The Trials of Love

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Chapter 30

Sheva exited the bathroom 5 minutes later at 6:27, 3 minutes before Chris was supposed to pick her up. She came downstairs and stood in front of her parents. Nadia immediately stood up and clapped her hands together.

"You look beautiful, Sheva!" Nadia told her as she pulled her into a hug and kissed her cheek. Her hair was slightly curled and she wore little make-up.

"She is wearing too much make-up… Take off the eye liner, eye shadow, and lip gloss and you will be fine." Jared told her as he stood up.

"Dad… that's ALL the make-up I'm wearing! I thought you trusted me!" Sheva told him as she crossed her arms upset.

"I do trust you; I just don't trust the make-up and hair. Stay close to that boy." Jared grinned. Sheva smiled and pulled him into a hug.

Just then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Sheva told them excitedly as she ran to the door. She opened the door to reveal Chris with a large smile on his face and a bouquet of roses in his hand.

"Hey Shev…" Chris said as he rocked nervously back and forth on his heels. He had taken girls out on dates before, why was she so different? He kept asking himself the question he already knew the answer to. He loved her, that's why. All of the other girls were ones who were pretty and he liked but Sheva he loved, and there was a big difference.

"Hey Chris, you look handsome." She told him. It wasn't formal but it looked decent (I'm not good at describing looks so let's skip that…).

"And you look absolutely beautiful. Oh and I got you these." He told her as he handed them to her.

"They are beautiful, thanks Chris. Come on in…"

Chris came in the house and shut the door behind him.

"Hello." Chris greeted her parents.

"Hi Chris," Nadia said, and Jared just waved. After a few moments of awkward silence Sheva spoke up.

"Alrighty then, we better get going Chris. Love you mom and dad, see ya!" Sheva said quickly and grabbed onto her boyfriends arm and pulled him towards the door.

"Not so fast, young lady. We don't even know where you are going." Nadia told her before she could reach the door. After a second of thinking, Sheva remembered SHE didn't even know where he was taking her.

"Yeah, where are we going Chris?" Sheva asked curiously.

"Oh I just wanted to take her to dinner at China Star because she loves Chinese food and then a movie of her choice afterwards." Chris paused and looked to Jared who had an eyebrow raised, "If that's ok with you, Mr. Alomar…" He told him quickly.

"What if she wants to see a movie you don't want to?" Jared tested.

"I will still watch it with her. I promise I will not leave her side the whole time." Chris assured him. Jared didn't say anything but smiled at him and Chris smiled back.

"Have her back once the movie is over, no later than 10. Am I understood?" Jared asked with a stern voice.

"Yes sir." Chris quickly replied.

"Once more thing before you leave. Pictures!" Nadia said excitedly as she grabbed her phone off the coffee table.

"Ok go stand by the door and pose!" She told them. Sheva sighed and walked over to the door with Chris and placed a hand on his chest and he wrapped an arm around her waist.

They both smiled at the camera and rubbed their eyes when the flash went off.

"One more!" Nadia told them. They both made silly faces at the camera then Nadia took the picture.

"Ok you two go have fun… but not too much fun. Shev, give me your flowers so I can put them in water. These are so beautiful Chris." Nadia said as she grabbed the flowers and kissed both of them on the cheek.

"Love you baby girl. Be safe and stay with Chris." Nadia told Sheva then disappeared into the kitchen leaving Jared with the two teens.

"See you later daddy. Love you." Sheva said as she hugged her father and kissed him on the cheek. "Love you too. Chris you better bring my daughter back safe and sound or you will be in a lot of trouble." Jared warned then shook his hand.

"I will sir, I promise." Chris told him once again as he shook his hand. The two released each other and Chris opened the front door for Sheva and they both walked out. Once they were outside and the door was shut, Chris let out breath he didn't even know he was holding in.

"I never thought we would get out of there…" Sheva told him and grabbed his hand.

"Yeah… your dad doesn't trust me does he?" Chris asked.

"It's not that he doesn't trust you, it's just he never let me go somewhere alone with a boy before so he is a little nervous." Sheva told him as she looked back at the house.

"If you say so…"

Chris opened the passenger side door of his car for Sheva to get in and buckled her up once she was in. He closed her door and hopped in himself. He leaned over in his seat and gave her a long affectionate kiss before he buckled himself in and started the car.

"Off to stuff our faces like pigs, haha." Chris joked as he took the car out of park and began the drive towards the buffet.

They arrived to the buffet about five minutes later and got their seats. They ordered their drinks and once they got them they got their food and began to eat. They talked for a while about random things that came to mind.

"Ok so, what is your favorite color?" Sheva asked before taking a bite of orange chicken.

"Green. How about you?" Chris asked as he watched his girlfriend eat. He did always respect a girl who could eat.

"Definitely purple." Sheva told him once she finished chewing the chicken.

"Hey Shev, have you thought of a movie you want to see?"

