The Trials of Love

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Chapter 32

Sheva was woken up early by her mother the next morning.

"Come on Sheva, you have to get ready. It's a long drive to where we are going." Nadia told her softly as she shook her daughter slightly. Sheva groaned and mumbled something about being too tired.

"Well then, I guess you don't want to spend the last day with your dad at Six Flags. I'll just call and tell him you are too tired and we can't go…" Nadia told her and then stepped back, knowing her next reaction.

"We're going to Six Flags?!" Sheva asked excitedly as she hopped out of the bed. All the tiredness seemed to just disappear as she stood, looking at her mother with large eyes and a big smile.

"Yes, now go eat and get ready. Put on a swimsuit under your clothes too." Nadia said as she walked off to her room to finish getting ready. She followed her out of the room and headed downstairs to eat. She looked at the clock in the kitchen and saw that it was 8:15 in the morning.

"Wow…" She said to herself. "It better be worth it." She already knew it would all be worth it.

About an hour later Nadia, Jared and Sheva were on the road to Six Flags and Sheva couldn't remember the last time she saw her parents interact like they did. Jared was telling jokes that made her and her mom laugh and even brought up old memories of when Sheva tried to 'fly' by jumping off the couch or a bed with a blanket on her back and the aftermath of them kissing her and telling her she was a big girl and not to cry.

"I don't remember that!" Sheva told her parents with a smile from the back seat.

"Well it happened. More than once. Me and your father would be sitting downstairs and all we would her is two big bangs on the floor then WAAAAAA! MOMMY! DADDY! I HURTED MYSELF! WAAAAAA!" Nadia imitated her daughter from when she was younger.

"Did I really say that?" Sheva asked as she laughed.

"Yes! Every. Single. Time." Jared laughed. They all continued to laugh as more storied were told of the times it was just them for the rest of the ride.

Back with Chris…


Chris turned over in his bed and turned off the alarm on his phone. As he did he realized he had 3 text messages. Two were from Sheva and the other was from a random number. Chris clicked on the message and read who it was from.

"Jill?" Chris said surprised as he squinted at the name. The message said:

Hey Chris, I know we aren't on the best terms right now but can you meet me at the 16th street Park at 11? I really need to talk to you. Sent at10: 37a.m

Chris sighed as he read through the message again. He didn't know if he could trust her anymore. He sat in his bed for a moment then looked at the time. It was 10:55. Chris made his decision and quickly threw on some sweat pants, a T-Shirt and some slides on his feet. He brushed his teeth, fixed his hair and told his mom where he was going.

He arrived at the park a few minutes later and sure enough saw Jill sitting on the bench by the playground. He parked his car and got out with his hands in his pocket and walked over to Jill. She immediately hopped up at his arrival and greeted him with a big smile on her face.

"Hey Chris! I'm so glad you made it!"

"Yeah, um what did you need?" Chris asked as he scratched his neck in a nervous habit. He wanted to see what she needed then leave. He still couldn't trust her.

"Ok, first of all I wanted to apologize to how I treated Sheva. I was jealous at the time but I saw how happy she made you and thought that I should be happy that you are happy. So I'm done messing with Sheva and please tell her I'm so sorry." Jill told him with a sad look. He highly doubted she was actually sorry. "The other thing is that as you know, my birthday is on Friday… you know… five days… and I was wondering if you maybe wanted to come to my party at 5? It would be great if you could…" Jill told him as she looked down.

"I don't know Jill…"

"Come on please. I thought we were still friends." Jill told him with puppy eyes.

"We are it just that… well…" Chris paused for a moment. Sheva would most likely not be ok with it but at the same time he was trying to be a nice person even though Jill did some bad things in the past.

"I'll go but I can't stay long. I can stay long enough to say happy birthday, grab a piece of cake and maybe stay for presents but that is all."

"That's perfect! Thank you so much Chris! See you at school tomorrow!" She told him as she excitedly skipped away towards the apartments she lived in.

Chris stood where he was and ran a hand through his hair.

"I'm going to regret this…" He said to no one. He walked off to his car, sat in it then pulled out his phone. He realized he forgot to check the messages from Sheva. He opened the messages and they read:

Hey Chrissy-Poo! I just wanted to tell you I really can't talk much today because it's my dad's last full day here (he's leaving tomorrow morning while we are at school) and we are going to Six Flags! I wish I could bring you but my mom said that we needed to spend his last day here with just us. I will try to call you when I get home if it is not too late. See ypu tomorrow! Love you! 3 Sent at 8:40am

Lol I meant you, you know how bad I am with texting! Anyway once again I love you and have a great day!

Sent at 8:40am

He smiled at her mistake and started typing his response.

I hope you have fun with your family and sorry for the late reply. I love you too babe and be safe, don't go on anything that will make you sick or wet yourself! And practice your texting on the way there lol

Chris sent the message to her then put his phone down and started the car to go back to his house.

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