The Trials of Love

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Chapter 33

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Chris arrived back at his house and once he got in the door, he plopped down on the couch and closed his eyes.

"Chris! Chris! Chris!" Claire yelled as she came down the stairs and sat on Chris' back.

"Claire! Get off me, you weigh a ton!"Chris yelled as he felt her weight on his back.

"I need to ask you something." She told him.

"You can get off me to do that." Chris huffed out.

"Just listen big head, can you please please please please please take me to the store so I can get some candy? Please?!" Claire begged.

"Why should I after you sit on me and call me big head? I mean, why can't mom take you?" Chris asked as he began to get up and push Claire off of him.

"Because you love me and I'm your baby sister and mom said she didn't feel like it…"

"Oh well in that case… no." Chris said as he got up and headed to his room. Claire followed behind.

"You're not being nice. Your being a really mean big brother."

"You are not helping your case by trying to make me feel bad and you can't come in my room without permission." Chris said as he made it to the door of his room.

"Please Chris, I'm craving candy and mom won't take me." Claire begged once again as she stood outside his room. She knew better then to go in there without permission.

"Claire I said no, now leave me alone before I get mom." Chris told her with an annoyed voice.

"Chrissssss!" Claire whined and stood at the door of her annoyed big brother "I won't bother you for the rest of the month if you do it. I promise!" Claire told him.

"OH MY-," Chris yelled then took a deep breath; he knew his sister was sensitive and didn't want to make her cry. "Claire, get in the car and I swear if you bother me about another thing you will have to walk everywhere you go if mom doesn't take you, do you understand? I don't want to hear anything else from you today." Chris told her loudly as he roughly grabbed his keys and walked past her. He was already stressed out from Jill and didn't need this.

"I don't want to go anymore…" Claire told him with sad eyes and ran off to her room, shutting the door behind her.

"Chris! What did you do to your sister?" Clara yelled at him from her room once she heard the door slam. Chris sighed and walked into his mom's room and sat on the bed next her.

"She wanted me to take her to the store to get some stupid candy and I told her no. She kept on begging me and then I yelled at her and told her I would take her but then she said she didn't want to go." Chris told his mom.

"So you owe your sister an apology."

"Me? Why me, she should be the one apologizing to me. She wouldn't leave me alone!" Chris defended himself.

"Chris I don't want to deal with this right now, just be the bigger person and apologize."

Chris sighed out loud and walked to his sister's room. He always had to apologize first if Claire was going to cry about something and it wasn't fair at all.

Chris lightly knocked on Claire's door and told her it was him. The door slowly opened and Claire came out and looked up at his brother with upset eyes.

"What do you want?" She asked him coldly.

"Well I wanted to apologize but if you want to be like that then never mind." Chris told her with the same cold voice.

"No go ahead and apologize." She told him putting a hand on her hip and the other in the doorway.

"Fine, I'm sorry I yelled at you but sometimes you just make me so angry and annoy me to death but sorry."

"Ok, so will you take me to the store now?"

"I guess. Hop in the car. Mom we are going to the store. Be back soon!" Chris yelled to their mother.

"Get some milk and paper towels while you are out! Thank you!" She yelled back.
Chris and Claire headed to the car and were on their way to the store.

After 3 hours of non-stop roller coasters Nadia, Jared, and Sheva decided to go to the water part section of the Six Flags. There they went down very high waterslides, well Nadia and Jared did, Sheva was afraid of breaking her legs on the way down so she waited at the bottom for them.

After a couple of rides, laps around the pool, and a trip on the lazy river, the small family sat down at a Panda Express and happily ate lunch. Well, at least for 8 minutes before Sheva started complaining about her stomach hurting.

"Do you just want to go home?" Nadia asked her daughter who was clutching her stomach. Sheva nodded her head and went with her parents to dump her food. As she was dumping hers Sheva felt the need to hurl so she bent over the trashcan and let it out earning gasps from her parents and other people who witnessed it. Jared ran over to where they put their orders in and asked for a bunch of bags. A worker gave him the bags and ran back over to Sheva.

