boyfriend Jake." Yep, right on.

"Nice to meet you." Jake said to Sheva and offered her his hand. She thought to herself 'He's a gentleman.' She took his hand and shook it.

"And last but… least is Chris. Claire's big brother. Poor Claire…" Sherry said trying to look serious, but failed as a small smile appeared on her face from Chris' reaction.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, You're not the best person in school either." Chris waved her off. This caused Sheva to smile. "Oh shut up Chris, no one wants to hear it…" Claire said to him jokingly. The girls calmed down their laughter then Chris asked Sheva: "Haven't we met before?"

Sheva thought about the question the replied "Yeah, we have Language Arts the same period. "Oh yeah…" Chris said as he thought about it. Sherry jumped up and asked Sheva "What was wrong with you in Language Arts anyway? You looked upset when we were talking about the movie." Sherry put a hand on her shoulder. "It was nothing…"

"Oh come on, tell me. I won't judge." Sherry promised with all seriousness on her face.

"Ok, it was that it brought back the memory when I was younger. I use to watch 'The Lion King' with my dad on Fridays. But a while back my mom and dad broke up and my dad moved to a different part of Africa…" Sheva ended on a sad note. She really missed her father. She just wished that they would get back together like old times.

"Can we just… change the subject?" Sheva said, she just hated all the attention and sympathy.

"Sure…" Sherry said, the rest of the lunch period went by without anymore sad moments. They joked around and told about themselves. Chris and Claire told the funniest stories about the days when they were younger.

Then the lunch bell rung, ruining the fun and signaling that it was time to dump their trays and go to class.

While Chris was walking towards his next class he saw that Sheva was having trouble with her locker. He watched from a distance as she smacked her forehead when she messed up. He walked behind her and tapped her shoulder.

"Need help?" He asked once she looked back at him.

"Yeah…" She sighed, today was just embarrassing for her. "What's your combination?" Chris asked setting his hand on the padlock. Sheva looked down at her paper and read the numbers off to him. She watched as his large hands entered the combination. He popped the locker open seconds later.

"Thanks, Chris." Sheva said gratefully.

"No problem." He replied with a salute and walked to his classroom.

Sheva was never a person to fall for someone so easily, but Chris turned that all around. 'This was going to be one interesting school year…' Sheva thought and walked into her next class.

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