"I don't know what is playing now." Sheva informed Chris. He looked on his phone to see if there was a movie they could catch and read off the ones that were available. She chose the movie she wanted to see which started t 7:20 and it was 6:50 something right now.

"We still have time for desert, be right back you stay right here." Chris told her. He went back out to the buffet and to the desert bar. He picked up a plate of vanilla cake with whipped icing and went back to the table. Sheva was distracted with something on her phone she didn't realize he came back. Chris grabbed his spoon and scooped up some cake.

"Shev?" he called.

"Hmm?" she replied, still looking at her phone.

"Sheva?" he called again.

"Yeah Chris?" she replied, her eyes still on the phone. Chris used his free and to lower the phone from her face and showed her the cake.

"Oooh cake!" she giggled the opened her mouth for the spoon. Just before the cake was going to enter her mouth, he snatched it away and ate it himself. Sheva just looked at him with her mouth wide open.

"What?" Chris asked smiling.

"I want some…" Sheva explained and opened her mouth for the next spoonful.

"Nope you can continue to look at your phone." Chris chuckled. Sheva just looked at him with wide eyes and her bottom lip poked out.

"Please?" she asked in a small voice that made Chris laugh.

"Only because I found that adorable." He told her as he fed her some cake. They ended up taking turns feeding each other the cake until it was gone.

"We need to go so we can catch that movie, babe. Are you done eating?"

"Yeah lets go."

Chris left the money and the table and they exited the buffet hand in hand to see the movie.

The last thing Sheva remembered was sitting in the movie theater, resting her head on Chris' shoulder and watching the movie. Now she found herself in the passenger seat of Chris' car with a blanket on top of her.

"About time you woke up sleeping beauty." she heard Chris say from beside her. He leaned over and pressed his lips on hers which she quickly responded to and kissed him back.

"When did I fall asleep?" Sheva asked as she rubbed her eyes tiredly.

"About 30 minutes into the movie." Chris chuckled and Sheva gasped.

"Chris I am so sorry. I don't know what happened; it must have been the food. I didn't mean to ruin our date… I'm the worst girlfriend ever…" Sheva apologized and covered her face with her hands. Chris quickly reached over and pulled her hands away from her face and seeing a bit of wetness on them.

"Are you crying?" he asked her.

"Yeah, because I ruined our date and I'm embarrassed…"Sheva sobbed.

"Shev, look at me." Sheva looked into his soft brown eyes.

"This is nothing to cry about ok? You didn't ruin our date, it was perfect. If it makes you feel better I didn't see the whole movie either." He told her as he wiped her tears away.

"Why would that make me feel better?" Sheva questioned.

"Because you aren't the only one who fell asleep…" he told her with a grin.

"You fell asleep too?"

"Yeah then I was woken up and politely asked to leave because of your snoring." Chris chuckled.

Sheva punched him in the arm and informed him "I do not snore!"

"Ok, because of my snoring, so I carried you to the car and I was going to drive you home but my gas was low so that's how we got to the gas station." He finished. Sheva looked out the window and saw the bright lights of the gas station.

"The gas is almost full so then I can take you home. I'm supposed to have you back in 7 minutes.

"Oh ok…" Sheva said sadly, she didn't want their date to end but she knew if she didn't get home when she was supposed to Chris would be in trouble and that is the last thing she would want.

Chris finished with the gas and drove Sheva home. He parked in the drive way and came around to open Sheva's door. She was about to get out but he picked her up bridal style before she could put her feet on the ground.

"Chris what are you doing!" Sheva screeched.

"I'm carrying you to the house." He replied simply. He carried her to the front of the door and ring the doorbell.

The door opened seconds later revealing Nadia carrying Nia with a smile on her face. She looked to her daughter and saw that her nose was red her eyes were puffy then sighed.

"What did you cry about?"

"It was nothing important…" Sheva explained as she looked to the ground.

"Like it always is, you're my big cry baby." Nadia told her as she pulled on her cheek.

"I'm not a cry baby…" Sheva whined.

"Sure you're not… So how did it go besides Sheva being a cry baby?" Nadia asked, ignoring the loud groan that came from her embarrassed and upset daughter.

"It was great I had lots of fun. But I really have to go; my mom wants me home by 9." Chris told her as he looked at his watch.

"Oh ok Chris thank you for taking her out." Nadia told him as she pulled him into a hug. Nia somehow found a way to hug Chris too.

"See you later, babe. Love you." Chris told her as he leaned in for a kiss. She gave him a quick kiss "Love you too."

The three girls watched him get in his car and drive away.

"Babe? When did he start calling you that?" Nadia asked as she moved aside told let her in.

"Not too long ago…" Sheva plainly told her.

"Um ok, well go take a shower and put on your PJ's. You can tell me about the date after you do."

"Ok" Sheva said as she walked by the living room, unaware of her father sitting on the couch.

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