"Here Sheva, use these. We're going to get you home." He told her as he handed her the bags and gently rubbed her back. Nadia came with some napkins and Sheva wiped her face and grabbed the bags from her father. She was lead out of the restaurant as people were staring at her the whole time. Sheva felt tears coming from her eyes from the burn in her throat and partly from the embarrassment.

"It's ok honey, we know you couldn't control it…" Nadia told her as she wiped some of the tears the fell from Sheva's eyes.

They quickly made it back to the car and moved all of the things to the trunk so Sheva could lie down and get comfortable. Nadia sat in the back seat with Sheva and laid her head on her lap, stroking her hair in a motherly way. Sheva fell asleep to that and listening to her mother and father ask each other what they thought was wrong with her.

Sheva woke up hours later in her room on her bed. Sheva looked around the dark room with the hint of light the afternoon sun showed peaking through her purple curtains. Sheva gave up looking in the dim light and rested her head back on the soft and fluffy pillow once again.

"Mom!" Sheva yelled out tiredly. Her head was throbbing and her throat was sore.

Nadia poked her head into the room and saw that Sheva was awake then smiled. She walked into the room and sat next to Sheva on the bed.

"How are you feeling baby girl?" Nadia asked as she pushed aside a few strands of Sheva's messy hair.

"I'm fine. I feel a lot better than I did. Where is dad?"

"He went back to the hotel to finish packing but he told me to call you when you woke up." Nadia told her as she pulled out her phone.

"Oh…" Sheva replied as she laid her head back farther in the pillow.

"Oh and Chris stopped by to see you but you were sleeping. So I told him he could come back when you were feeling better. Do you want anything to drink?"

Sheva shook her head no and replied "Well can he come over now? I feel better." She really wanted to see Chris after spending so much time with her family.

"He can come after your father leaves." Nadia responded as she stood up, pressing the phone to her ear.

"Well then I might as well wait until he picks me up tomorrow because dad isn't going to leave, especially if he knows that Chris is coming right after…" Sheva said with I sigh.

"You might as well." Nadia responded as she slipped out of Sheva's room with the phone to her ear. Sheva groaned and stared at the ceiling. She was debating on if she was going to get up or if she wanted to stay in bed and go back to sleep. After a minute of thinking she decided to get up and take a quick shower to get the chlorine out of her hair. Sheva got out of the bed and was prepared to fix it but realized as she was pulling the cover up that her sheets had towels on them. She threw the towels on the floor and made her bed. She threw the towels in the dirty clothes hamper and made her way to the bathroom.

As she walked into the bathroom she saw Nia with her arm in the toilet, splashing water everywhere. Sheva quickly grabbed her and took her away from the toilet. Nia fussed at her sister ruining her fun and kicked as she carried her to the sink and washed her hands. Sheva began mumbling about how no one supervised Nia and how she always caused trouble. Nia stopped fussing and began to splash around the water in the sink as Sheva was washing her hands. Sheva quickly dried her and Nia's hands and took her to her room to change her toilet water soaked outfit and put her into a different outfit after washing her torso where the water was. She put a kids game on her phone and brought Nia down the stairs where she saw her mom and Clyde cuddling on the couch.

"Here take your daughter. She made a mess playing with the toilet so I washed her off and changed her outfit and she can play on my phone 'till I get out the shower. You're welcome by the way." With that Sheva placed Nia between her mom and Clyde and ran back upstairs to get in the shower before she could ever get a response.

"Well thank you…" Nadia said sarcastically then sniffed the air.

"You could have changed her diaper while you changed her clothes you know!" She yelled to Sheva.

"I know!" Sheva yelled back. Clyde and Nadia stared at each other, amused by Sheva.

"I tell you she is all yours…" Clyde joked as he picked Nia up and headed to the stairs.

"Can't argue with that." Nadia agreed.

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